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Digital clock with Sound Blaster audio.
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Digital clock with Sound Blaster audio.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AFT1.DCL 3499 1754 deflated
AFT2.DCL 4449 2262 deflated
CHGTIME.DCL 4389 2191 deflated
CHKTYM.DCL 5449 1984 deflated
CMD.DCL 4105 2294 deflated
DCL.DCL 4613 1843 deflated
DCLOCK.EXE 63316 37292 deflated
KEEPTIM1.DCL 3881 2469 deflated
KEEPTIM2.DCL 4595 2333 deflated
KEEPTIM3.DCL 5047 2704 deflated
LNGA.DCL 3563 1880 deflated
LNGB.DCL 3765 1987 deflated
LNGC.DCL 5103 2143 deflated
LNGD.DCL 4943 2271 deflated
LNGE.DCL 5041 2010 deflated
MAKEUP.DCL 5469 1854 deflated
OHCLK.DCL 4105 1992 deflated
README.1ST 1044 603 deflated
TEENA.DCL 6515 2808 deflated
TEENB.DCL 5961 3074 deflated
TEENC.DCL 5801 2663 deflated
TEEND.DCL 5409 2642 deflated
TEENE.DCL 5575 2933 deflated
TEENF.DCL 6035 2590 deflated
TEENG.DCL 6077 2509 deflated
TEENH.DCL 5813 2227 deflated
TEENI.DCL 5869 2498 deflated
TELLTYM.DCL 5211 1857 deflated
TYMEIS.DCL 6845 3689 deflated
VERSIONS.TXT 685 386 deflated
WHATIME.DCL 5639 2362 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

For now the only switches to be put on DCLOCK.EXE are "-SE" (without quotes)
"-SE" stands for Speech Enhanced. That will put in the talking time for
everyone to look at.

If you encounter any problems (There might be some) please call the
Handiline ][ BBS and leave a message for Skipper Norton. The number is
818-2650, the BBS runs up to 9600, at v32.

By the way, when the time is changing and you have the Speech Enhancement
feature on, the clock will momentarily cease while the time is spoken.

As of now I'm not sure what will happen, so run at your own risk, MEANING.
In case something does happen, I'm not held responsible. But there is no
reason for anything to happen so, have fun.

Last of all, the SPEECH ENHANCEMENT FEATURE as of now only works on
Creative Labs (SOUBDBLASTER, and SOUNDBLASTER PRO) That's all that I know
it will work on, so if anyone out there has a plain Adlib card, try running
with Speech feature and call the BBS, and please let me know what happened.

Skipper Norton

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