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^CChristopher Hoskovec

So you've always wanted a dart board, but could never find a place to put
it. Well, with ^1Darts^0 you no longer have to worry about holes in your
walls, sticking someone with a dart, or worst of all, having a dart bounce
back at your feet! ^1Darts^0 allows up to four players, each starting with a
score of 301 or 501. The goal of the game is to be the first player to reduce
that value to zero.

^1Main Menu^0

^C^1P^0lay Game ^0
^C^1I^0nstructions ^0
^C^1S^0tarting Points 301^0
^C^1N^0umber of Players 1^0
^C^1G^0ame Speed 10^0
^C^1E^0xit ^0

To select an item from the menu use the , arrow keys or press
the corresponding highlighted letter. Values for Starting Points, Number of
Players, or Game Speed can be adjusted by repeatedly pressing the correct
highlighted letter or using the , arrow keys.

Each game may have up to four players, with each player receiving either
301 or 501 points. Game speed ranges from 0 to 10, with 0 the slowest and 10
the fastest.

^1Throwing a Dart^0

To throw a dart you must set:

1.) the position on the dart board to aim for

2.) the angle to throw the dart

3.) the amount of force to apply

In the upper left-hand corner of the screen you will see a small dart board
with a line below it. Running along this line is a blue bar. When the blue
bar is positioned directly below the area you wish to shoot for hit the
. Below the position window is the angle window. A line will pivot
up and down, forming an angle with a horizontal line. Press the to
set the amount of angle. The power window is located below the angle window.
The power bar will slide from left to right. The further to the right the bar
is, the more force will be applied to the throw. Again, press the
to set this value. Once all values have been set, the computer will show the
trajectory of the dart in the lower left-hand window on screen.


Each player's turn consists of throwing three darts. In the lower right
hand corner of the screen you will find the scores. The player that is
currently shooting will have a "D #" beside the score (the # is the number of
the dart you are about to throw.)


To reduce your score, you must first hit the outer ring (this area is known
as the double ring since it doubles all values for that region) or the
innermost Bullseye. Once you have accomplished this, any further shots will
reduce your score by the value for the region hit.


1.) Off the board 0
2.) Outer Ring Double
3.) Inner Ring Triple
4.) Outer Bullseye 25
5.) Inner Bullseye 50
6.) All other regions Normal

In order to win, a player must reduce their score to zero exactly. However,
the final shot must again hit the outer ring or the Inner Bullseye when the
score is fifty. For example, if a player is at four points, a winning shot
would be to hit the outer ring in the two's region.

^1Leaving the Game^0

To exit the game, press the key while the position indicator is

^C^1Darts requires a Color Graphics Adapter.^0

To run this program outside ^1Big Blue Disk^0, type: ^1Darts^0.


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Archive   : DARTS.ZIP
Filename : DARTS.TXT

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