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Deadman's Gulch Golf Course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
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Deadman’s Gulch Golf Course for Jack Nicklaus Golf Game.
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Contents of the DEADMA.TXT file


Course Name: Dead Man's Gulch

Length/Par: 7796 Yds / Par 74

Designer: Fictional Course

Location: Rugged terrain near an old mining
community, high elevation

Difficulty: Moderate

Purpose: Challenging tee shots.
Important approach shots.
Good scores are to be had
but I doubt whether great
scores can be obtained.

Pro tees are recommended.

JNSE Design: Glenn Peterson

This course is an entry in the 4th CIS/Accolade
course design contest.

Dead Man's Gulch was designed to be a very challenging
and interesting course to play. It should appear very
appealing while playing with plenty of trees, water, sand,
and an interesting background.

The setting is early fall and you can see some of the trees
are beginning to put on their fall colors, although there are
plenty of pines around to keep green as the major color.

There are a few new twists contained in this course, but
nothing too extreme by any means.

This course will yield to a golfer who can keep the tee
shot going where he wants it. There is hardly anything
on the course that even resembles a straight line so the
ability to hook/slice effectively will be a very valuable
asset on this course. A number of the greens are elevated
with very adverse consequences if you do not make it on
with the approach shot. Be forwarned of this, otherwise
it will get you at some point during the round. I speak
from experience!

Each hole has an interesting and sometimes humourous
description. Some hints are given in the descriptions
as well. A few custom made objects will make their
appearance throughout the course. The background really
adds to the beauty of the course and blends well. One look
skyward tells you this is going to be a gorgeous day for
a round of golf!



1 5 10 5
2 4 11 4
3 3 12 5
4 4 13 3
5 4 14 4
6 5 15 4
7 4 16 4
8 4 17 4
9 3 18 5
---- ----
36 38

Yardage Totals

Championship Tee 7796
Professional Tee 7491
Mens Tee 7012
Ladies Tee 6552

I would welcome any and all comments on this course.

I can be reached on Compuserve @ [71601,635]

Glenn Peterson
Phoenix, AZ

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