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Combat Zone is an action/arcade war game. Requires SVGA w/1MB to display pictures at 1024x768x256.

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Combat Zone
(Rockland Software Productions;) is a
fast paced arcade war game. Win as many
battles as you can and get promoted
through the ranks. Requires VESA
compatable SVGA graphics card w/1 meg
video ram, monitor capable of 1024x768
256 colors, Microsoft compatable mouse,
sound blaster compatable sound card and
4 meg of hard disk space.

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Combat Zone is an action/arcade war game. Requires SVGA w/1MB to display pictures at 1024x768x256.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AIR.GRF 2134 190 deflated
AIRATK.GRF 2134 276 deflated
ARTY.GRF 2134 164 deflated
ARTY.VOC 55195 30968 deflated
ARTYATK.GRF 2134 207 deflated
BGI256.BGI 6994 4282 deflated
BISMARK1.GRF 64006 35611 deflated
BISMARK1.PAL 768 130 deflated
BISMARK2.GRF 64006 38885 deflated
BISMARK3.GRF 64006 37654 deflated
BMB.GRF 2134 148 deflated
BMBATK.GRF 2134 178 deflated
BOLD.CHR 14670 8060 deflated
CATALOG.DOC 13546 4427 deflated
CATALOG2.DOC 3360 1209 deflated
CITY.GRF 2134 520 deflated
CTVDSK.DRV 7800 4402 deflated
CZ.DOC 11077 3743 deflated
CZ_.EXE 224442 97613 deflated
DESERT.GRF 2134 472 deflated
DOVESA.EXE 9425 5745 deflated
DPMI16BI.OVL 63504 26359 deflated
EGAVGA.BGI 5527 3926 deflated
ENGR.GRF 2134 345 deflated
ENGRATK.GRF 2134 443 deflated
EURO.CHR 8439 5081 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 366 252 deflated
FLAK.GRF 2134 248 deflated
FLAKATK.GRF 2134 322 deflated
FLAM.GRF 2134 228 deflated
FLAMATK.GRF 2134 283 deflated
FLKBRST.GRF 2134 341 deflated
FORT.GRF 2134 299 deflated
GOTH.CHR 18063 9051 deflated
GUN.VOC 98331 69066 deflated
GUNSHOT.GRF 2134 390 deflated
GUY.GRF 2134 303 deflated
GUYATK.GRF 2134 351 deflated
HILL.GRF 2134 536 deflated
IMPASS.GRF 2134 504 deflated
LCOM.CHR 12083 6003 deflated
LITT.CHR 5131 2118 deflated
MTN.GRF 2134 468 deflated
RIVER.GRF 2134 494 deflated
ROADS.GRF 2134 128 deflated
RTM.EXE 85998 31472 deflated
SANS.CHR 13596 6530 deflated
SBSIM.CFG 355 218 deflated
SBSIM.COM 11815 6443 deflated
SCRI.CHR 10987 5492 deflated
SEA.GRF 2134 350 deflated
SETUP.EXE 19009 10815 deflated
SHIP.GRF 2134 191 deflated
SHIPATK.GRF 2134 242 deflated
SIMP.CHR 8437 4329 deflated
STEEL1.GRF 64006 5860 deflated
STEEL1.PAL 768 454 deflated
STEEL2.GRF 64006 16428 deflated
STEEL3.GRF 64006 12690 deflated
STEEL4.GRF 64006 7186 deflated
STEEL5.GRF 64006 13362 deflated
STEEL6.GRF 64006 9601 deflated
SUPPORT.DOC 678 353 deflated
SWAMP.GRF 2134 465 deflated
TANK.GRF 2134 232 deflated
TANKATK.GRF 2134 297 deflated
TRIP.CHR 16677 8006 deflated
TSCR.CHR 17355 8551 deflated
VESA16.BGI 6345 4300 deflated
VOICE.EXE 9141 5931 deflated
WOODS.GRF 2134 361 deflated
XPLOD.GRF 2134 706 deflated

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Contents of the CATALOG.DOC file

Rockland Software Productions
13292B Leafcrest Ln #102
Fairfax VA 22033

Product Catalog


All programs require an IBM compatable with 640K RAM and a hard drive. Additional system requirements are listed at the end of
each product description. Products that use a mouse require a microsoft compatable mouse. Products that support FM sound require a
Soundblaster compateble sound card. Products that support Digital sound require a Soundblaster Pro sound card. Products that
support SVGA graphics require a VESA compatable SVGA card. Products that use XMS memory require a DPMI compatable memory manager
such as EMM386.

