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CANASTA Version 1.0, Copyright(C) 1994
Larry W. Nicholas, All Rights Reserved

2619 Quail Valley Road
Solvang, CA 93463-9629
Tel: 805-688-7255


CANASTA requires the following equipment:

. IBM PC, XT, AT, or 100% compatible
. DOS 3.0+ or later
. Microsoft Compatible Mouse
. VGA/EGA and color monitor
. 720K Floppy or Hard Drive


For hard drive users, create a directory named Canasta as follows:


All files must be located in this directory. The directory should be
included in the PATH Statement of your AUTOEXEC.BAT File which allows
you to run CANASTA from any directory. Refer to your DOS manual for
details on the PATH Statement. Floppy drive users can execute the
program from the CANASTA Diskette.


The file CANASTA.DOC has been preformatted for your printer. Simply
turn your printer on and issue the command:


It is extremely important for you to read the manual CANASTA.DOC before
starting the Game. Chapter 1 discusses the Game Operation while
Chapter 2 presents the Rules of Canasta. If you have never played
Canasta before, or have only a passing knowledge of the game, you will
need to read Chapter 2 before proceeding to Chapter 1: Game Operation.

While Canasta can be intimidating to the first-time player, reading the
rules in their entirety, will greatly ease your understanding of the game.
Even if you are familiar with partnership Canasta, you should at least
browse the Rules Chapter, observing the paragraph on Exceptions.

Once you have read Chapter 2 and have become acquainted with the basic
definitions, melds, and the "play" then proceed to the Chapter 1:
Game Operation.

Files required to operate CANASTA:

CANASTA.EXE - Canasta executable file
CANASTA.001 - Menu graphic support file
CANASTA.002 - Menu graphic support file
CANASTA.003 - Menu graphic support file
CANASTA.004 - Menu graphic support file
CANASTA.005 - Menu graphic support file
CANASTA.006 - Menu graphic support file
CANASTA.007 - Menu graphic support file
CANASTA.DOC - Canasta Operating Manual

Marketing and Information files

FILE_ID.DIZ - Canasta Advertisement for BBS
ORDER.FRM - Canasta Order Form
README.1ST - This file
REVIEWER.DOC - Information for Reviewers
SYSOP.DOC - Information for BBS SYSOPS
VENDOR.DOC - Information for Disk Vendors

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Archive   : CANAST_1.ZIP
Filename : README.1ST

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