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Cryptogram puzzler. It comes with a collection of 200 puzzles.
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Cryptogram puzzler. It comes with a collection of 200 puzzles.
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CRYPTO.DAT 10908 4503 deflated
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CRYPTO.SCR 2 2 stored

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Contents of the CRYPTO.DOC file

VER 1.0
DATE 9/5/89

By Tom and Cathy Steele.
20 Fay St.
Pontiac, Mi 48055

This is another version of Cryptogram, inspired by a slightly different
version. It comes with a collection of 200 puzzles. The program will
keep track of the puzzle number that you completed. So if you quit the
game and start up later, you will return to where you left off.
You can only advance after you complete a puzzle. Once you reach the
end of the puzzle file "crypto.dat", the program will start at the
beginning of the file again. If you want to start up on the first
puzzle, then delete the file "crypto.scr" and the program will re-create
the file starting at puzzle number one. If you replace the "crypto.dat"
file with one of your own then the program will use it instead.

<- or -> and or Letter

You have a choice of using the arrow keys and return, or using an
alpha key to choose a letter. At any time, you can use the "spacebar"
to clear out a letter (if there is a letter to clear).


This key is the "Cheat" key. It will allow you to cheat 3 times per
puzzle. It will keep track of your "cheats" and show them on the
screen. Note: for the advanced players, (the one's reading this file).
If you want more cheats, hit the "c" instead of the spacebar and
then hit the key again.


This key is the "Boss" key. It will allow you to play crypto where
you shouldn't. When you are about to pick a letter, and you see
your BOSS walking toward you, just hit the key. To get back
to the game, hit the key again. If you don't hit the
key, but some other key, then the program will exit.


Saves the number of the last puzzle you completed to "crypto.scr".
Clears the screen and quits the game.

Feel free to pass this program around to your friends, we enjoyed
writing it. If you feel like making a donation to us for a fresh
supply of coffee, then we will be inspired to write more.


The real letter is not the letter below it!
example, "A" will not be a "A".

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