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Game of destroyer for Windows 3.X.
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Game of destroyer for Windows 3.X.
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Destroyer for Windows (ver. 1.0)
by Don Krafcheck



SET UP - This is the first step in getting the game ready for play. You will see a
modeless dialog box appear in the upper right corner of the window. Through this dialog you
will set up each of your five ships upon your grid. Simply select a ship and the direction
of which it will sail and click on a cell in your (left hand) grid. If you hear a beep,
you either clicked outside your grid, selected a cell where the ship would have extended
beyond the bounds of the grid, or selected a cell which would permit the ship to overlap
another ship. After all five of your ships are placed, click on "Set Up" again to remove
the dialog box. You are now ready to play Destroyer for Windows.

START - Starts the game. Be sure you focus your attention on the blue box that is
sitting upon the grids. This is where all the information involving the game will be
displayed. The computer will automatically set up its own ships on the right hand grid.
It's in this grid that you will be doing all your firing. When you see the words "Your shot:",
click on a cell in the right hand grid.


BEGINNER - Computer fires randomly into your grid.

INTERMEDIATE - Computer fires randomly into your grid. It also will home in on any
ships that have been struck until they are sunk.

EXPERT - Computer is very selective as to where the next shot will be. It looks for
rows and columns of consecutive empty spaces and determines whether or not the smallest ship
still remaining can fit in those spaces. For example, if cells A2 and B1 have been fired at,
then A1 will never be selected. Computer will also home in on any struck ships.



MY SHOT - Computer starts game.

YOUR SHOT - You start game.


ORDERED - You will see the actual location of where the computer's ship have
been hit. This differs from the classic board game in that you are not allowed to know which
parts of the ship have been struck.

RANDOM - You will see the computer's ship struck, but the location of the hit
upon the ship will be at a random spot.


STANDARD - Each player takes turns firing one shot at the other.

SALVO - A player's turn consists of as many shots as he has ship
For example, if the player has all five ships intact, then his turn would consist of five
shots. If the computer is left with a submarine, cruiser and destroyer, then it would
only be allowed to take three shots per turn.


ON - A jingle will be heard when the scoring dialog appears at the end
of the game.

OFF - No sound will be heard

SCORING - The player is awarded 1 point for every cell that has not been shot at. This
score is then multiplied by the skill level factor: Beginner - x3, Intermediate - x5,
Expert - x10. If the hit type has been selected to Random, then the score is multiplied
by 1.5. The highest possible score for a game of Destroyer for Windows is 1245.

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