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Caves of Thor Apogee arcade game, in the Kroz style.
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Caves of Thor Apogee arcade game, in the Kroz style.
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Contents of the READALL.TXT file

Copyright (c) 1990 Apogee Software Productions

4206 Mayflower Garland, Texas 75043 214/240-0614

The Games From Apogee Software Productions

NOTE: The following quotes & comments ARE REAL! The quotes
are extracted from thousands and thousands of letters sent
to Scott Miller of Apogee Software. All excerpts can be
verified for authenticity. Some are more incredible than I
could ever make up! Trust me on this. -- Scott Miller

Registration $7.50

This game won a national programming contest as "Best Game in Shareware". It
features 25 levels of rousing action, 16-color graphics and a library of 200+
sound effects. It's a unique combination of arcade, adventure and strategy.
This is Volume I of the original Kroz Trilogy.

There are two more volumes in the original Kroz Trilogy: Caverns of Kroz and
Dungeons of Kroz, each $7.50, or you can get the entire trilogy for just $20.


"Kingdom of Kroz is the best of all." -- PC-SIG Directory Guide

"I've had this game a long time, and I still stay up late to play it."
-- Shareware Magazine
(Program of the Month)

"The most unique and fun-to-play game in shareware!"
-- Micro Star Catalog

"Four Stars!" (Highest rating in their system!)
-- Public Brand Catalog

"From Texas author Scott Miller comes an exciting adventure game, Kingdom of
Kroz. You can use your only weapon, a whip, to dispatch foes and break
through walls. It's a real challenge." -- COMPUTE!'s PC Magazine

"1989 in Review -- Best New Programs...Kingdom of Kroz..." (Kingdom of Kroz
was one of three games listed.) -- PsL News, Dec. 1989

"I'm really enjoying KINGDOM OF KROZ, I hope it doesn't destroy my GPA!"
-- Greg McKinzey, OK

"My computer is held hostage as my wife whips her way to level 25! You
really DID write an entertaining program, my check is enclosed for the
two sequels." -- John Rollinson, CA

"Thank you for creating the Kingdom of Kroz series. They are by far some
of the most interesting and addictive games that I've ever played. The
shareware concept is a great one. It allowed me to try out Kroz, a game
that I probably would not have given a second thought to, because the
graphics look so simple and uncomplicated. What the game lacks in it's
visual appeal, it more than makes up in it's richness and complexity of
play. Kroz is a real 'thinking [person's]' game."
-- Vincent Tavedi, MD

"I would like to compliment and thank you for your game Kingdom of Kroz. It
is truly the most enjoyable computer game I have ever used. Over a year ago
I suffered a heart failure. A good friend of mine made copies of over 50
diskettes and sent them to me to help during my rehabilitation. The Kingdom
of Kroz has been my escape from my problems and depression. When I get on my
feet financially, I intend to order the other Kroz games from you."
-- Jim Garrison, NY
(Note: I sent Jim Garrison all of my other Kroz games at no charge!)

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself! Kingdom of Kroz is a very addicting
substance!! Not only am I addicted, but so are most of my friends. Keep up
the good work." -- Rev. Sandra Herrman, OK

"I would like to tell you that I have enjoyed Kingdom very much and am
totally addicted to it. It is the best shareware game I have played."
-- Carla Brandy, CA

"Please do not make any more games like KINGDOM OF KROZ--I can't stop playing!"
-- Ronald E. Johnson, FL

Registration $7.50

This is volume I of the new and long awaited Super Kroz Trilogy, which picks
up right after the events that occurred in the award-winning Kingdom of Kroz.
The Super Kroz trilogy boasts new features galore. Over forty new playfield
objects (like spells, traps, creatures, treasures, terrains, etc.) have been
added. The three new Kroz games are:

RETURN TO KROZ - Your quest for the "Crown of Kroz".
TEMPLE OF KROZ - A death defying adventure for the "Holy Grail".
THE FINAL CRUSADE OF KROZ - Will you discover the great mystery of Kroz?

NOTE: Order all three volumes for only $20!

