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An excellent collection of Las Vegas casino games. Blackjack, Video Poker, and Slots. Requires EGA or better.
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An excellent collection of Las Vegas casino games. Blackjack, Video Poker, and Slots. Requires EGA or better.
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Contents of the CASINO.DOC file


1. How to start the program

Put the disk in your disk drive, and type "A:", "B:", or other
appropriate specifier to make that the default drive. Type "casino"
and then press the Enter key. The program will start and the casino
menu will appear. Choose the game you want to play from the menu.
Start the game by pressing the appropriate function key.

2. How to get out of the program

You can exit any game by pressing the Escape (Esc) key. Pressing the
Escape key while in a game will put you back in the casino menu. At
the casino menu, pressing Escape returns control to DOS.

3. About the program

This program was prepared especially for PC-SIG in the Winter of 1987.
It was written by a professional blackjack dealer turned programmer.
Every attempt has been made to make the casino games as authentic as

4. Sending money to the author

In Las Vegas, it is customary to "toke" the dealer, which means
giving the dealer a token of your appreciation for dealing you good
cards. In other words, spread the wealth around. I think I have
dealt you some pretty good cards here. If you agree, please send an
appropriate toke to your dealer at this address:

* *
* Ted Gruber *
* Ted Gruber Software *
* P.O. Box 13408 *
* Las Vegas, NV 89112 *
* *

Any amount over $10.00 will put you on our mailing list for future

5. What is The Las Vegas EGA Casino?

The Las Vegas EGA Casino is a collection of three favorite Las Vegas
casino games. Las Vegas Casino Blackjack is a simulation of the
table game, as played on the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas Video Poker
is a recreation of the popular video poker machines played in
casinos, bars, grocery stores, bowling alleys, convenience stores,
airports, and other notorious Nevada hangouts. Las Vegas Dollar
Slots (MicroBucks) is a colorful visual fantasy.

6. How The Las Vegas EGA Casino was written

The Las Vegas EGA Casino was written in FORTRAN. All of the graphics,
other video output, and music are performed using FASTGRAPH, a highly
optimized proprietary collection of assembly language routines that
may be called from several popular FORTRAN and C compilers. FASTGRAPH
supports EGA, CGA, Hercules and 16-color Tandy graphics.

It is possible that we may wish to market FASTGRAPH in the near
future as the ultimate programmer's graphics library. If you would
like more information about FASTGRAPH, please contact the author at
the above address.

7. System requirements for the Las Vegas EGA Casino

The Las Vegas EGA Casino runs on IBM PC/XT/AT and compatible systems
which have a 256K enhanced graphics adapter (EGA) and an enhanced
color display (ECD). It will also run on the new IBM Personal
System/2 computers that are equipped with the video graphics array
(VGA) and an EGA/VGA-compatible monitor.

The program was developed and tested using DOS 3.2, but it should run
on any DOS version 2.1 or above. It requires at least 256K of memory.

8. What is special about The Las Vegas EGA Casino?

The Las Vegas EGA Casino was written to take advantage of the fast
and powerful graphics capabilities of the EGA, such as page swapping,
direct memory mapping, and a 64-color palette. It is the resolution
and power of the EGA that make The Las Vegas EGA Casino so beautiful
and fast.

9. How to play Las Vegas Casino Blackjack

At the casino menu level, press F1 to choose Las Vegas Casino
Blackjack. If you need help, or if this is the first time you have
played Las Vegas Casino Blackjack, press the F1 key again. You can
get help at any time by pressing the F1 key. Pressing the F1 key
will bring up the help menu. From this menu, you may choose several
options. For example, you may choose to change the size of your
bankroll or minimum bet, you may force a shuffle, you may change the
number of decks, or you may view the current status of the deck (how
many cards are left and the running count). You do not need to
change any of these things to play the game. Las Vegas Casino
Blackjack begins with a 52 card deck, a $20.00 bankroll and a $2.00
minimum bet. All you have to do to bet is press the up arrow key.
Pressing the up arrow once will bet $2.00, pressing it again will
increase the bet to $4.00, and so on. You may also decrease the bet
by pressing the down arrow key. When you are satisfied with the size
of the bet, press the Enter key to deal the cards.

