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Dr. Dan's fish finder - Covers the Maryland and Virginia areas.
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Dr. Dan’s fish finder – Covers the Maryland and Virginia areas.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

This file contains descriptions and comments associated with the routine called
"Doctor Dan's Fishin' Prediction".


The Fishin' Prediction accounts for several natural phenomena and
uses these to predict the relative likelihood of catching fish. The routine
runs on IBM and compatible PC-AT and PC-XT computers equipped with CGA, EGA
or VGA. The graphics display on EGA and VGA is full color. The CGA is Black &
White as it uses the 640x200 resolution. This gives all 3 display types equal
time accuracy.
This program is copyrighted (c) 1991 by Dan McKelvy. All rights reserved.
The program may be copied and distributed freely for evaluation purposes. This
file must accompany all copies and may not be altered.


DDFP1GCT.ZIP Program for Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersy .
DDFP1GDP.ZIP Program for New Jersy, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland .
DDFP1GFL.ZIP Program for Georgia, Florida Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast
and Alabama .
DDFP1GGA.ZIP Program for South Carolina, Georgia and Florida Coast .
DDFP1GLA.ZIP Program for Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas .
DDFP1GMA.ZIP Program for Maine & New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode
Island .
DDFP1GMD.ZIP Program for Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C.
and Virginia .
DDFP1GMS.ZIP Program for Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana .
DDFP1GNC.ZIP Program for Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina and
South Carolina .
DDFP1GNJ.ZIP Program for New York, New Jersy, Pennsylvania and Delaware .
DDFP1GNY.ZIP Program for Connectecut, New York and New Jersy .
DDFP1GPC.ZIP Program for Hawaii Coast, Washington, Oregon and California
Coast .
DDFP1GRI.ZIP Program for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut .
DDFP1GSC.ZIP Program for Virginia, Washington DC, South Carolina and
Georgia .
DDFP1GVA.ZIP Program for Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and South
Carolina .


The program runs in 2 parts, Selection and Display. I encourage
exploring around in the selection part. The SPACE bar, arrow keys, ESCape,
ENTER, and the first letter of a selection can all be used to change a
selection. Current selections are displayed at the top and are valid when
in the Main (first) menu.
The second part is the Graphics display. When in the graphics display,
pressing ANY key will erase the display and return the user to the main menu.
If the key pressed is a 'P' (the routine is NOT case sensitive i.e. upper and
lower case letters work the same) then the screen is output to a file or the
printer; whichever has been selected. It will then return to the Main Menu.


1.) The top of the graph shows the location selected and the year.

2.) Next, IN THE BIG LETTERS, is the program name.

3.) The third line contains the scale of the vertical axis and the
selected dates. The dates are led and followed by 'am' and 'pm'
for morning and afternoon respectively.

4.) Next is the time of day line. 'M' is for Midnight and 'N' is for
Noon. The tiny tick marks occur at tide highs and lows.

5.) The next line down (wavy) is the tide predictor. It is based upon
National Ocean Service (NOS) data and is very accurate. The curve
is time shifted to account for each different location selected.
Time is accurate to 6 minutes. It is also amplitude corrected to
account for smaller tidal amplitude differences farther inland.

6.) The vertical lines touching the tide line are tide flow and ebb
rate indicators. The closer the lines the faster the flow (in) or
ebb (out) of water. These are generally good times to fish if one
isn't standing in the roughest current. (Fish don't like fighting
current, cold or darkness any more than we do. They can, however,
find eddies, etc. that we cannot!)

7.) The dashed horizontal line marks the local mean sea level (MSL).
Over a period of a year there should be as much tide area above this
line as there is below it.

8.) Next line represents the ocean's mean sea level (MSL). Its reference
point is imaginary and far away.

9.) The lower wavy line represents my best guess at predicting good
fishing. The higher this line the better the odds of hooking lots of
fish ... all values are relative. Read on to learn how I get it.

10.) The next line down is the Moon predictor. These calculations are
very close to those reported by the Naval Observatory. The values
change when a different location is selected as the longitude and
latitude of each location are used in the calculations. Reported are
the rise and set times for each day selected. If the moon is visible
a highlighted yellow bar appears. No moon ... no bar. Excellent
fishing is commonly reported if the moon is rising or setting when
it is near and directly overhead or underfoot if it is far away.

11.) The next line down is the Sun predictor. The same comments apply as
for the moon. Above average fishing occurs during sunrise and sunset.
Better fishing also occurs during longer days. Both Sun and Moon times
are accurate to 2 minutes. Display accuracy is still +/- 6 minutes.

12.) At the very bottom is displayed the % illumination of the moon for
each selected day. It will also report if the moon is FULL (180
degrees out of sync with the sun) or NEW (in sync with the sun), and
farthest away or nearest in. All four of these phenomenma, when
coupled with the right distance, account for many good fishing trips.