Buttons is a graphical mouse driven menuing system. It allows you to create icons to run programs and batch files, and to take you
to other screens of icons. Buttons has photo quailty wallpaper, and you can attach VOC files to icons and ontrols. Buttons can pass
command line parameters to progams you run. It will even prompt you for paramters to pass to a program. Buttons also has an instant
DOS command function. Start typing and a DOS prompt appears at the bottom of the screen. Hit return and Buttons executes the DOS
command. Controls are included for sound and colors. Buttons allows you 50 icons per screen, with an unlimited number of screens.
It has an icon editor, a wallpaper editor, and a text editor built-in. Buttons can import PCXs to SVGA wallpaper, and convert icons
and wallpaper from SVGA to VGA. Buttons is self-installing, and creates its data files on the fly as needed, making it virtually
crash-proof. Buttons is non-memory resident. Rated high on intuitiveness and ease of use by our customers. System requirements:
VGA or VESA SVGA graphics. Mouse. Soundblaster Pro required for VOC file playback.

PC/Breeze windowing system:
PC/Breeze is a windowing system for DOS. PC/Breeze provides a windowing environment similar to Windows or Geoworks. Menu windows
let you create icons and buttons to run your applications. Drive, Tree, and File windows let you browse your drives. ALL DOS
commands are FULLY menu driven via Dos windows. Built-in applications include: file viewer, editor, spreadsheet, database, graphics
editor, communications with zmodem, and autoscheduler. Built-in utilities include: calculator, analog, digital, and alarm clcoks,
ascii table, programming language, and an enhanced batch file language. PC/Breeze can run in single user or multiuser modes.
Multiuser mode provides accounts with passwords, access levels and email, drive, directory, and file locking, and security lockouts
on potentially dangerous features. PC/Breeze has many additional DOS commands such as format 2 drives, disk free space, disk usage
by directory in files and bytes, rename directory, remove non-empty directory including subdiretories, copy and move directories
across drives including subdirectories and files, directory size in files and bytes, and move file. PC/Breeze runs as a DOS
application. It is very easy to install, learn, and use, and runs FAST! PC/Breeze runs in text or graphics modes, and supports
mouse and joystick. PC/Breeze is a minimal 7K memory resident, and requires only 1 Meg of disk space. The install program included
with PC/Breeze automatically installs and configures PC/Breeze for optimal performance on your computer. All documentation is
online and built-in to PC/Breeze. Rated high in power and configurability by our customers.

BP70LIB Borland Pascal Library:
BP70LIB is a library of Borland Pascal 7.0 routines. The library consists of six units: generic, graf, graf2, graf3, winlib, and
bigarray. All units work in both real and protected modes. The generic unit provides routines for dos, mouse, conversions, files,
rebooting, text I/O including popup menus and message boxes, sound, joystick, math, grey keys, plus other miscellaneous functions.
The graf and graf2 units are a device independant virtual coordinate system graphics library with routines ranging from pixel and
fillpoly all the way up to edit file in scrolling window with unlimited file size. They also include routines for interfacing the
virtual coordinate system to the mouse, and mouse support for SVGA graphics. Includes buttons, bitmaps, savescreens, menus, numeric
keypads, dialog boxes, ascii viewer, and ascii editor. The graf3 unit provides drivers for EGA through 1024x768x256 VESA, and 10
fonts. All fonts and drivers are loaded and registered for you. The winlib unit is a windowing system library based on the graf
unit`s device independant virtual coordinate system graphics. It provides routines for windows that already scroll, move, resize,
etc. All you write is a procedure to draw the contents and a procedure to run when the contents are selected. The winlib library
handles everything else for you. The winlib features dynamic memory allocation, and is written using fast procedural code. The
bigarray unit contains routines for implementing arrays larger than the 64K maximum in Turbo Pascal. With the bigarray unit, you
may dynamically allocate arrays up to a maximum of 640K in size. System requirements: Turbo or Borland Pascal 7.0.

Tank is a super PC version of the arcade classic tank battle game. Create a charater and take command of your Tank. Complete
missions to get better tanks. Become a squad commander and command multiple tanks and choppers at once. Tank features a high level
of combat realism with 18 types of offensive weapons, three types of defensive weapons, amphibeous and hover tanks, attack
helicopters, terrain effects and elevation, armor and hit location, fuel and ammo, and bases for resupply. Tank includes 10 types
of missions and has a campaign game mode. Built in charater, tank, and map editors allow you to create and play endless scenarios.
Tank can handle 1-4 players, human or computer. Both printable and on-line documentation are built-in to Tank. A real hit with
arcade game fanatics. System requirements: EGA or VGA graphics. Mouse.

