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Flight Simulator 4 -- random clouds from coast to coast.

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Flight Sim 4/ASD Scenery/SEE04: Cloud
Building Tools. Coast to coast clouds on
only 7781 bytes! USCLOUDS.SC1 will blanket
your FS4 flying environment with multi-
layers of randomly appearing and unpre-
dictable SEE04 cloud polygons over the
entire United States in one smooth
borderless file.

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Flight Simulator 4 — random clouds from coast to coast.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLOUD.DAT 3246 467 deflated
CLOUD.RPT 6657 661 deflated
CLOUD.SC0 363 340 deflated
CLOUD.SC1 82 50 deflated
CLOUD1.SC0 362 339 deflated
CLOUDKIT.TXT 2350 1044 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 303 226 deflated
USCLOUDS.SC1 7781 990 deflated

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Contents of the CLOUDKIT.TXT file

DATAWINGS - 8/14/92
by Gene Lacy


CLOUDKIT.ZIP contains (6) files:
CLOUDKIT.TXT - This text file
USCLOUDS.SC1 - ASD file containing clutters of clouds
CLOUD.RPT - SEE04 process file
CLOUD.DAT - SEE04 data file
CLOUD.SC0 - SEE04 "Large cloud for high altitudes"
CLOUD1.SC0 - SEE04 "Small cloud for low altitudes"

USCLOUDS.SC1 was created with SubLOGIC's Instrument Pilot Scenery in
mind. This ASD file will blanket your FS4 flying environment from coast to
coast with multi-layers of randomly appearing unpredictable cloud polygons.
The SEE04 files are included should you desire too thin'em out a little or
reconfigure altitudes of the various layers.
The whole concept of USCLOUDS is simple yet effective. How often have you had your destination field in sight from 10 miles out only to have it obscurred from view by clouds during your descent stage! Remember the rules.
If you're not on an IFR plan, you'd better remain clear of clouds.
DataWings thanks Laemming Wheeler for his creative inputs during
the CPAA conference in Ithaca. USCLOUDS is merge friendly at only 7781 bytes and borderless from East Coast to West. Note that USCLOUDS covers the
entire United States and may take priority over your smaller localized areas
of ASD coverage in the static scenery auto-load. You might want to run with
manual scenery select only, merge clouds with your localized scenery or
modify the boundaries of the cloud files to avoid any conflict. What ever
method you choose, DataWings wishes you a pleasant PC flight through these
slightly more challenging skies. Enjoy USCLOUDS!

CLOUDKIT.ZIP presented by:
Gene Lacy
DataWings "Your discount SubLOGIC dealer"
9015 Puritan Way
Rosharon, TX 77583


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