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Pinball game setup as baseball diamond.
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Pinball game setup as baseball diamond.
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* C E N T E R - F I E L D E R *


This table was designed on the PINBALL CONSTRUCTION SET created by
Bill Budge / Electronic Arts, and portions are copyrighted by them.

Many thanks to B.B./E.A. for a pretty ____ good toy! RGHays

( Also to D.M. on Atlanta's )

Following is a general description of the play-field and scoring. Read
only the next 2 screens if you, like me, like to find out the scoring on
a new table the hard (fun) way. ( The last screen is the scoring data. )

( general description next )

There is no shooter on this table. ( ?!? !#%*-_$Z$%|*%!?&%!!????? )

The playfield is in the general form of a baseball field, so-o-o -- -- I
decided that the only proper place for the ball to start from was the mound.

The mound is only a small blue stripe on the field, the white disk is the ball.
Home plate is paint. So are the baselines. All three bases are rollovers.
(This is info that we could see if this were a real table, so fair by the
above para.) The gloves hide "ball eaters" or ball drains, holes in the table's
surface. These can only catch a ball from below on the screen, the two smaller
have roofs that lean towards the center, the larger's roof leans down to both
sides from center.

THIS IS A HARD TABLE TO SCORE HIGH ON, 500K is ____ably good, IF you can get

"Here's the pitch ..." ... Crack!

( how-to next )
Robert G. Hays

Right flipper rotates from 1 to 4 players and back again, Left flipper locks
the number in and starts play. (escape) will at any time exit the game
and return you to DOS.

If you have a joystick or KOALAPAD, it's (or the one attached AS one) top/left
button is the left flipper, the bottom/front/right button is the right flipper.

If you don't, use to see the table at the "Center the joy..." prompt,
then use the left shift for the left flipper, same for the right shift key.

The ball sometimes seems to get hung bouncing around in the corners, but it
will (pause for a drink of water) come out shortly.

As to the trick it sometimes pulls getting out of the lower right corner, I
think that it sometimes has to get a running start to scramble up the outside
of the batter's box so it can launch itself at third base. ( It usually misses,
though. )

( I am NOT ! I turn 28 next week. (end of May) )

( scoring data is next )

SCORING: Targets @ top; 1,500score/8,000bonusLeft,

Ball Eaters; 50/0 each

bumpers at bottom; 10/0 ea

round bumpers 'YOU'RE 'and 'OUT'; 30/0

left drop bank; 200each/30,000 and bonus X

right drop bank; 200each/20,000 and bonus X

bases; 40each/ 3,000 & bonus X for all three

( end of file )000 and bonus X

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