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This is a public domain version of the popular arcade coin-op game.
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This is a public domain version of the popular arcade coin-op game.
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Contents of the DEFENDER.DOC file

DEFENDER -- Video game for MS-DOS-compatible computers
Manual (short version)

Minimum System Requirements:

At least 520 kilobytes of free RAM, color VGA card and monitor,
double-sided double-density 3.5 inch floppy disk drive,
keyboard, mouse, or joystick.

History Of The Defender

Aliens have invaded the earth in a bid to take control of all
its natural resources. The aliens are currently destroying
all intelligent lifeforms, including man. Your mission is to
destroy the aliens and preserve the natural order of our
planet. Your fighter craft is equipped with lazers and
smart bombs, and is capable of hyperspace. Use lazers to
destroy enemies; use smart bombs to destroy all enemies
on screen; use hyperspace to escape immediate danger
(warning: your ship may be destroyed upon re-entry). Bonus
ship and bomb awarded every 10000 points.

Starting The Game

Turn on your computer. Insert the disk in drive A or B.
Log the drive which contains the disk. Type DEFENDER and
press the key. The program should load within 60
to 90 seconds.

Game Controls

Active keys during attract mode (when the game tries to get
your attention by displaying the title page, game playmates,
hi-score table, etc.):
ESCAPE - exit from current screen and display next screen
SPACE - pause current screen
ENTER - start game
F1 - quit game

Active keys during game play:
ESCAPE - request pause
SPACE - hyperspace
ENTER - smart bomb (also TAB or CAPS LOCK)
ARROWS - move fighter craft (if keyboard selected)
ALT - fire lazer (if keyboard selected)
R - reset/restart game
F1 - quit game

Active keys during name-entry:
ESCAPE - cancel name-entry
ARROWS - move cursor
INSERT - insert highlighted letter

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