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Crossword compiler for Win 3.1.
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Crossword compiler for Win 3.1.
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AMERICAN.CWD 1656 1015 deflated
CCW.EXE 160512 58369 deflated
CCW.INI 284 202 deflated
CCWHELP.HLP 43403 27092 deflated
CRYTPIC.CWD 1424 936 deflated
FEATURES.DOC 2567 1220 deflated
FILES.DOC 1400 544 deflated
FREEFORM.CWD 540 375 deflated
LINKPUZ.CWD 929 647 deflated
README.DOC 2516 1231 deflated
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WORDS.X4 5559 3345 deflated
WORDS.X5 15442 8998 deflated
WORDS.X6 32109 17823 deflated
WORDS.X7 56674 29341 deflated
WORDS.X8 78565 39567 deflated
WORDS.X9 83393 40814 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file


US Version 1.5 1994

Getting Started

Copy the files on the distribution disk onto a directory of your hard disk.
The program files should all be in the same directory, don't run the program
from a floppy drive, it will be too slow and will not set itself up
correctly. There are no separate manual files with this program as the
program is explained fully on the online help. When installed drag the
program from File Manager into one of your program groups. To view help
press F1 for the Help Contents and, for an introduction to the program,
read the topics in order starting from the top. Of course the best way to
learn is by trying it for yourself, and help can be obtained at any time
by pressing F1.


Please feel free to copy the unregistered program for friends and colleagues
as long as the all the files are copied together. You should not pay or
charge more than a small copying fee for the unregistered program, and
continued use of the program requires registration.


This program is distibuted as Shareware. You may use the program for a
maximum of 30 days for evaluation. If you wish to use the program after
this period you must register it. Registration costs only $40 US including
P&P. A registration form is provided, and can be filled in and printed out
by pressing Alt+R when at the program startup screen.
You can order from M&G Services by check,cash,money order or C.O.D.
The numbers for ordering are 1-800-425-7775 or 1-404-513-6566.
Faxes are also accepted at these numbers. There is a charge of $5 for C.O.D.

Registered users get a registered copy of the latest version of the
program, with complete files of words (3-20 letters, 3-15 having compound
phrases etc.) and utilities for creating your own and editing the word files.
The startup screen with registering nag is removed.You can also buy
additional word files. For more information press F1 at the program startup


Windows 3.1 or higher


This program is supplied as is. I can except no responsibitily for damage
directly or indirectly resulting from the use of, or inability to use this
program. I disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including
but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for
a particular purpose.

(C) Copyright 1994 Antony Lewis. All rights reserved.

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