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Tradewars-like graphics game.
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Tradewars-like graphics game.
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Contents of the CARGO.DOC file

Version 2.0, (c) 1987

Brought to you by:
Axel Thoughtware and SNC Software

All commands must be know well... without one, you may die early
Completely revised edition... faster, meaner, more intense.

The screen displays have been totally re-formatted to be more easily readable
as well as ascetically pleasing. This version contains many NEW features
like gambling, robo-repais, mining asteroids, and menus... ENJOY!

Commands while in port:

"A" - Accessoried menu. Add things such as turrets, cargo holds, fuel,
etc. to your ship. Shield units may be bought or if a negative number
is entered it is considered selling. But remember... you may be attacked
en route to another planet.. shield units are critical.

"C" - NEW. Gamble while you are on a planet to win (or lose) credits. You set
the stakes, the computer adjusts the odds to fit!

"J" - Jettison cargo. This is needed if you are cought holding illegal
substances of if you are attacked by military vessels. Remember,
illegal substances are only available on Hostile planets... they have
a higher re-sale value on neutral and friendly planets. This is one
way to earn prestige. There are others that you will discover.

"P" - Plot a course to another Galaxy or another planet in the system you
are presently in. If you are docked when you choose this command, it will
automatically launch you into orbit where it is safe to warp. Depending
on your choice you will be placed in one of to sub-screen labeled
Local and Galaxy (self-explainatory). Make sure num-lock is on. Use
the 4,6,8,2, and 5 keys on the key-pad to move the "+" from where you
are to where you want to go. If the "+" won't move past a certain point
that means you don't have enough fuel to go that far. That is why you
are limited to a couple of Galaxies before you become richer... the
other Galaxies are far more interesting (an incentive). Fuel is
basically very expensive. Press the '5' key to indicate that the '+' is
where you want to warp to. Only if you warp to a square (colonies)
will you be able to land (otherwise you stay in space).

"R" - NEW. Robo-repair on ships systems. This can only be done while not on
a planet. It slowly repairs shield (this is a feature of patience). Also
it will boost fuel by collecting sparse amounts of hydrogen.

"G" - if you have bought any turrets to mount on your ship for protection
then you will be asked to select which turret to use (if you have
more than one). Asteriods have been added which can be mined for their
contents of precious metals. You must have a mining laser for this.

"T" - Trade. Buy or Sell your goods... try to make a profit. Remember, the
price and quantity of goods depends on the type of planet, the population
of the planet, and the alignment of the planet to the Federation.

"Z" - If the game is hopeless and you wish to start over without creating
a new character then user this option. It is the equivalent of cre-
ating a new character except you retain your name.

"Q" - quit game (there is an optional save fixed!).

"?" - NEW. This displays a menu of commands in the new display windows.

Screen Displays (mostly NEW):

"1" - shows the contents of your cargo hold in the left window.
"2" - shows the products (price,amt) of the planet you are on, if you are
on one, in the right window.
"3" - show the ship accessory products available on the planet you are on
in the right window... that is if you are on one.
"4" - Shows a map of local planets in the left window.
"5" - Displays a galactic map in the right window.
"6" - shows the status of your turrets. Which turrets you own (1-4) and
which type... and which on is active (marked by and "*")
"7" - Gives a brief description of the planet you are on, again, if you are
indeed on one... otherwise this is a null function.

Battle Commands and Asteroid Mining:

The 2,4,6,8 keys on the keypad move the crosshairs to the target. 'F' fires
if you own a turret and have it activated. To activate a turret during battle
simply hit 'A'. Mining asteroids has been implemented. To do this you must own
a mining laser. To mine the precious metals from an asteroid (the smallest dot
in a battle sector, if there are any) move the cross hairs to the asteroid,
activate the mining laser and hit 'M'. Unless the asteroid is dirt, the com-
puter will prompt you with what your droids brought back. Mining is best in
unexplored areas of the galaxies! ***Hit 'L' to try and escape is you are being
attacked or if you want to quit mining.***

Future Enhancements:

There will, of course, be mouse support and VGA color 640x350 color. IF this
runs slowly on your machine it is because this was written on a Model 60 PS/2
running 12 MHz with math co-proc. This version should be much faster.


- from Books of the Settlement

Hint: to those who may get to far off galaxies. There are evil forces
lurking within the walls of the Ko-Dan. Once destroyed, may you be know
throughout the United Galaxies - "Rejoice".

We will leave the rest of the adventure for you to figure out for yourself!
Remember: there will be more versions of CARGO RUNNER that support VGA,
mouse, etc... If you wish to support this product, please send
a monotary "THANKS DUDE" of $5 or more... also please alert us to any
errors in the program or enhancements you would like to see in later
versions. Send comments etc. to :

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