They all have 16-color graphics (yes, 16 colors!) and a tremendous sound
effects library. In each game you must navigate through dangerous chambers,
solving puzzles and avoiding pitfalls. Collect gems, whips, chests, nuggets,
tablets, keys and scrolls to aid your progress. These game are as much
strategic as they are pure arcade fun.

All Kroz games are designed to work correctly on ANY computer system, regardless
of microprocessor type or speed. Although they are best played on a color
system, they do have an option to be played on a monochrome system!


The following is a review of the new Kroz games from The Software Labs catalog
of shareware games:

"It's pure dynamite! A unique combination of arcade action, strategy and
adventure unlike any other game you've played. Some levels are puzzle oriented,
which makes a great change of pace from the high action parts of the game.
You'll find new terrains, traps, spells, hazards, creatures, and levels to
challenge your dexterity, and sound effects galore. You'll encounter moving
walls, forbidden forests, active volcanoes, bottomless pits and much more,
plus plenty of options. AND, no two games will be alike! Great fun, great
challenge, great action--GREAT GAME!!!"
-- Software Labs Catalog

"Five Stars!" (Highest rating in their system!)
-- Sizzleware Catalog

"Four Stars!" (Highest rating in their system!)
-- Public Brand Catalog

"Five Stars--As good as the best commercial programs available."
-- Micro Star Catalog

"Here is my check for the use of your fantastic program, thankfully you are
not charging by the hour...or I would be bankrupt!. I am currently
stationed in Korea, and your games have been the highlight of my tour."
-- CW3 Daniel W. Evans, PA
1st Bn 5th Infantry

"My family is fascinated by the Kroz series." (Family picture enclosed!)
-- Isabel Goehringer, Germany

The following is an actual letter from a grandmother of the young age of 64:

"I have lived in Kroz for almost a month and was sorry tonight to finally find
the Amulet.

"It really is strange what an illness your game can be. I have found myself
going over in my head a particularly difficult level right in the middle of a
conversation. To tell you that I have enjoyed the challenge would be very

"I am a Grandmother who has traveled around the world, but found no place
that was more interesting than your world of Kroz.

"Please keep my address and drop me a note when you have a new game. Guess
that about says it all. Best of everything in the future, I hope that you
become the Agatha Christie of computer games."
-- Patricia Baker, RI
"P.S. I have died a million deaths!"

"We REALLY enjoy your Kroz games. We also thank they are a steal at the price
you ask. Keep up the excellent work!!" -- Yvonne May, TX

"I teach Data Processing at the North Lawrence Area Vocation Technical Center
in Bedford, Indiana. I am writing because my students found your game Kroz
fascinating. They are learning to program and would like a listing of Kroz
to dissect and study as a class project."
-- Prof. David Leary

"We have enjoyed your games IMMENSELY! Please keep us up to date on any new
games you design that are as fascinating as these Kroz games have been."
-- Emily Wilson & Family, NY

"It's GREAT!. More challenging and addicting than any other game I've ever
played, commercial games included! I definately like your style and would
be interested in any more Kroz games you have." -- Susan Hanna, NH

"My family and I enjoy the games immensely. I don't want to tell my students
about them--they might never work on their computer science projects again!
-- Dr. R. Michael Wharton
York University, Canada

"You have me hooked. Send me all six Kroz volumes. Thanks for making my
leisure time more enjoyable." -- Pierson Jones, PA

"Unique, exciting arcade-adventure game. Tops!" -- The Software Labs

75 new levels! Registration $20

By far the biggest and the best of the Kroz series. New features include
creature animation, constantly growing forests, gravity wells, ropes, spears,
daily diaries, and many, many more!

If you survive the 75 levels you'll get to read the sacred Tome (book) of
Kroz that explains the untold stories that players have demanded. Also, for
Rogue players, you'll finally get the Amulet of Yendor!!!

NOTE: Order all SEVEN Kroz games for just $50, a $15 savings!


