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Output of file : COSMOCHT.TXT contained in archive : COSMOCHT.ZIP

This program will modify all of your save game files for
Cosmo 1 by Apogee so that you should have 5000 health points.
If you don't like to start over a million times and just want to have
some fun with this terrific game, cheat!
I recommend that you save copies of all your game save files
(they are named COSMO1.SV? where "?" is a number from 1 to 9)
before running this program in case you want to play as a mortal
Place the COSMOCHT.EXE file in the same directory as the save
files and enter COSMOCHT to modify the files.
This program is brought to you as FREEWARE by Michael P. Hoffmann
and is copyright (C) 1992 by Michael P. Hoffmann, all rights reserved.