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This is the best Pac-Man type game yet. You have to see the graphics to believe.
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This is the best Pac-Man type game yet. You have to see the graphics to believe.
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CD-MAN.HLP 5260 1816 deflated
CD.TXT 1396 655 deflated
FOREIGN.TXT 947 530 deflated
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HIGHSC.CDM 2221 279 deflated
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README.CDM 3378 1491 deflated
SCREEN1.CDM 49178 34294 deflated
SCREEN2.CDM 51576 26123 deflated
SCREEN3.CDM 25219 15091 deflated
TITLE.CDM 47944 14639 deflated

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Contents of the CD.TXT file

A quick word about the company!

Creative Dimensions was first opened in Stockholm, Sweden in 1987. Originally
offering consulting and database services, we have now expanded into large
scale software development. With an established network of developers, program-
mers and support companies around the world we can offer incredibly low prices
on software development projects done in just about ANY programming language
operating in the IBM compatible environment for Windows, DOS or Unix as well as
things like computer animation, motion analysis systems, computer modelling
and many other related items. If you are interested in any of these services or
are interested in financing commercial software development at fantastic rates,
contact the California office at (510) 484 5918. Serious inquiries only, please.
Also, if you have developed any games and would like to distribute them in the
North American and European markets, contact us and let us evaluate them for you

Have a nice day!

818 Main St. Suite F
Pleasanton CA 94566
Tel: (510) 484-5918

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