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Kill the Creeps game. Simple graphics, but reasonably good. CGA required.
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Kill the Creeps game. Simple graphics, but reasonably good. CGA required.
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Contents of the CREEPS.DOC file

CREEPS! v2.1 is copyright(c) 1989 by Bob Applegate. This program is
shareware, not public domain. You are free to post it on bulletin
boards, give copies to friends, etc, as long as both the
CREEPS.EXE and CREEPS.DOC files are distributed together. If you
like this game, please be kind and send the registration fee to:

Bob Applegate
102 Peachfield Court
Marlton, NJ 08053

How much is registration? Whatever you think this program is worth.
Ten dollars ($10) would be nice, but not required. What do you get
for your registration? The nice, cozy, warm-all-over feeling of
knowing that you've encouraged yet another shareware author to continue
developing inexpensive software. If your contribution is at least $10,
you'll also receive a free upgrade to the next version of CREEPS!
I get suggestions all the time, so new versions can come out quite
often. If you have bug reports or suggestions, please send them...
I'd like to know what you think.

In case you're wondering, CREEPS was developed in C and assembly.
Yes, the source code is available for the right price, namely $100.
Buying the source gets you the most recently released version,
including some very generic CGA graphics drivers that can be used for
high-speed motion and collision detection. I'm not a game expert,
but these routines seem to be useful for games other than CREEPS.

Now, on to the game!

CREEPS requires a PC compatible machine to run. I've done my
development and testing on a 12MHz AT clone, so I can't guarantee
that it will work perfectly on an original 4.77 MHz XT. You must
have CGA. Yeah, I've got an EGA screen too, but CGA is widely
supported, so why not use it? Hey, I want every PC in the world
to run my program (and at least half their owners to register).

When the game is running, these are the magic keys:

Arrows Controls the desired direction of the player (you).
Space Shoots your gun.
s Toggles sound on and off.
p Pauses the game. Press p again to continue.
q Quit. Exits CREEPS entirely.
ESC Aborts the current game but stays in CREEPS.

You are the green triangle. The creeps are red triangles. There
are a lot of them, but they are brain damaged. Shoot them with
your gun, or just ram into them. Ramming them costs you a life and
some points, so don't do this very often.

Your score and level are displayed on the bottom left hand edge of
the screen. The right hand edge shows the number of lives left,
up to 5. If you have more than 5, the excess will not be shown.
You earn a free life every 2000 points.

You can shoot only a few bullets at a time, so don't go crazy with
them. Currently, there is no penalty for shooting a bullet.

Avoid anything that is red. After a few levels, a blobix appears on
the screen. It simply chases you around. Eventually, the blobix
begins to fire missiles at you, so watch out! Missiles begin to
do strange things as well. If you see the door (a hollow square),
hit it to earn lots of points and move on to the next level.

Go forth and kill creeps! I'd like to hear your comments, so feel
free to write.

Bob Applegate

Compuserve: 70406,567
Usenet: [email protected]
Prodigy: RJFC33A

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