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Output of file : DUSK.TWR contained in archive : CC3D34.ZIP
X -15000 200 12 -48 6000 1 6000
Dusk (medium)
A relatively tough
theater with missions
requiring precise flying

----------------- Welcome to RDU ^international Airport ----------------

Mission Code Name : Thread of death
Direction : North
Distance : 12 miles
Difficulty : 6

Sxyth 1032986 175418 289252 -4096
To the north the aliens have a spread out fuel storage facility which
appears to have no active defenses. Recon teams have reported no active
KLA sites or AA. The site has a rather strange layout. The fuel tanks
are arranged in twisting line like beads of oil on a string. Our
analysts think the quickest way to blow all the dumps to to fly slowly
along the path, taking out each fuel tank as you fly over it.
The recon team referred to some strange blinking spheres; If these
are what we think they are, get your mission done as quickly as possible,
or else those crazy ground vehicles will be making your life difficult!

Mission Code Name : Field Day
Direction : East
Distance : 12 miles
Difficulty : 4

Sxyth -926505 -2276129 83939 -2800
A distribution point for alien recon ground vehicles has been causing
us too much grief to tolerate. Get out there and take out all the
sites and vehicles you can find.
There is one suspended AA installation which should be a piece of cake.
This should be your first target, since we think it is a top notch gun.
Be careful out there, though. Intelligence has reported a
significant concentration of KLA activity stemming from the epicenter
of the vehicle sites. Our advice is to come in fast blasting away at
those KLA sites to eliminate them before trying to attain the objective.
Don't hesitate to make use of your bombs. If things get too hot,
burn the emergency booster rocket and get home fast for a quick repair.

Mission Code Name : Overnight Express
Direction : South South West
Distance : 8 miles
Difficulty : 3

Sxyth -1639306 143765 176706 30000
One of our top spies has just finished a sabatoge mission at a
strange installation which is suspended at 10,000 feet. Before blowing
up the alien orb, he has found some enemy intelligence which is critical
to our operations in this area.
Your mission is to land at the suspended airstrip, get out of your
plane, and meet with him on the alien platform. He will give you the
package, and signify all is well with the classic 'Thumbs up'. When
you have that signal from him, consider your mission complete. Get back
in your plane, and head home.

Mission Code Name : Field of Flak
Direction : West
Distance : 20 miles
Difficulty : 4

Sxyth 552 2154738 90000 16000
The aliens have a strong active defense around an orb to the west of
here. We've had the ground forces sweep the area clear of AA and KLA
sites many times. Each time, they manage to rebuild in a couple of days.
A brave recon team went in for a dangerously close look and discovered
a couple portals located near the center of the enemy area, suspended
at a height of only about 250 feet. They have been transporting
supplies in through these portals as fast as we can destroy them.
Now the situation is worse. The newest portal has its destination
set up to be directly over our airfield. This portal must be
neutralized immediately. There are two portals. One is red, one is
the color of the sky. We want the sky colored one.
Your weapons cannot destroy a portal, but we need you to fly through
it so that our technical boys can get a fix on the exit point above us.
You may have some trouble getting through the portal. AA and KLA
activity is extremely heavy. The good news is that only three of the
AA are of the lethal variety. Find those dangerous AA, and take them
out before attempting to make the portal.
Recon reports at least two leftover high-grade KLA's patroling, with
many sites for the dumber varieties on the ground.
Remember that to get through the portal, you must keep your nose
pointed ABOVE it. How much above depends on your airspeed. It might
be a good idea to review your documentation.

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Archive   : CC3D34.ZIP
Filename : DUSK.TWR

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