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An arcade type game that takes place in caves.
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An arcade type game that takes place in caves.
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Program written by William Soleau March 1991
Requires EGA / AT class computer / min 512k
Hard Drive Recommended


Welcome to Crusher....

You are about to enter a cavern made up of 25 different
rooms. The objective is to collect as many points as
possible while avoiding roving monsters. You are given a
quest to locate certain objects somewhere within the vast
maze of rooms. Crusher is a combination of a strategy,
arcade and an adventure game. Before you begin read the
directions below.

* * * INSTRUCTIONS * * *

Upon first loading the game, an opening screen will
introduce you to the cast of characters. You will then see
a square room filled with tiles. There are four exit doors.
You are located in room #13 to start. There are grey tiles
and red tiles. All the rooms have some grey tiles, yet the
colors of the other tiles will change as you proceed from
room to room.

Map of Rooms

1 2 3 4 5

6 7 8 9 10

11 12 Here 14 15

16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24 25

By one of the exit doors you will see your man. He is
blue and smiles no matter what. To move him around the room
use the arrow keys. The grey tiles cannot be moved, yet the
colored ones can. If there is a empty space on the other
side of the tile, you can push it to that area. This is how
you can get to exits, grab points, crush monsters.... Also
in the room you will notice (starfish like) monsters moving
through the maze. Their one objective is to eat you up, so
you always have to avoid them. To do this, you can push
blocks in there way, better yet, trap them and totally crush
them, so that there are no spaces for them to move. If you
do this, you not only get points but the monster will
disappear and a special oxygen tile will then appear
somewhere in the chamber.

** Oxygen **

Oops! Oxygen... Oh yes, because this cavern of rooms
is so far underneath the earth, you will always need oxygen
to survive. Throughout the rooms there are oxygen tiles
which you should grab, because if you run out of air...
well you guessed it... it's over!

** Diamonds **

There are also diamonds of different colors within the
rooms. Grab these and you will get points. Be careful
though, if a monster is on the other side of it. Remember
that he can't get to you by going through it, yet if you
grab the diamond....well then... your fair game for him.

** TNT (bombs) **

The other objects which are found in the rooms are
sticks of TNT. These are not only great to blast through
walls with (grey also), but without them, you cannot
complete the game. To remove a wall, press the spacebar.
You will see a message that says dynamite activated. Press
the arrow key in the direction you want the wall removed.
If there is nothing there, then it will not blow. If you
decide not to use your valuable TNT then press the spacebar
again to de-activate it. These sticks of dynamite will be
your most important friend when things get tough. Every 250
moves of your man and a certain amount of points gotten,
will deposit a few more tiles within the rooms (not in the
room your presently in). Therefore get as many points as
you can, even if you've already reached the first objective
of 10,000 points.

*** Objectives ***

**** Okay now let's get down to the first objective. ***

When you begin the game, you will need to get at least
10,000 points before your first objective will appear. When
you reach this point, a special message will appear. READ
IT CAREFULLY! It will tell you about the secret spy MR.X.
He will then be placed somewhere in one of the 25 rooms.
You must find him so that him, so that he can give you
directions to a map. This special map will locate the
beautiful Eve. Boy... it's always a maiden in distress.
Actually she's in a dungeon, in which you'll have to figure
out how to free her. Once you've freed her... you WIN!
Simple huh...? heh...heh...heh...

1. Get 10000 Points
2. Find Mr.X.
3. Find Special Map
4. Find Eve
5. Rescue Eve (you win)

(Registered version only)

6. Find Punk Rocker Ted
7. Find First Number
8. Find Second Number
9. Find Third Number
10. Find Vault
11. ?????????? (you win)

There are many strategies you'll use to get better at
the game with each try. For instance, when you see EVE in
the dungeon surrounded by walls and walls... (assuming you
even get that far) and you have no TNT, well go to another
room and try crushing monsters. Each monster you crush
removes some tiles from the dungeon. Another strategy is to
arrange tiles in a room before you leave, so that if a
monster is placed inside it, it's easy to trap him. There
are so many strategies, but you'll discover your own.
Each time you leave a room and enter a new one, there
will always be 3 monsters to face. Once you've left a room
the monsters will rejuvenate, even if you crushed some of
them. Perhaps upon entering a room, you don't like the fact
that the monsters are where they are, simply exit the room
again and re-enter. The monsters will have moved to
another part of chamber. Of course you use a little oxygen
up each time, but it's better then being a snack for the


Diamond : are worth 150 points
TNT Tiles : are worth 4 Bombs (sticks of TNT)
Oxygen Tiles are worth 6 tanks (10 move each)

Crushed Monsters:

Red & Green's 125 points
Yellow 200 points
Purple (fast!) 300 points

Bonus points are give if you crush 2 or more
monsters within the same room.

200 points added for 2 monsters crushed
500 points added for all 3 monsters crushed

3000/5000/10000 points for different objectives
found and reached.

- 1000 points for each man you lose. You have
5 to start the game with.

The game will end, if you lose all of your men.
(5 men per game)

The game will also end if you run out of oxygen
before you complete your mission. The oxygen gauge
as will as other important statistics, are always
shown at the bottom of the board.

You don't have to finish the whole game each time to
win. You are trying to accumulate the highest score
possible before either you have run out of air, lost
all your men, or rescued Eve. 10 top scores are
recorded for posterity.

This game is not easily completed, but you'll
have fun trying. The best way I feel to learn any
game is to just start playing. This way you'll get a
feel for the action. Pictures are worth a thousand
words... so go to it !!

*** Note ***

For real Adventurers, see upgrade features below.

Crusher Keys:

Arrow keys: move man (push blocks)
ap : show your room location
ound : toggles sound (on/off)
sores : show top 10 scores
sae : save game (reg.users)
oad : load previous game (reg)
uit : New game/Quit Game

Upgrade for registered users:

So you've gotten to the point where you want more?
Okay... how about Eve, tells you that there is a Punk
Rocker named Ted that has some very valuable information
regarding certain numbers. These numbers might just be
combinations to a vault... well let's just say the game
continues for registered users.

Registration screens are found inside then program upon
exiting. With the registration, the game will also add
the SAVE/LOAD game feature, which will come in handy if
you have gone further then ever before and don't want to
start over from the top if something goes wrong. Also
who wants to wait so long exiting the program screen
each time, to remind users that Shareware is a
concept and not a free lunch. Okay.. Okay.. Enough

Most importantly enjoy yourself....


William Soleau
163 Amsterdam Ave
Suite 213
NYC, NY. 10023

* * * * *

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