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Darklands save game editor - edits charactors and party.
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Darklands save game editor – edits charactors and party.
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Contents of the DLED.DOC file

**** DLED Version 1.1 New Features ****

Even if you have been using DKED version 1.0, you should read the rest of
this documentation - the editor has been completely redone.

Now you can edit any character in the saved game. In addition to editing
the skills and attributes, you can now edit equipment, and knowledge of saints
and formulas.
Edit party wealth, PStone and Fame (although I haven't found much advantage
to increasing party fame this way).

Print individual characters or the party as a group. Print to printer or
file of your choice.

Seamless transfer of party between saved games, no hassles.

New 'look and feel' - I was getting tired of the same old interface I was
using for game editors.


DLED is a utility that allows you to display and modify the attributes,
skills, equipment, saints and formulas of all the characters in your saved
game. It will also print a report of attributes, skills, equipment, saints and
formulas each character or all characters in your party. Output can be
directed to the printer or a file. DLED also allows you to transfer the
current party from one saved game to another (different worlds).
DLED reads and writes the saved game files (DKSAVExx.SAV) in the \SAVES
subdirectory of your Darkland directory.

Copy the file DLED.EXE into your Darklands directory (not the saved game
directory). At the DOS prompt, type DLED.

When the program starts, it displays a sign-on screen and main menu. Once
you've selected a saved game file you can chose the other main menu options to
view and modify characters or party information, generate a party report, or
transfer the party to another saved game. The last choice is to quit the
program and return to DOS.

When you view/edit a character you may move the cursor from field to field
using the Enter, Tab or cursor keys. Press the F10 key to accept the changes
(you will be asked to confirm that you want to Exit) or press the Escape key to
abandon the current changes (you will be asked to confirm that you want to
Quit). After you confirm exiting via the F10 key, the saved game file will be
updated. The fields titled 'Equipment', 'Saints' and 'Formulas' will open up
secondary editing windows. Again, you need to press F10 to save your changes
to these sub-windows also. If you press (and confirm) Escape from the
character's main editing screen, any changes made to either equipment, saints
or formulas will be abandoned also. Selecting 'Print' from the character edit
screen will print just that character's information.

Selecting 'Report' from the main menu will print a report for all the
characters in your current party.

Selecting 'Xfer' will prompt you for the name of the saved game file to
transfer the current party to (you'll get a popup list of saved games). Select
the saved game you want to transfer the party to. Highlight the game you want
to transfer to and press Enter. Press Enter again to actually make the
transfer or press Escape to cancel.


If you edit equipment that is already equipped, you should re-equip it when
you start the game again. Do not go editing your equipped V:Chainmail to be
something other than vitals armor, etc., you can get some unpredictable
results. The code was getting too convoluted to try and track what was
equipped and you changed the 'type' of that equipped item. You want high
quality armor - just add the new item then equip it when you restart the game.
Quality 99 chainmail is great stuff .
I would recommend un-equipping your items if you're going to edit those
particular items, then re-equip when you restart the game - that keeps you
completely safe.
While I did put some validation checks in the edit routines to keep
potential problems to a minimum, you can set potions to qualities other than
the standard 25, 35 and 45. If you do set the potions to other than 25, 35
or 45, you can still sell them and use them from the encounter menu BUT you
will not be able to use them in combat - the combat routines only select
potions that are quality 25, 35 or 45.
Darklands is a very complex game, use this editor with some common sense
and it'll work fine for you.


If you decide to transfer your party's fame and fortune to a new world, you
must have saved that new world outside of the starting inn. Darklands sets the
party's wealth to a little over 100pf when you are at the starting Inn on a
brand new game. Otherwise, you can seamlessly transfer parties between saved
games (big improvement over DLED version 1.0).

I've tested it on version 06 of Darklands saved game files and it
appears to work ok. Please keep in mind that this utility updates the saved

I'd like to thank Ted Kingsbury for helping me decipher the data structures
in Darklands - thanks Ted!

Any questions or comments can be directed to:

Steven J. Cotellesse
(215) 622-6566
CIS: 70255,1276

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