"One of the most captivating shareware games available!"
-- CWI Catalog

"As usual, you've outdone yourself with the new features of Lost Adventures
and I'm looking forward (anxiously but quite impatiently) to the next Kroz
game you create." -- Helen Bestafka, NY

"Your new features completely amaze me. My friend Richard and I have had
many many laughs while playing Kroz. Everytime we think we have a level
figured out, up pops something new. It's just great, so keep up the great
work. Sincerely hope you continue to make these Kroz games."
-- John W. Clifford, IN

"I have just completed your amazing game THE LOST ADVENTURES OF KROZ. The
problem that I now face is that I am not willing to 'go gently into that
good night' of retirement. I am not content hanging up my whip and sitting
in the rocking chair with my memories. After completing all seven Kroz
games, I feel as if I'm going through withdrawal without another Kroz fix
to look forward to taking. Maybe I cound open up a home for old Kroz

"If there are any Kroz creative juices in your mind, please stimulate them
for just one more game. Just one more that's all I want, just one more.
Then I can stop, really I can stop, but I want just one more!"
-- Tonnie A. Hoyle, OH

(This game is still too new to have dozens of quotes, but give it time. -- SM)


$10 per volume, or $25 for all four volumes!

Pharaoh's Tomb is the first adventure of Nevada Smith, an
apprentice archeologist to another famous artifact hunter (do you
need a hint?). Nevada's mentor has been on several successful
expeditions recently, but hasn't once asked Nevada to join him.
Making matter's even more painful is that Nevada has researched the
location of many of his professor's greatest finds!

Enough's enough. Through diligent research Nevada has discovered
the location of a huge underground pyramid, containing untouched
treasures beyond belief. But the ancient scrolls also warn of
unspeakable dangers and traps. This is your chance to prove
yourself, though, so nothing will stop you now. Three hours later
you're asleep on a plane that will eventually lead to your final
destination...the Pharaoh's Tomb.

Pharaoh's Tomb is an arcade/adventure game set in a huge Egyptian
pyramid. You will need to explore and survive 20 uniquely
dangerous levels (screens) riddled with ingenious puzzles and
traps. This game uses a special animation system called FAST
(Fluid Animation Software Technology) which allows for flicker free
movement even on the older IBM PC's. (Watch how the opening
screens slide and wipe across the screen.)

You will start with five lives and a few spears, which can be
thrown at offending denizens that guard the pyramid. Moving walls,
falling spikes, bats, mummys, and magic winds are just some of the
hazards to overcome. On each level you will need to collect one or
more keys to advance to the next level. And hidden on the final
level will be the prize of your journey.

Notable features: No two levels will have the same animated
creature patrolling it, which adds greatly to the variety of the
game. Sound effects are also used, but can be toggled off.
Keyboard control is the only movement supported, since it was
discovered during play testing that joystick movement did not allow
for the precise control sometimes necessary for intricate jumps,
etc. However, the keyboard controls can be configured to two
alternate sets of keys. A five player permanent high score table
keeps tracks of the all-time best explorers. Plus, you can save
the game on any level and restore at any time.

This is the first of four volumes of Pharaoh's Tomb, subtitled
"Raiders of the Lost Tomb" The other three volumes are:
"Pharaoh's Curse", "Temple of Terror", and "Nevada's Revenge!".
The volumes should be played in sequence, since they continue the
story to the final encounter. Each volume is $10, or order all
four for just $25. All orders must include an extra $2 P&H. For
registering you will get the newest versions, a hint sheet, and the
secret cheat key code.

$10 per volume, or only $25 for entire trilogy

On an expedition far within the icy mountains of Norway you discover
a crevice leading deep into the jagged rock. You find yourself
within a vast underground empire--an enormous network of caves,
passages and chambers. Local legends reveal that a famous mythological
deity once ruled these peaks, could you have stumbled across the
mystical ruler's kingdom? You decide to find out...

Caves of Thor is a brilliant 16 color arcade/graphics game with a
4-way scrolling playfield. You'll need to explore seven huge levels
for the three Symbols of Virtue: The Heart Symbol represents courage,
the Female Symbol represents compassion, and the Male Symbol represents
strength. These three virtues are needed to finish Caves of Thor.

As you explore the empire you must overcome the many creatures that
patrol it. Use your gun (unlimited bullets) to shoot creatures and
creature generators. Other hazards include underground flowing streams
(with currents that can drag you away!), bubbling lava pits and lakes,
and the very dangerous Thor Beast, which creates creatures with
devastating speed.

