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Jack Nicklaus golf course.
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Jack Nicklaus golf course.
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Contents of the CANYONRM.TXT file


Course Name: Canyon's Rim G.C.
Location: Somewhere in the southwestern U.S.
Length/Par: 3751-3754*-7505* / 36-36-72
Designer: Fictional course
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult
Source: A dream which resulted from ingesting pizza
containing lots of pepperoni.
Thanks to: Scott Chesney for his friendship, encouragement,
and most of all for his kind permission to
modify and use the background he drew for the
Desert Highlands course. Plagarism, not
imitation, is the sincerest form of flattery.
JNUG Design: Jay Johnson (aka "Jaybird")
* See yardge card below for explanation - hole no. 14

Canyon's Rim was designed with scenic beauty being fore-
most in mind. The fact that the course has some difficult
holes was a natural result following from the terrain I
genned up on the land plot and from the concept of a golf
course located on the rim of a canyon and the canyon floor.
The way that the ball reacts to the Cart Path type of
terrain makes that terrain a natural for simulating canyon
walls (which are mostly rock). I had wanted to do a JNUG
course that was in, around, and about a canyon for some
time and this is the result.
The objects chosen are typical of the flora found in the
southwest U.S. and many were drawn with this area in mind.
Since I had also wanted a tournament-level course that was
both playable and challenging, the layout of the front nine
being up on the canyon's rim and the back nine being on the
floor of the canyon lent itself very well to the varied
terrain such a course would require. For those of you
who are bothered by the diffence in terrain found on the
back nine, let me assure you that water in any quantity in
a desert will make a difference that has to be seen to be
believed (or so I tell myself).
This course can be made to yield low scores by staying
out of trouble - very few to no holes at all require the
player to overswing off the tee (guarantee does not apply
during high winds).
I puposely violated the course design concept that says that
one should not have a par 3 as a finishing hole for either
the front or the back nine. Some rules are made to be bent
if not broken. As I look back on the course, I see that a
personal bias of mine crept in - most of the long holes are
of the dogleg right variety. This is probably due to the
fact that I have (on actul golf courses) a slice that is
wonderous to behold.
At this point in a lot of these text files, many other
designers will tell you something about the holes up to and
including how to play it. Forget that. The one thing that
I've learned is that each player develops his own plan for
playing a hole. Anyway, that would entail a great deal more
typing than I am willing to do right now. Go out and find
out for yourself how to play any one hole - that's what the
"Practice a Hole" option is for. Do have fun and do keep 'em
in the fairway - you'll be happier and have a lower score if
you do.
1 5 597 10 4 437
2 4 402 11 5 573
3 3 173 12 3 226
4 4 445 13 4 466
5 4 429 14 4 413* (or 460 if the left-
6 4 442 15 4 429 hand greeen is the
7 4 445 16 5 562 one in play)
8 5 581 17 4 416
9 3 237 18 3 232
___ ____ ___ ____
36 3751 36 3754

I truly welcome suggestions as to courses that you want
to see done and this applies to types of trees that will
be appearing in future TREESn files.
I can be reached via the BBS at Accolade under the
handle Jaybird, on Compuserv [74020,1734] (temporary), or
at home:
Jay Johnson
449 Blumont St.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(714) 494-2477

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