Las Vegas Casino Blackjack will deal cards from 1, 2, 4, or 6 decks.
A new hand will be dealt without shuffling if there are 6 or more
cards left in the deck. If all the cards in the deck are used up in
the middle of a hand, the cards that are not showing on the table
will be reshuffled and the hand will continue without interruption.
You may force a shuffle by choosing the "change number of decks"
option from the help menu (press F1 then F4). You may not force a
shuffle in the middle of a hand.

You may bet from $1.00 to $500.00. You may specify a bankroll of up
to $10,000. There is no limit on how much you can win.

Las Vegas Casino Blackjack deals two cards to the player and two
cards to the dealer, one of them face down. You must decide whether
to hit, split, double-down, stay, or surrender before you see the
dealer's hole card. Press the space bar to hit and Enter to stay.
Press "D" to double-down and "S" to split. If you want to surrender,
press "Control-S". If the dealer has an ace showing, you will be
asked if you want to take insurance. Respond with a "Y" if you want
to take insurance, or an "N" if you don't.

You may hit any hand including a blackjack, and you may double down
on any hand including a blackjack. If you have a pair of cards which
have the same value, you may split them. You may resplit pairs up to
four times. Aces that are split receive only one card each and may
not be resplit. You may double-down after you split. You may
surrender your first two cards if the dealer does not have a
blackjack (late surrender).

The dealer will hit until at least a soft 17 is showing. If the
player busts, the dealer will display the hole card, but will not
take any hits.

Las Vegas Casino Blackjack displays information about your bankroll,
your bet, and your winnings in the upper right corner of the screen.
It also displays a little blue rectangle which represents the number
of cards remaining in the deck. When the entire rectangle is dark
blue, the cards have just been shuffled. When the top 1/4 of the
rectangle is light blue, then about 25% of the cards have been dealt
out, and so on. If you want to know the exact number of cards left
in the deck, you need to press F1 and then F5. To return to the game,
press F1 again.

For card-counters, and those who would be card-counters, you may
check the status of the deck at any time. Las Vegas Casino Blackjack
keeps track of two popular card counts, Stanford Wong's High-Low
count and Arnold Snyder's Zen count. The idea is for the player to
practice counting cards in his head and then use Las Vegas Casino
Blackjack to check his accuracy. To get the running count at any
time, press F1 and then F5. To return to the game, press F1 again.

For more information about the rules of Blackjack and card-counting
strategies, see the Blackjack references.

10. Blackjack references

"Professional Blackjack" by Stanford Wong (Pi Yee Press, Morrow &
Co., 1975, 1977, 1980, 1981)

"Blackbelt in Blackjack" by Arnold Snyder (RGE, 1980, 1981, 1982)

To order these and other fine books on gaming, contact:

The Gamblers Book Club
630 South 11th Street
P.O. Box 4115
Las Vegas, Nevada 89127
(800) 634-6243

11. How to play Las Vegas Video Poker

At the casino menu level, press F3 to choose Las Vegas Video Poker.
Use the insert key or the up arrow key to insert coins. Press Enter
to deal five cards. If you insert five coins, you don't need to hit
Enter. The cards are dealt automatically after the fifth coin. Use
the first five function keys to hold the cards you want to keep. If
you change your mind about keeping a card, you can press the function
key again to "unhold" the card. After you decide which cards to
keep, press Enter. The cards you didn't hold will be discarded, and
they will be replaced by new cards. The game will calculate your
winnings. This game is simple and fun to play. It is the favorite
of Las Vegas locals and millions of tourists. Las Vegas locals and
millions of tourists can't be wrong.

12. How to play Las Vegas Dollar Slots (MicroBucks)

At the casino menu level, press F3 to choose Las Vegas Dollar Slots
(MicroBucks). When the slot machine appears, press a key. Any key
except the Escape key will make the reels turn. The Escape key will
return you to the casino menu. The NumLock key will toggle the music
off and on. Have fun!

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