Caves of Thor features the best music yet heard in a shareware game.
Several theme songs are played during your quest, changing to
complement the current situation. The music in The Thor Trilogy even
rates better than most commercial games! You have the option to
switch off the music, leaving just sound effects, or you can toggle
all sounds off.

Caves of Thor will run in any graphics mode (CGA/EGA/VGA), with 16
color screens even on CGA systems. Other notable features include
a save/restore option, easy keyboard controls, a demonstration mode,
permanent high score, and an easy playing cheat mode!

The other two non-shareware volumes in The Thor Trilogy are: Realm
of Thor and Thor's Revenge. Both of these games feature more levels,
more game objects and more features than the introductory volume
Caves of Thor. For example, Realm of Thor introduces the "Max Health
Increaser", "Mystery Objects" and a "Creature Confusion Spell".

You can order each volume of The Thor Trilogy for $10 apiece, or get
all three for only $25. By getting the entire set you'll also receive
the most up-to-date versions, the Hints and Secrets Sheet, the cheat
mode password, and a free bonus game, usually Apogee Software's newest
game release. The final volume, Thor's Revenge, wraps up the entire

(Special note: For those players looking for a game similar to the
Kroz games...this is it.)

Registration $10

Our best adventure game requires an entire 360K disk! Has as many features as
even the best commercial adventure games, and then some. Like a 16-color
screen, ASCII graphics (that even work on non-graphic systems), 1000+ word
dictionary, over 160 game locations, 400+ sound effects, a "hint"
command, and more.

You begin on a remote mining planet with just your battered space ship and the
hope that one day you'll have a job that actually pays! After an amazing
discover you begin a trek that spans four planets, including a huge planetship.
All to save a civilization from utter extinction--from a star ready to explode!

In the Sept-Oct. 1989 issue of Shareware Magazine, Publisher Richard Peterson
rated Supernova among his list of must-have "software gems", which included
in all 35 programs. Supernova was the ONLY game on his list!


"Supernova has sound, color, action and great adventure. Everything I wanted."
-- PC-SIG Directory Guide

"It's addictive!" -- Brian Tuck, Reviewer
Hot Sheet

"We know people who get all Apogee programs--this one is a good example of
why they're addicted!" -- Gemini Marketing

"Better than any adventure by Infocom." -- George Broussard, TX

"My all-time favorite game, please make a sequel!"
-- Nance McQuigg, NY

Registration $8

It's a text adventure game that mixes elements of science fiction, action,

fantasy and rollicking adventure. The story begins with you standing aboard
the Titanic just seconds before the ship sinks! In this story of riveting
survival you'll discover a long forgotten undersea mystery, travel to the
Earth's future, fly a shuttle to a floating city and be chased by a slobbering,
three-armed creature--and that's just the believable part!


" sophisticated as the best commercial adventure games by Infocom."
-- Shareware Magazine
(Program of the Month)

"First class adventure from Apogee Software--riveting!"
-- Gemini Marketing

"If you've played any of Infocom's famous text games you'll notice that
Beyond the Titanic is quite similar to Zork and Planetfall. And to add to
the game's realism, sound effects are used throughout."
-- Dave Cagle, Reviewer SW

"The program allows multiword sentences instead of verb/noun commands. Play
starts on the sinking Titanic, and through a series of strange and imaginative
occurrences you end up...(not going to give it away!)"
-- Personal Computer Magazine

"As a programmer, I'm amazed that this game understands full English sentences.
We've been working--unsuccessfully--on this area for a year now. Can we buy
your code?" -- Dr. Paul Short, AZ

"After you pick the cabinet's lock, how do I heal my broken arms? ...also, I
love this game, send me a list of other games you've made."
-- Edward DiGiovine, OH

"It's equal or better than most expensive adventure games. Great!"
-- PC-SIG Directory

$4 per volume or $30 for all 10 volumes

T.V. Guide magazine called Star Trek "...the most popular TV series of all
time." Now we challenge your knowledge of the award winning show with a
series of 10 Star Trek trivia games. Each volume has 100 multiple choice
questions, and when you answer a question correctly you'll be rewarded with
a "Bonus Fact". Bonus Facts are additional tidbits that even further expand
your Star Trek knowledge.

