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Core Wars v2.81 - write programs for a hypothetical machine where the programs battle for control.
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Core Wars v2.81 – write programs for a hypothetical machine where the programs battle for control.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AA_IMP.WAR 156 103 deflated
A_IMP.WAR 208 98 deflated
BIGFOOT.WAR 221 168 deflated
CHANG1.WAR 187 144 deflated
COREWARS.DOC 16452 5924 deflated
COREWARS.EXE 40806 25464 deflated
DDWARF.WAR 133 117 deflated
DWARF.WAR 80 74 deflated
DWARF13.WAR 79 73 deflated
DWARF29.WAR 79 73 deflated
DWARF7.WAR 91 76 deflated
GEMINI.WAR 144 105 deflated
IMP.WAR 72 67 deflated
IMPACT.WAR 77 72 deflated
IMPDWARF.WAR 254 172 deflated
IMPGUN.WAR 98 89 deflated
IMPGUN2.WAR 125 112 deflated
IMPPIT2.WAR 105 97 deflated
IMPSTOMP.WAR 67 61 deflated
JUGGER.WAR 159 121 deflated
MORTAR.WAR 435 265 deflated
MORTAR2.WAR 281 173 deflated
README.1ST 1538 827 deflated
README.2ND 1735 417 deflated
WHATS.NEW 2202 944 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

COREWARS (Revision 2.81) Documentation
(c) Copyright 1990-91, Triskelian Simulations.

Revision: 2.81
Date: 16 Novmeber 1991

A lengthy description of just what this program does is contained
in the file COREWARS.DOC. It requires ANSI.SYS support to run
normally. If you start seeing things like "[4;H" or "[35m" popping
up on your screen DON'T PANIC. Just add a line like "DEVICE=ANSI.SYS"
to your CONFIG.SYS file. Pertinent details can be found in your (or
anybody else's) DOS manual.

This program is hereby released to the PUBLIC DOMAIN. No copies or
derivatives of this product may be distributed for profit or personal
gain. A minimal handling fee may be charged for distribution.

New stuff? Glance at the file WHATS.NEW.

If you are in a REAL panic for assistance, or want to see what
other dementia we are working on, call our support BBS:

(206) 532-9220
[USR HST/DS v.42/v.32/v.32bis N-8-1 24hrs]
FIDOnet (1:352/30)

Non-priority messages can be sent to the FIDOnet Echomail DOORGAMES
or DOORWARE echoes. Or give the U.S. Postal Service something to do
by mailing your questions to the address below:

David Thomas
Triskelian Simulations
630 Washington Avenue
Hoquiam, WA 98550
(FIDOnet 1:352/30.3)

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