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Version 2.0
October 1, 1992

Copyright (c) 1992, ImagiSOFT, Inc.
All rights reserved.


QUESTION: I get the message "EGA / VGA Monitor required." when I try
to run Chinese Checkers. What I do?

ANSWER: Your IBM compatible PC doesn't have an EGA or VGA monitor.
If you want to run Chinese Checkers, you will have to go to
a computer store to see it run. Maybe you'll decide that
it's time to get a new computer!

QUESTION: Can I run Chinese Checkers from a floppy drive?

ANSWER: Yes, by entering the command CHINESE, but the game will run
MUCH slower than it would on a hard drive.

QUESTION: How do I install Chinese Checkers to my hard drive?

ANSWER: None of our software is copy protected so the software can
be easily copied to your hard drive using the MKDIR and
COPY commands. If you are unfamiliar with these DOS
commands, we have provided a simple installation routine
for less experienced users:
1. Insert the diskette into the floppy drive you want to
install from.
2. Type A:INSTALL (or B:INSTALL) then press [Enter].
3. Follow the instructions as they appear on your
QUESTION: My mouse works in Microsoft Windows, why doesn't it work in
Chinese Checkers?

ANSWER: Windows has special built-in drivers to support mice. Our
software looks for a Microsoft compatible mouse driver
which is loaded when you turn on your computer. A diskette
should have come with your mouse which contains MOUSE.SYS,
MOUSE.COM or similar files. Try placing the command
MOUSE.SYS in your CONFIG.SYS file or the command MOUSE.COM
in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file. These are the files that DOS
executes when you turn on your computer, and if your mouse
is Microsoft compatible, your mouse should now work.

QUESTION: Can Chinese Checkers be run under Microsoft Windows?

ANSWER: Yes, although it is not a Windows product. Here's how:
1. In the Program Manager press the ALT-F for the "Files
2. Press N for "New".
3. Select "Program Item".
4. Under "Description" enter Chinese Checkers.
5. Under "Command Line" enter \CHINESE\CHINESE.EXE
6. Press the "Change Icon" button and when it prompts for
the file name enter \CHINESE\CHINESE.ICO then press OK.

QUESTION: I get the message "Not enough memory" and my program
doesn't run. What can I do?

ANSWER: You need a computer with at least 640K memory to run our
software. Run the CHKDSK command to make sure that you
have "655360 total bytes memory". The last line tells you
how many bytes your computer has free. If your computer
has less than 512000 bytes free, a program loaded in your
CONFIG.SYS or AUTOEXEC.BAT file is taking up memory.
Locate a knowledgeable person and ask him/her to help you
get these programs out of your memory. If you have a 286
or 386 computer and 1 megabyte of memory or more, you can
free additional memory by upgrading to DOS 5.0.

QUESTION: I don't understand what "shareware" is. Why do I have to
order Chinese Checkers if I already have a copy of it?

ANSWER: Because you haven't paid for it. If you "bought" Chinese
Checkers from a shareware vendor, you only paid for the
disk, not the actual program. At the opening screen of
Chinese Checkers press the F1 key. A detailed explanation
about the shareware concept will appear for you there.

To reward those who actually register Chinese Checkers we
have included extra "bonus" features which are not in the
shareware version. See the order form for details.

QUESTION: What is the name of the cute Chinese character who acts as
"host" for Chinese Checkers?

ANSWER: Wai Fu Kan. We don't actually know who named him that, but
one day we mysteriously started getting "junk" mail under
that name. After checking with an authority on the Chinese
language, the name stuck.

Thank you for playing Chinese Checkers! We hope you get hours of
enjoyment from our program. If you have any further questions or
problems, please contact us:

ImagiSOFT, Inc. Electronic Mail Addresses:
Computer Games Division
P.O. Box 13208 CompuServe: 70632,1177
Albuquerque, NM 87192 Prodigy: FSWM11A
FAX: (505) 275-9697

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