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Diamonds v3.1 IQ challage game. Diamonds tests your reasoning and logical elimination skills.
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Diamonds v3.1 IQ challage game. Diamonds tests your reasoning and logical elimination skills.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

DIAMONDS / Version 3.1 by Jeffrey Baker
DIAMONDS is a serious I.Q. challenge.
(This version is a CONTEST)
Find details in the ON-LINE help utility.

Diamonds tests your reasoning and logical elimination skills.
the level of difficulty varies from totally simple to extreme
difficult, so it is unlikely that you'll become bored with it.
The object of the game is to break as many of the codes as
possible before you run out of chances. Your game will end when
you reach the black bar at the bottom of the board, and you have
not yet solved the code.

The code I speak of consists of a number of colored diamonds
which are hidden. These diamonds are randomly colored, and
it is your job to solve the hidden sequence, given the
clues (evaluations) after each guess.

When you make a guess, the evaluations you see like "2 - 1",
are telling you how close you are to breaking the code:
FOR EXAMPLE: 2 - 1, means that you have 2 in the perfect
position, and 1 is in your guess that is
included in the code, but is not yet in the
correct position.
0 - 3, means that you have 3 in your guess that
are in the code, but each are in the wrong

The possible points that you see diminishing, are what you can be
awarded if you solve that level on that try. The possible points
vary as to how high of a level you have reached, and will
decrement each time you guess incorrectly, thus making efficiency
an important factor.

There are 6 levels of difficulty. When you reach the 6th level,
the difficulty will steadily increase with each time you solve a
code. Here are the varying points that will be available per

1 0-1 1,000 100
2 0-2 5,000 200
3 0-3 10,000 500
4 0-4 20,000 1,000
5 0-5 50,000 2,000
6 0-1 80,000 2,500
6 1-> 100,000 2,500

Here are the ratings, given the various point spans:

1-10,000 * BEGINNER You are learning how the
game plays, but have not yet
developed elimination techniques.
10,001-30,000 * NOVICE You have developed a few logical
elimination techniques, but you
remain inefficient, or you are
lacking the concentration required
to excel as a thinker.
30,001-100,000 * DETERMINED You have begun to display your own
methods of elimination, but still
tend to get confused when the
going gets tough.
100,001-350,000 * THINKER You have displayed exceptional
concentration skills. You are
actually using your brain.
350,001-600,000 * GENIUS You have proven that you are
capable of reasoning out some of
the most intricate puzzles. You
have superior elimination skills.
600,001-800,000 * SUPER-GENIUS Superior efficiency. Superior
Logic. Total thinking strength.
800,001-Up * HYPER-GENIUS You've shown cognitive skills
immeasurable on any scales...
Plus, you are very lucky.
Find a new game!

Your progress will be noted, and if you prove yourself to be
extremely logical, and efficient, you may be included in our

You will be prompted to enter your name prior to playing, so
enter whatever you'd like. But remember, If you do not enter
anything, the game will use the default name: Rufus T.

This HELP file is available within the program for your
convenience. Simply type "H" at the title screen, to view the
help file. Good Luck!

******* DIAMONDS 3.1 is SHAREWARE, so share it! ***************
To register for our contest challenge, send a COPY of your
disk containing your score files, a self addressed stamped
envelope, your completed registration form, and a $5.00
entry fee. Send to:
Jeffrey Baker
930 Dandridge Dr.
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Please include the registration form below:

DIAMONDS CONTEST registration form


address:____________________________ city:_________________

state:_____________ zip:_________

phone: ( )-___________

computer type:___________________ disk size:____________



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