14.) Heh Heh. Bet you thought I'd slip and say something good about 14-1.
Finally the vertical axis is for predicting tide water height.


While viewing the graphics display, press 'P'. If the output was selected
to go to a file instead of one on the output ports then a file containing the
display is written to the current directory. The file is always of the form
Fmmdd.DAT. The 'mmdd' represent the month and day selected.
Example: Christmas day would be named F1225.DAT.


Finishing is simple. The program writes the settings you were using when
you last left it to a file named USERPRO.FIL. This is a very tiny standard text
file that can be read and modified at will. It is not necessary to go through
all the selection menus each time you enter the program. Instead it will
default to your last chosen location and printer setup. These are saved
automatically at program exit in USERPRO.FIL.


In order to keep all the data confined to a single program and still keep
the program small enough to run fast enough, I have broken it into tri-state
regions. An example is Louisiana. The program is therefore called DDFP1CLA.ZIP.
The DDFP is "Doctor Dan's Fishin' Prediction". The "1" is the year (1991).
The "C" is the release letter and the "LA" is the area (Louisiana). Each state
contains its bordering states if they exist. All coastal states except Alaska
are available.


The status line has been left available after drawing has completed. This
area can be used for 'Compliments of ...', LOGO, credentials and the like. If
these are needed please contact me in writing with your request. The standard
fee for custom commercial modifications is $100 per year . This line can be
hard coded to deliver any desired advertisement. An example would be a bank or
fishing supply store making the routine available to its customers; either on
a fifty cents per basis or free simply to attract customers.


Paid subscription to the program entitles the user to hold me responsible
for all uncaught fish. Please send a photo of the stringer full of uncaught
fish as proof of disaster.
Although the Oceanography (tides) and astronomy calculations are very
accurate, they are presented only to help explain the fishing predictions.
They should NOT be used for commercial maritime purposes.


The source code is NOT for sale. Please write me if there are any required
changes. All reported typos, misspellings, etc. will be corrected on the next


This program is offered on an annual subscription basis. The cost is $15 per
year per program. Your $15 gets you the latest version for the current year.
It will not contain the 'UNREGISTERED' banner. Send an additional $15 for a
guaranteed automatic update mailed directly to you the following year. Also,
I'll need to know which program/s you are using, your name and return address.
Mailings for following years are made on or about December 11 so that they
arrive before Christmas. Please limit advance subscriptions to 1 year. All
references to a year are for a calendar year (January thru December).

Mail all correspondence to:

Dan McKelvy
54 Robinhood Ln.
Richwood, TX, 77531

Good Luck and Good Fishin ... Dan McKelvy


Dr. Dan's Fishin program is alway available on Paul's Playroom
BBS in Lake Jackson,Texas ... You may leave any messages or comments
for Dr. Dan on this BBS , all future releases may be found there .
Pauls PlayRoom is a local BBS for Dr. Dan and is open 24 Hr. Every Day.
All first time callers may download the newest versions of the FISHIN
program anytime . You may leave Dr. Dan Mail at this BBS , Dr. Dan
would LUV to hear from any and all about this Program .

Dr. Dan's Local BBS is ....

Paul's Playroom in Lake Jackson, Texas
9600 Baud ATI etc/e Modem. You may call at speeds
from 300 BPS to 9600 BPS. We support MNP5 & Most Protocals.
Hours of Operation 24 Hours Every Day
Phone:: ( 409 ) 265-0971 Lake Jackson,Tx.

For the Latest and Greatest of Dr. Dan's FISHIN Predictor call

Paul's Computer PlayRoom
Lake Jackson, Texas

" E N J O Y "


The author shall not assume any direct or indirect responsibility for losses
incurred from the use of or inability to use this software. Some systems
have special hardware requirements to run. The author disclaims all other
warranties either express or implied for this software, including the
warranties of merchantability and fitness for a special use. In no event will
the author be liable for losses or other incidental or consequential damages
arising out of use of or inability to use this software.


A. Original
B. & C. Enhancements from Alpha and Beta inputs
D. First National release. Optimized code to hardware and fixed up
graphics display.
E. Additional operational easements. Made 1 readme file. Renamed all
fishin.exe files. Cleared some typos. Added rev control. Fixed
small annoyance in calendar display.
F. Added CGA to mainlines and printer routines.
G. Removed all PCX file structures and added a host of printers for
direct printouts from the graphics screen. Corrected daylight savings
time detection algorythm. Put up flashing 'working' sign. Prediction
now accounts for moon-earth distance which modifies rise/set numbers.
Added arrows for location selection. Added location display. Added a
graceful way to abort the graphics display or printing. Use Ctrl C.

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