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Shareware EGA/VGA arcade game vaguely reminiscent of NYET.
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Shareware EGA/VGA arcade game vaguely reminiscent of NYET.
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Contents of the CUBER.DOC file

CUBER ARCADE STRATEGY GAME By William Soleau (c)1990

Version 2.0

Welcome to CUBER....

The objective of CUBER is to catch the different
colored cubes as they fall on the left side and put them
into the proper column on the right side, so that four
corners of four different cubes match in color. To
"Cube" therefore, means to match four adjoining corners.
Each block is which drops, is made up of four separate
grids. There are five color possibilities:

White (matches any color)

White ones can be used to match any color.

To "Cube" means for example:

bl gr yelred

gr red red whi The four red's in the
middle make a cube...
whired red bl

yelred gr gr

When you Cube a spot, those four blocks will be erased along
with any that are above them.

In this version there are three levels. You are
trying to attain the highest score possible. The points
are as follows:

+ 3 Each block that drops
+ 2 If you catch and drop (by pressing Bar)
+ 50 Each Cube you make

+ 500 If you can cube 10 on that level
+ 1000 If you can cube 20 on that level
+ 3000 If you can cube 30 on that level

To reach the next level, you must get at least 1000
points on that Level! or the game will be over.

A Level will be completed when all the grids on the right
side are filled up with blocks.

Bonus Levels:

After the 1st level, there will be four colored spots
indicated by four colored lines, which will appear on the
right side grid board. These will indicate the color that
you should try to "Cube" there. (White is allowed as long
as one of the real colors is there also). If you Cube that
spot with the proper color, that will be considered a Bonus Cube.

+ 150 Bonus Cube
+ 1000 All four Bonus Cubes (colors) that level.

Other Blocks and Scoring:

There are also two other types of block which will
appear from time to time.

The Bomb Cube: Catch this and use it to eliminate a
block on the other side.

The Mystery Cube: This block will not reveal itself
until it has been caught, so it gives
you only about 2 seconds to decide
where to put it.

If however you have captured a Bonus
Cube, that color will be shown if it
is in the ? Cube.

Time Bonus: Every 5000 points won will give you an
extra two minute Bonus Round at the
completion of the level your on.
Cubes made in this Bonus Round will be
worth Double.

Key Definitions:

Arrow Keys Move Catcher
Spacebar Drops Cube (if done before 2 sec)

Pauses Action
Quits Program
Options Menu
View Previous Scores
Sound Toggle on/off
Begin New Game
Review Scoring Point Awards

Regarding Speed:

Every 25 blocks the speed of the game increases.

*Note for 33mhz Machines*

This program was tested on 20,16,12 MHZ machines and
the programs senses at what speed your computer runs
at. If however, you're a hot shot with 33 MHZ and
game is too fast then you can create a file in directory
where the game resides called CUBER.SPD and in that
file put the number 8. To Create:

At the dos prompt:
Copy Con cuber.spd
(press return)
(press return)

(press return)


This game is quite addictive and once you learn
different strategies, some really high scores can be
achieved. A lot of time has gone into this game and I
hope you enjoy it. See Registration for Upgrade key for
other levels (if you can even get there) at closing


William Soleau
163 Amsterdam Ave
Suite 213
NYC. NY. 10023

* * * *

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