Global War:
Global War is a super Risk type of game. It adds many new features. In addition to armies, it has navies, air units, carriers,
airborne, and three types of bases. It also has supply rules (handled automatically by the computer). Options for play include:
nuclear weapons, three levels of reenforcements, multiple attacks, and 1-9 players human or computer. Visual and sound effects let
you see and hear your attacks. A voice synthesizer reports your battle results. Features: Slick pushbutton interface, alliances,
automatic losses, printable on-line help, printable manual, bitmapped graphics, Digital, FM, and PC sound support, plus MORE!. If
you like wargames you'll love Global War. System requirements: 286 or better. VGA graphics. Microsoft compatable mouse. Soundblaster
compatable sound card required for FM sound. Soundblaster Pro sound card required for digital sound.

SIMSpace is a forward view realtime spaceship flight and combat simulator. The screen is the bridge, and all the controls work via
mouse! Complete as many missions as you can before dieing or failing three missions. Features photo quality bitmapped and rendered
graphics with digital and FM sound. SIMSpace includes: Many types of opponents, planets, spaceports, wormholes, towing arrays,
drones, matter movers, shuttles, over 250 different types of missions, mission and character editors, virtual reality 3D remote
squad adventures and lander flight simulator, play via modem, plus MUCH MORE! System requirements: 286 or better. VGA or VESA
compatable SVGA graphics. Microsoft compatable mouse. 3 to 9 meg disk space depending on installation. Soundblaster compatable
sound card required for FM sound. Soundblaster Pro sound card required for digital sound. Hayes compatable modem required for play
via modem.

Siege! is a mideval fortress construction and combat simulator. It is similar to Castles and kind of a cross between SIMCity and
Ancient art of war. In SIEGE! you build a fortress, levy taxes and raise an army. But from time to time, the enemy attacks and lays
siege to your fortress. Build your fort as big as you can, and don`t let the enemy capture your leader in combat. Siege! features
3D graphics, sound effects, a huge 12.5 screens by 12.5 screens playing area, and music tracks. This game had our beta-testers
skipping their lunch hours to play it. System requirements: EGA or VGA graphics. Mouse.

Mordorventure III:
A graphical mouse driven mideval role-playing fantasy adventure game (similar to D&D. Mordorventure III has many features not found
in other fantasy role playing games: Full graphics interface with mouse control. Wilderness adventures. Dungeon adventures. City
adventures. Castle constuction. Castle and troop combat. 3d monsters and graphics. Up to five players simultaneously - human or
computer. Arcade style combat with each player controlling his/her character. Fighter and magic user classes. Castle politics.
Quests. Graphics and sound special effects. Digitized voice tracks. This game had our beta-testers skipping WORK to play it! System
requirements: EGA or VGA graphics. Mouse.

Armies of Steel:
Armies of Steel is a fast paced, easy to play wargame for the PC. It features photo quality SVGA graphics, animation, digital sound
effects, FM sound tracks, and mouse control. Many types of terrain and units provide hours of challenging play. Simulation accuracy
is maintained with a high degree of detal including attack, defense, range, and movement factors for units, and terrain effects on
movement and combat. Armies of Steel gives you depth of play similar to classic wargames such as Blitzkrieg, Panzer Blitz, and
Panzer Leader, with a point and shoot interface. System requirements: 286 or better, 2 Meg total RAM (640K conventional, plus 1 Meg
XMS), VESA compatable SVGA graphics w/ 1meg video ram, monitor capable of 1024x768 256 colors, Soundblaster compatable sound card
(SB pro required for digital sound), Microsoft compatable mouse, 4 Meg disk space.

Combat Zone:
Combat Zone is a fast paced, easy to play arcade wargame for the PC. It features photo quality SVGA graphics, animation, digital
sound effects, FM sound tracks, and mouse control. Many types of terrain and units provide hours of challenging play. Different
combinations of terrain and unit types make each level unique. Win as many battles as you can. As you complete stages, you get
promotions and more types of units. Keep your losses low and earn reserve units. 10 stages of 5 levels each make for a total of 50
different levels of challenging combat action. System requirements: 286 or better, 2 Meg total RAM (640K conventional, plus 1 Meg
XMS), VESA compatable SVGA graphics w/ 1meg video ram, monitor capable of 1024x768 256 colors, Soundblaster compatable sound card
(SB pro required for digital sound), Microsoft compatable mouse, 4 Meg disk space.

Demo Pack:
The Demo Pack is a collection of the unregistered versions of all of our products. It includes a zip file of the latest
unregsitered version of each product, and a BBS file description of each product in ascii text. Each zip file contains an
unregistered version of a product, product docs, support info, and a copy of our catalog.

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