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X 14000 150 14 -48 6000 0 6000
Atkinsville (easy)
A nice easy theater for
starting out with. The
sun has just risen in the

----------------- Welcome to RDU ^international Airport ----------------

Mission Code Name : Insult to Injury
Direction : North
Distance : 8 miles
Difficulty : 1

Sxyth 353095 -138740 167038 0
Our attack aircraft have put a serious dent in the bug-eye's fuel
supply. In an attempt to protect their storage facilities better, they
have been trying to enclose them in force fields. Our recon teams have
reported that they are having serious problems with the force field
effect detonating the fuel tanks. Get in the air right away and destroy
their generator orb while they are distracted with the force fields.
If you fly low over the fuel dumps, you may get a glimpse of some of
the alien work crews.
There is reported one fuel installation that is in no danger from the
force fields. You may want to take this one out after blowing the orb.

( NOTE: This mission is visible from your airstrip. You may start from
the standard starting point by hitting or you can just take off
from this airstrip and fly there yourself. )

Mission Code Name : Unlucky Ufo
Direction : East North East
Distance : 14 miles
Difficulty : 3

Sxyth 50000 -1690000 167038 -18000
An enemy saucer has just lifted off to the east of us. Get out there
on the double and blow it out of the sky. Heavy KLA activity has been
reported in that area, so keep an eye on your rear view at all times.
As you may recall from your training, KLA's are fooled by pulling up
or down at the last minute, then pounding them with your cannons as
soon as they pass in front of you. Also dropping a bomb when one is
right on your tail will trigger their detonation too early, thus
allowing you to escape damage.
Those saucers can take a beating, so don't economize on missles and
ammo. You can tell by the pitch of the whoosing sound how close they
are to being destroyed. Some of the more advanced saucers will make
bombing runs on your airstrip, and spout KLA's for defense.

Mission Code Name : Baka Bomb
Direction : West
Distance : 14 miles
Difficulty : 3

Sxyth -955298 1630000 149475 18000
To the west of here is an alien complex which is wreaking havoc on our
operations. Unfortunately, the generator orb seems to be a type which
is indestructible with normal ordnance. The only way to destroy this
fiendish devices is by ramming it with your plane.
This is just as well, since there is some really tough resistance on
this mission, and you might well be walking back anyway.
Get the plane on an imminent collision course with the orb, then eject
at the last moment. Becareful to time it correctly, since the plane
can rebound from the explosion, and you may find yourself going down
with the ship!
The intelligence officers assure everybody that the fact that the
destruction of your aircraft will not count against you as a lost

Mission Code Name : Heart of +
Direction : South
Distance : 18 miles
Difficulty : 3

Sxyth -3720577 -347998 282975 29000
An enemy intelligence complex has sprung up to the south of us. Deep
in the center of a fortress lies your target. By taking out this orb
you will deny command an control for a large portion of the enemies
Getting at this target will require some technique. Possible methods
might be to dive bomb from the top, or coming in low and slow up the
chute. Beware of screaming up one of the corridors... if you are
coming up on your target too fast, you may not have enough time to get
the necessary number of hits in. Then you will find it difficult to
pull around the still-intact orb without hitting the walls.

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Archive   : CC3D34.ZIP
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