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Cryptogram puzzle program, 25 puzzles, more available soon. Fast and fun. Can be used as spelling helper for school kids.
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Cryptogram puzzle program, 25 puzzles, more available soon. Fast and fun. Can be used as spelling helper for school kids.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

CRYPTO.EXE VER. 1.0, (c) 1990
by Carl Haycox
A cryptogram puzzle solving program.


Crypto is a very easy program for anyone to use. After the title screen you
will see a screen similar to this,


****** *** ******* ******


? to ? to

Press ESC to quit.

The first line is the cryptogram.
The second line of stars will change to the solved puzzle as you change

NEXT CHANGE box - Choose a letter from the cryptogram that you wish to change
and press that letter on the keyboard. The letter you selected will appear in
place of the first question mark. Press the letter you wish to "change to"
next. It will momentarily appear in place of the second question mark. The
question marks will re-appear and the letters you selected to choose "from" and
"to" will be moved to the LAST CHANGE box. At the same time the stars in the
second line will change to your "change to" letter.

LAST CHANGE box - This box is merely a reminder of the last move to help ease
some of the confusion if you accidentally change the wrong letter. If you do
make a mistake just re-enter the last changes in reverse order and continue.

To quit the game and return to DOS press "ESC".

From this point on keep changing letters until you solve the puzzle. When the
last letter is correct and the puzzle is solved you will see a "Correct"
message and be asked if you would like another puzzle. Press Y for another or
any key to exit the program.

Some cryptograms are longer than 80 characters and will "wrap around" to the
next line. No words will be broken in the middle. The stars will also "wrap
around" to coincide with the puzzle. The solving procedure is the same for all

This program is new and in the future I will make available more puzzle files.
You can contact me by mail or watch the BBS for updates.

I also have a program that writes the puzzle files. It allows you to enter the
cryptogram sentence and code it without duplicating letters and saves it to the
"crypt.001" file. I use this for my son's spelling words so he can practice.
If you would like this program send a blank disk and $5 to me and I will return
the program to you.

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to write me about them.
Write to:
Carl Haycox
114 W. Main St.
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Feel free to share this program with others but please keep all files intact.
A donation of $5 would be appreciated, let your conscience be your guide.

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