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Play the board game Clue on your computer.
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Play the board game Clue on your computer.
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Contents of the CLUE.DOC file

CLUE Ver 1.22
To start game, type CLUE [-m] [-s]
-m will disable the opening musical selection,
-s will disable all sound effects,
These switches can be used alone or together and entered in any order.
Entering Clue without any switches will use it's default values --
music at the beginning and sound effects on.
Think of the "-" as a minus sign..."minus music" or "minus sound" etc.
The program will determine if you are using a color or mono monitor
and adjust itself accordingly. However, the game looks MUCH better when
played on a color monitor.

Welcome to the computer version of Clue! I've tried to keep the play
as close as possible to the board version. The notable exceptions are:
1)In this version, your suggestion is checked against all "playable"
cards except those in your hand. In the board game, your suggestion is
checked by each player, in turn, until one of them can disprove your
2)The board version requires 3 to 6 players, while this version can be
played alone or have up to 6 players.
3)Parker Brothers says you may move in any direction and change direction
as many times as your roll will allow, but you may not land on the same
square twice in the same turn. In this version you may still change
directions, but your total movement is determined in two directios only.
For example, if you move 2 squares up, then 1 square down, your total
movement is only 1 square. If you go up 2, left 3, and down 2, your
total movement is only 3.

This version requires a printer for the Detective Notepad. I have
found it compatable with both Epson (Panasonic) and IBM printers. The Note-
pad is a coded list that differs from player to player and from game to game.
It is these codes that the computer uses to "disprove" your suggestions. A
color monitor is best, due to all the colors used in the display. While it
will play "logically correct" on a monochrome monitor, the display leaves
a lot to be desired. It is written for text mode because I needed almost
all 16 allowed me only 4.

Instructions are included as part of the .exe file. Whether or not
you have ever played Clue before, I suggest you look over these instruc-
tions. They include the Parker Brothers rules and how to use the features
in this computer version.

I wrote this game as a further exercise in learning the C language. It
is written in Turbo C Ver. 2.0. I would recommend this compiler to anyone
interested in C. It appears to do anything you want, and is very easy to

I donate this program to the Public Domain for all to enjoy. For
those of you (like myself) who are wary of viruses, I will be happy to
send you a guaranteed virus-free copy. If you want to register this and be
entitled to the next upgrade (if and when available), plus the disk with
the current version, just send your name, address, zip and $10.00 to cover
the cost to:

Dennis M. Straus
12 Richard Court
Lake Grove, N.Y. 11755

Anyone who has mailed disks will note that there is no money to be made
at this fee. I only ask it to cover expenses.

I have done extensive testing on this game, but I'm sure there is
always a problem hidden somewhere. Either way, registered or not, if you
find a problem with the program, or you interpret the rules differently,
please drop me a line. I'll try to correct any bugs and will evaluate any
rule-interpretations that I receive.

Since this program is free (you get what you pay for -- most of the
time), I assume no liability for the use of the program with regards to
your computer, home, job, marriage, or love life.

Dennis M. Straus

7/15/89 Relesed Ver 1.0 to the game testers.
7/25/89 Added switches (at the request of my game-testers) to disable the
music and/or sound effects. (Ver 1.1)
7/29/89 Added a switch for monochrome monitors. (Ver. 1.2)
8/02/89 Removed the color switch and added coding to automatically
test for monochrome monitors. (Ver. 1.21)
8/9/89 Added more musical tunes in various stages of play. (Ver. 1.22)
Finally released to the public domain.

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