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a VGA+Mouse Only Game


Dave Edson
September 5, 1989

Help programmers like me pump out more games in the future!

If you like this game, please send $15 or more, or less,
or just your comments to:

Dave Edson
P.O. Box 831
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Donations > $100 get source code.

Written in Microsoft QuickC 2.01.

Please distribute this game, but do not modify
it in any way, shape, or form. All of the code is
Copyright (c) 1989 Edson Software.

Hardware Requirements:

1. VGA (256K on board).
2. Mouse and Driver installed.
3. UnSlow Machine (80286's and up).

The object of the game:

1. Catch all falling pieces, except stoppers. Stoppers
will be identified if they are included in the screen.
Unless you pass Wave 10, stoppers only occur in
the "Challenge Waves".

2. To avoid having your eyeballs dry up because you are
afraid to blink while playing the game.

Things you should know:

1. This game was written for a 16mhz 386 machine,
it will automatically compensate for slower machines,
but will not compensate for faster machines. Therefore,
if you have a 20, 25, or 33mhz machine you will
need to set your clock speed to 16mhz or you will
have a lot tougher time getting on the high score

2. The mouse sensitivity is adjustable, when you can
see the paddle on the screen, press the plus or
minus keys to adjust the mouse to your liking.

3. The 's' key toggles sound, the ESC key exits the game.

4. The "Challenge Wave" happens after 4 different shapes
have fallen. You may miss as many peices as you like,
but don't catch stoppers. If you catch a stopper, the
Challenge Wave will end (but you will not be penalized).
The Challenge Wave is for freebie points only.

5. You can have up to three paddles on the screen at a time,
and three more spare paddles. Spare paddles are used
before on-screen paddles are used. The game ends when
all of your paddles are gone. Bonus paddles at 3000
points, 7500 points, 12500 points, etc.

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Archive   : CATCHEM.ZIP
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