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Version 2.1
November 1, 1992

Copyright (c) 1992, ImagiSOFT, Inc.
All rights reserved.


Anyone distributing Chinese Checkers for any kind of remuneration MUST
agree with the following terms and conditions prior to distributing it:

1. The distributor recognizes that ImagiSOFT, Inc. owns all rights
for Chinese Checkers, including distribution rights.

2. The distributor agrees that ImagiSOFT, Inc. can withdraw its
permission to distribute Chinese Checkers at any time.

3. When requested to do so in writing by ImagiSOFT, and after
receiving a new version of Chinese Checkers from ImagiSOFT, the
distributor agrees to begin distributing this new version
within sixty days.

4. The distributor agrees to use the names "ImagiSOFT" and
"Chinese Checkers" in all printed product descriptions.

5. The distributor will attempt to educate the prospective buyer
about the shareware concept in its printed literature or
packaging. These materials must inform the user that if they
find shareware programs useful, they should pay the
registration fee. In no event will a distributor be allowed to
state or imply that the user is "buying" the Chinese Checkers

6. The distributor recognizes that its right to distribute Chinese
Checkers is nonexclusive.

7. Distributors who manufacture, package, or vend ImagiSOFT's
Chinese Checkers program with the intent of having it sold to
end users for more than $4.00 US (quantity one pricing,
exclusive of shipping, handling, or taxes) MUST receive written
authorization from ImagiSOFT, Inc., prior to distributing it.

Authorization to distribute Chinese Checkers is automatically granted
to distributors who comply with the above requirements, and such
distributors may begin offering Chinese Checkers immediately.
However, distributors may want to contact ImagiSOFT, Inc. for a copy
of the latest version of Chinese Checkers, MOVIES TO GO!, and other
products we have developed.

ImagiSOFT, Inc.
Shareware Distributor Relations
P.O. Box 13208
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

FAX (505) 275-9697
CompuServe 70632,1177

If you are going to distribute Chinese Checkers in a compressed file,
please use the name CCHECK21.??? (.ZIP, .ARC, .LZH, etc). We would
appreciate if you would distribute our original CCHECK21.ZIP whenever
possible so that new users can be assured that they aren't receiving a
program infected with a virus.

Please include the following files in your distribution copy:

CHINESE.EXE main program
CHINESE.TXT registration info, license agreement, etc.
CC_ORDER.TXT order form
CHINESE.WL graphics file
CC_I_1.WL " "
CC_I_2.WL " "
CC_I_3.WL " "
CC_I_4.WL " "
CC_I_5.WL " "
CC_I_6.WL " "
READ.ME brief description, how to install, etc.
VENDOR.DOC the file you are reading now

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Chinese Checkers program checks for missing or
altered files. If any of these files has been altered or is missing
the program will exit to DOS.


NEW VERSION! ImagiSOFT's extraordinary game of Chinese Checkers
features stunning animated graphics and brings you all the challenge
of the traditional board game. Nominated for "Best Entertainment
Software" and "Best New Product" at the 1992 Shareware Industry
Awards, the object of Chinese Checkers is to be the first player to
move all your marbles to the opposite side of the board. The players
(represented by animated icons, a Dragon, Wind, Flower, Mantis, Tiger,
and Peacock) can be played either by people or by the computer. You
can use the keyboard or a Microsoft compatible mouse. Requires EGA or
VGA and 640K of memory.

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