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Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey from SNL. Like Fortunes, or Message of the day.

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Deep Thoughts -
By Jack Handy, v2.1

Show Your Users a "Deep Thought of
the Day" each time they login!
Easy to install, colorful and
funny! Inspired by Saturday Night
Live! Shareware, only $5.00!

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Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey from SNL. Like Fortunes, or Message of the day.
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Contents of the THOUGHTS.DOC file

-=[ Deep Thoughts - By Jack Handey ]=-

-= Software developed by Greg Kumpula =-

(C)Copyright 1994 Greg Kumpula


Shareware Version 2.1

RE: Archive filename is DEEP-21.ZIP

Deep Thoughts v.2.10 Page 1


The author of this program, Gregory J. Kumpula, shall not be held
responsible for any damages, loss of data or any other loss as a
result of using this software. The user, by using this software,
takes FULL responsibility and liability for use of and any damages,
losses, etc... as a result of this software. Every effort has been
made to ensure that this software is free from defects and has been
thoroughly tested before release to the general public.


This program will create a file containing a random quote, (inspired
by Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts from Saturday Night Live) which you
may display to your users each time they log on to your PCBoard
Bulletin Board System. Thus, each time your users log on, they will
see another humorous quote from Jack Handey. This can help make their
time online even more enjoyable.


This program (Deep Thoughts) is Shareware. Feel free to distribute
the program (in it's unaltered form and archive) as Shareware. You
are free to use this program for a period of thirty (30) days. Thus,
you are able to try the software for a thirty (30) day evaluation
period to see if it meets your needs. If you use Deep Thoughts after
a thirty (30) day evaluation period, you are asked to send the author
$5.00 (that's right, only $5.00) to register the software.

The registered version will not contain the [ UNREGISTERED ] trademark
and will include over 80 more Deep Thoughts Quotes from Jack Handey.
Furthermore, the registered version will allow the sysop to customize
the colors of the display files. Registration is valid for all future
releases of Deep Thoughts. (One small registration lasts a lifetime!)


Installation is fairly easy and straight-forward. The following steps
and examples should have you up and running in a very short period of
time. It is assumed that you are familiar with setting up security
specific display files on your system. However, every attempt will be
made to thoroughly explain the installation of Deep Thoughts and
security specific display files for the benefit of all.

Deep Thoughts v.2.10 Page 2

Installation Continued:


Deep Thoughts will create a display file called THOUGHTS.TXT, which
will contain a random quote taken from QUOTES.DAT. PCBoard offers
many ways to display a text file, such as THOUGHTS.TXT, to a user.
You may display THOUGHTS.TXT as a Logon Script, Logoff Script, News
File, or even as Login Security Files. Please consult your PCBoard
Manual for detailed explanations of the above mentioned display
files if you are unfamiliar with their setup and implementation.

Directory Setup:

I recommend that you unzip DEEP-21.ZIP into a directory created off
of your home PCB directory, such as C:\PCB\DEEP.

1. Create a home directory for the Deep Thoughts files
to reside in. ( MD C:\PCB\DEEP )

2. Unzip DEEP-21.ZIP into the desired directory.

Multi-Node Setup:

NOTE: I recommend making separate file locations for each node
if you are running a multi-node setup. This will eliminate
any possibility of having two nodes trying to access the
Deep Thoughts executables or THOUGHTS.TXT files resulting
in a sharing violation. Thus, you will run separate deep
thoughts executables and THOUGHTS.TXT files for each node.

Creation of THOUGHTS.TXT:

Deep thoughts will create a new random quote each time it is run.
THOUGHTS.TXT can easily be created while a user logs off, via a
$$LOGOFF.BAT file. Please see your PCBoard Manual if you are
unfamiliar with setup and implementation of $$LOGOFF.BAT.

Sample $$LOGOFF.BAT Explanation:

@ECHO OFF <------ Turns Local Echo Off
cd\pcb\deep *<------ Change Directories to Deep Thoughts
thoughts *<------ Run Deep Thoughts/Create THOUGHTS.TXT
cd\pcb *<------ Change Dir. Back to Home PCBoard Dir.
:end <------ End of Execution of $$LOGOFF.BAT
cls <------ Clears the screen

NOTE: '*' indicates Deep Thoughts Specific Commands.

Deep Thoughts v.2.10 Page 3

Installation Continued:

Use of Login Security Files:

PCBoard will display Login Security Files to the users each time they
login. These files are in the format '##', i.e. 30 for security level
30 users, 40 for security level 40 users, 55 for security level 55
users, etc. Example: Security level 40 users will be shown the 40
file during login. The locations of these Login Security Files can
be specified within PCBSETUP.

Example of Login Security File:


The previous example will display THOUGHTS.TXT to each user with a
security level of 40. Note: The location of THOUGHTS.TXT in this
case is C:\PCB\DEEP. See the PCBoard Manual for further reference
in displaying files via the % method.

Simply create Login Security files for each security level you would
like to be shown Deep Thoughts (THOUGHTS.TXT) i.e. 30,40,50,60, etc.
Simply make sure that each Login Security File contains the % and path
and name of the display file you would like the users to see, i.e.

Other Display Conventions:

PCBoard offers many ways to display a file, such as THOUGHTS.TXT, to
a user. Feel free to experiment with Logon Script, Logoff Script,
News, or any other method of displaying Deep Thoughts which pleases
you. For the record, I have found the Login Security File display
method most convenient to use with Deep Thoughts.

Deep Thoughts v.2.10 Registration Form

Thank you for supporting Shareware. The registered version of
Deep Thoughts will remove the [ UNREGISTERED ] trademark, contain
over 80 more deep thoughts, and allow the sysop to customize the
colors of Deep Thoughts. Your registration will be valid for all
future releases of Deep Thoughts.

( ) $5.00 Registration - I will mail you a letter with your
registration number to register
Deep Thoughts v.2.1.

( ) $8.00 Registration - I will mail you a disk with the registered
version of Deep Thoughts. Please specify
disk size below.
( ) 5.25" Disk
( ) 3.5" Disk
Please Include Your Address Info:

FIRST NAME_________________ LAST NAME__________________________

MIDDLE INITIAL_____________ HOME PHONE_________________________


CITY__________________________________ STATE_____________________

ZIP CODE____________________ DATE______________________

Please Mail All Registrations To:

Greg Kumpula
6610 South Fork
Titusville, FL 32780

Note: If you previously registerd Deep Thoughts v.1.0, send me a letter
with this registration form completed and I'll send you a letter
with your registration information enclosed. You need not pay
twice as one small registration lasts a lifetime!

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