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Connect Four for DOS.
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Connect Four for DOS.
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Contents of the 4INAROW.DOC file

4-In-A-Row v2.02
Copyright (C) 1993, Conquest Software
Documentation By Jimmy Dickens


Four-In-A-Row is NOT Freeware. It has taken us many hours of hard work to
bring this game to the point that we feel is ready for public release. It
was a major decision as to whether or not to cripple any part of this soft-
ware. Due to the number of people who continue to use shareware after its
evaluation period without registering, it was decided that we would only
cripple certain parts of the game just to encourage registration. We are
not trying to make a fortune, but would like to defray some of the costs
involved in future projects, therefore, registration has been set at only


Four-In-A-Row has the following features:

** Can Be Played Using Your Mouse
** Can Be Played Against Other Players By Modem
(Baud Rates Up To 38,400 - COM Ports 1-4)
* Can Be Played Against Other Players Locally
* Can Be Played Against The Computer
** Four Difficulty Levels When Playing Against The Computer

** = Automatically Activated When Registered
* = Works In Registered And Unregistered Games

How To Register

Registration is simple and straightforward. Included in this archive is a
file called CONQUEST.REG. Complete this form and return it with your check
or money order for $10.00. Please allow at least 5 days for your payment
to be received and processed. When you complete the registration form, you
MUST indicate whether you want your KEY file mailed to you on diskette, or
if you want to call our BBS and download it. If you want your KEY file on
diskette, please specify your preferred diskette size (5.25" or 3.5"). If
you prefer to call and download your KEY file, we MUST have a name AND a
password that you will use when you call, so we can have your KEY file
ready. Again, allow at LEAST 5 days for your registration fee to be
processed before you call.

Getting Ready To Play

Four-In-A-Row is a game that is enjoyed by all ages. Since you are reading
this, it is assumed that you have already unarchived the original file that
you downloaded from a BBS, or got from a friend. Make sure you place your
4INAROW.EXE file in a directory of its own before you run it. When you run
4INAROW.EXE, it will create the files that it needs to run the game.

Playing The Game


Four-In-A-Row is run by typing 4INAROW from your DOS command line. You
should be sure that 4INAROW.EXE is in your current directory. Your
first screen will be a demo of what Four-In-A-Row will look like while
playing the game. The object of the game is to get 4 of the same
color pieces in a row, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
You may either watch this demo to get a better idea of the way the
game is played, or press any key to continue to the Main Menu. At this
point, highlight your selection by using the up or down arrows on your
keyboard, then press ENTER. The F2 key will toggle sound off/on from
the Main Menu or while playing the game.

And we must not forget the 'BOSS' key. This is just in case your Boss
walks by your desk while you are in the middle of a good 4-In-A-Row
game. Just press the F1 key from any stage of the game, and instantly
see a normal-looking DOS prompt.


UNREGISTERED (Heaven Forbid):

When 'Play' is selected, you will be prompted for a 1 - 2 Player Game.
Select 1 if you want to play against the computer, or 2 if you want to
play against another person locally (at your keyboard).

Playing against the computer will only offer you ONE difficulty level
in the UNREGISTERED version. After selecting the 1 Player Game, you
will see a screen that will display the difficulty levels that are
available when registered. At this point, press any key to continue
with the EASY level. After you enter your name, and press ENTER, the
game board will appear. To make your move, use the left and right
arrow keys to move your color indicator above the slots. Move the
indicator until it is directly above the slot in which you want to
drop your piece and press ENTER, SPACE, or DOWN ARROW to drop your
piece. After you drop your piece in the selected slot, the computer
makes its move by dropping a different colored piece in the same
or a different slot. Turns will alternate until either you or the
computer has AT LEAST FOUR of the same colored pieces in a row,
either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When this occurs, a
winner is declared and the winner's name is place in a 'High Score'
file for 'One Player Games' along with the date, time, and number of
moves it took to win. If you select a 2 - Player Game, you will be
prompted for the names of each player. After entering both names, the
game will begin, and will be played with each player alternating turns.
The bottom left corner of the game board will indicate whose turn is
next. When a player has Four-In-A-Row, his/her name, date, time, and
number of moves to win will be placed in a 'High Score' file for 'Two
Player Games'. Selecting 'Score Boards' from the Main Menu will give
you an option to view either 1-player or 2-player games. These scores
can be cleared at any time you wish.



Once you have paid your registration and received your KEY file, all
options of Four-In-A-Row will function. Play against the computer will
be the same as with the unregistered version with the exception that
you will have 4 difficulty levels from which to select, and if you
have a working mouse, you may use it or your keyboard for play.

Play against another player (locally) will be played as with the
unregistered version with the exception that if you have a working
mouse, you may use it or your keyboard for play.

If you select 'Modem Play' from the Main Menu, it is required that the
person that you are calling (or the person that will be calling you)
has registered his/her copy of Four-In-A-Row. You will be prompted to
enter information pertaining to your system. Be SURE to enter the COM
port that your modem is using, the maximum baud rate, whatever init
string you wish to use, and of course, your name. After you have
the correct information, use the up or down arrow to select 'Connect
Mode'. This entry is toggled with each depression of the ENTER key.
If you select the Make a Call Mode, use the up or down arrow key to
select 'Phone Number'. Press ENTER and type the phone number of the
person who is waiting for your call. Once you have completed this
configuration screen, press your F10 key to initialize your modem. You
will need to press F10 whether you are making a call or receiving a
call. When a connection is made, there will be some short modem to
modem verifications, after which your game board will appear on both
ends (caller and receiver). The game is then played as if you were
playing against another person locally. Turns will alternate between
host and remote until one player has at least 4 pieces in a row as in
any other Four-In-A-Row game. A winner will be delclared, and entries
will automatically be placed in the 2-Player 'High Score' file.


We have made all attempts to make Four-In-A-Row as versatile as possible,
and at the same time, have a sufficient amount of on-line help.

We hope you enjoy our most recently released game and PLEASE, to keep our
incentives as high as they are now, REGISTER TODAY.

The latest version can always be obtained by FREQing "4INAROW" from 1:151/60.

Headquarters BBS & Registration

Conquest Software HQ BBS
2400 - 14,400 v.32bis
24 Hours A Day
(919) 442-8782
WolfNet @2
ICEnet @9980
WWIVnet @19951
FIDOnet @1:151/60

Support Board - Not For Registering

The Big Bad Wolf BBS
1200 - 14,400 v.32bis/HST
24 Hours A Day
(919) 459-9084
WolfNet @1
WWIVnet @9996
ICEnet @9996

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