What type of crystal is used to power the engines of the Enterprise? What
is Mr. Spock's first name? How fast is warp 2? What does the Prime
Directive prevent the crew of the Enterprise from doing?

Did you know that Dr. McCoy's medical instruments were actually modified
salt and pepper shakers. Or that it was Leonard Nemoy who developed the
idea of Mr. Spock's Vulcan nerve pinch (so as to make Spock less violent).
Or that the Enterprise is 947 feet long. Or that Joan Collins, Terri Garr,
and Ricardo Montalban all appeared in a Star Trek episode. Or that the
Enterprise was named by Captain James T. Kirks father!

It's all here in Trek Trivia. You'll also receive a secret code that lets
you answer each question automatically.


"The game moves swiftly and the challenge is great...The 100 true and false
and multiple choice questions are provocative. [The bonus facts will amaze]
even the most devout Trekker!" -- Shareware Magazine

"I'm a Star Trek fan and these trivia games answer my prayers, thank you!"
-- Buddy Frye, PA

"Enclosed is my check, send me the other 9 Trek games...I'm hooked."
-- Amy Maher, CT

"I like the way TREK TRIVIA is played like a game, you've done a fantastic
job with these programs. Keep up the good work." -- Steven Blackburn, TX

$5 per volume or only $15 for all four volumes

A unique and challenging word game. Test your knowledge of the sometimes
crazy English language. The English language has more words than any other,
and we rarely use ten percent of them! Not only that, many words we use
are consistantly used incorrectly.


If you perused at new book, did you...

A. Read it carefully and thoroughly, or

B. Just skim through it

Over 80% of all Americans pick answer B, when in fact the answer is A!

So if you like this kind of challenge, and don't mind the "learning
experience", then you'll love Word Whiz. (It's also a great education game
for high school and pre-high school students, but while they're having fun,
don't let them know it's good for them, too!)


This is a new disk that's been put together to introduce you to Apogee's game
line. All games are fully playable, there's no "demos" or "crippled" versions.

The games are: Shrine of Kroz -- Same as Return to Kroz
Raiders of the Lost Mine -- Avoid the Skull while you dig
for gold nuggets
Word Whiz -- Volume I of the new word challenge series
Rogue Runner -- Kinda' like Pac Man, but a lot different!
Trek Trivia -- Volume I for Star Trek fans
Asteroid Rescue -- Fly through asteroids as you save
astronauts from being crushed
Block Five -- Play computer in ancient strategy game

Even if you have one of two of these games already, it is still worth the
low "trial" price to get the other games. Also, knock five dollars off the
Super Game Pak price if you order $30 or more of any other Apogee games.


The Astronomy Quiz - This was the feature program on an issue of
Big Blue Disk. Test your knowledge of the universe and the
people who discovered its workings.

The Computer Quiz - How much do you really know about your computer
and the way it works? Take this quiz to find out!

The Basic Language Quiz - Rate you level of BASIC understanding in this
fun quiz game.

In the meantime have fun and good luck.


Scott Miller


Source code is available!

All Apogee games are programmed using Turbo Pascal version 3.0 or version 5.0.
The games listed below are available as ASCII source code files for you to
study and learn from. Great for novice programmers trying to learn the
"tricks of the trade"! (I wish I would have had this offer when I started.)

Only the following games are available:

Kingdom of Kroz (Turbo Pascal 3.0) -- $190
Supernova (Turbo Pascal 3.0) -- 125
Word Whiz (Turbo Pascal 5.0) -- 100
Trek Trivia (Turbo Pascal 5.0) -- 90
Return to Kroz (Turbo Pascal 5.0) -- 350
Asteroid Rescue (Turbo Pascal 3.0) -- 45
Lost Adventures of Kroz (TP 5.0) -- 950
Rogue Runner (TP 3.0) -- 45

Note: Word Whiz and Trek Trivia can be EASILY modified to be ANY type of
quiz game, which you can then use to put into shareware yourself!

Secret Code: QWERTY
Reveal this code on your next order of $40 or more and receive a $5 discount!

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