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CAMPAIGN 4.1. Strategy game for 2 players. VGA/mouse required. Formerly called ARMY. From Milestone Software. Fun & challenging for all ages.
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CAMPAIGN 4.1. Strategy game for 2 players. VGA/mouse required. Formerly called ARMY. From Milestone Software. Fun & challenging for all ages.
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Contents of the CAMP41S.DOC file

Version 4.1
May, 1992

Dwain Goforth
Milestone Software
1260 Sunset Avenue
Arcata, California
USA 95521
(707) 822-1291


Welcome to CAMPAIGN, a strategy game for two players.

CAMPAIGN requires an IBM-compatible microcomputer with a high-
resolution VGA color graphics board and monitor. A Microsoft
compatible mouse is also required.

CAMPAIGN was formerly known as ARMY. It is now thoroughly rewritten
and updated with many new features.

The following files are required to run CAMPAIGN and must be
together on the default directory:
CAMPAIGN .EXE - the program
CAMP2 .VGX - the board
CPPIECES .VGX - misc. graphics
CAMPAIGN .BRD - default board file
LASTGAME .BRD - alternate board file


Upon startup CAMPAIGN will display the opening screen and then
present you with the Main Menu. At the menu you may 1) choose a
board and play the game, 2) create a new board setup configuration,
3) delete a board file, or quit back to DOS. The menu screen also
displays the available boards to choose from (if there aren't any,
you started CAMPAIGN from the wrong directory! Choose uit and
change your default directory to the one with CAMPAIGN.EXE and the
*.BRD files.)

To play the game, hit the "1" key and then user the cursor arrow
keys to select a board startup configuration file. Hit to
start the game or to return to the Main Menu.

After selecting a board file you will be presented with the
"OPTIONS MENU" where you may modify the features of the board
before play and/or save any new configuration to file.


At the options menu, you have a number of features and toggles you
can set for game play. Most are self-explanatory but here are a
few miscellaneous notes:

"Toggle Random Rafts" will either start the game with exactly where
the rafts were located when the board was saved (if DISABLED) or
place them randomly (if ENABLED.)

"Save Options to Disk" will write the current options configuration
to the board file. You may want to do this after saving a game
during play and wishing to use the file as a regular starting
configuration (see "Saved-Game" status, below.)

Please note that if you enable "grave markers", the markers do not
change the game play in any way (you can fight or move across one
or even stand on one if you're a big enough cad.) Grave markers
are not saved between games.

"Enable Wall/Bridge Effects" will allow cannons to blow up bridges
and walls by "fighting" with a 6-die. Captains can build bridges and
repair walls, also only with a 6-die.

If you enable "reinforcements" you may occasionally receive
reinforcements at the edge of the board closest to your Captain.

- - - - - - -

CAMPAIGN has two opposing armies, the West (blue) Army and the
East (red/grey) Army. When the dice are presented on the left side
of the screen it is West's (blue) turn, when the dice are on the
right side of the screen it is East's (red) turn.

Each player begins with playing pieces consisting of infantry,
calvary and cannons commanded by one Captain on a board of over
900 locations containing forests, roads, plains, rivers, walls, and
a large lake with an island and two rafts which can be used for
crossing. A few mines may be placed randomly on the field
(presumably by a third party since neither player can see them.)
If you are lucky, you may receive reinforcements during the game.

The object of the game is to defeat the opposing Captain in battle
while protecting your Captain from attack. If you lose your last
Captain, you lose the game.

Each kind of playing piece has its own movement power, fighting
power and fighting range. For example, cannons are powerful but
slow, can shoot over blocking pieces, break walls and blow up
bridges, but can't go in the water (though they can ride the rafts.)

Each turn consists in the play of four dice. For each die, a piece
can either move or fight. Movement value is determined by the die
value, the movement power of the piece, and the terrain that will
be crossed. Fight outcome is determined by the die value and the
fighting power of the attacker versus the defender's die value and
fight power.

It's pretty much that simple, either MOVE or FIGHT for four pieces
per turn, so the novice can play instantly. You will find out
right away, however, that defeating an intelligent opponent is no
easy matter!

The following is a list of the of the pieces, and kinds of terrain:

----- GAME PIECES -----

CAPTAIN - Your captain must protected at all costs. It is
handicapped by a move limit of 1 or 2 (he has to pitch his tent and
polish his boots at each stop.) It has a fighting power of 2.16667
times the die making it the strongest piece. The captain can fight
with impunity against any other piece except the other captain;
that is all fights INITIATED by a captain end in victory for the
captain or a draw. The captain's attack range is 2 spaces but
unlike all the other pieces can only be attacked from an adjoining
space. Because of this, your captain is completely protected if
it is surrounded by your men, water or walls (but see Cannon and
walls). Captains cannot cross water either to move or fight (they
don't want to get their boots muddy) but they can use the bridges
or ride the rafts.

Captains can repair bridges (destroyed by cannons) by "fighting" the
blown up bridge section with a SIX die. Captains can also place new
wall sections by "fighting" a piece of ground (not water) with a SIX
die. Note that blown up bridges and new walls are NOT saved if you
exit a game.

CANNONS - The cannons are second in fighting power (1.83333
times the die) and can attack from within 3 spaces except against
a Captain for which they have to be on an adjoining square.
Cannons have the unique ability to destroy walls by using a six
die to fight against a wall (only a six will work). After the wall
is destroyed the pieces are free to move or fight through it.
Cannons can also blow up bridges by "fighting" a bridge with a six

While powerful, cannons are slow, having a move ability of only .75
of the die value. They cannot cross water (they would rust) but can
use the bridges and rafts. They can, however, fight across water
(cannonballs fly through the air, right?)

CALVARY - The horsemen have a move ability of 1.25 times the
die value so they are the fastest pieces. They can cross water (if
the far shore is within range) but the water will slow them down
to just reaching the far shore no matter if the die value is
greater. Their fighting power is 1.1667 times the die and they can
attack within three spaces. Fighting across water will reduce
their fight power by one. If they are defeated in battle by a net
score of less than one, a Calvary will turn into an Infantry (i.e.,
only the horse got killed.)

INFANTRY - The foot soldiers take the brunt of the fighting and
are often called on for suicide missions (just like real life.)
They have a fight power of one and a move ability of one times the
die. They only have an attack range of one so they cannot fight
across water but can move across water with the same restrictions
as calvary.


Captain .5 * die 2.1667 * die 2 14
Cannon .75 * die 1.8333 * die 3 11
Calvary 1.25 * die 1.1667 * die 3 7
Infantry 1.0 * die 1.0 * die 1 6

----- TERRAIN -----

PLAINS and ROADS - These two areas allow moves at the regular
one times the move value. Roads are simply fast paths through the
forest; where there is no forest, there is no difference between
roads and plains. Do be aware of the subtle turns in the roads as
you may not find out you landed in forest until it is too late.
Bridges are the same as roads but be aware they were designed to
slow down galloping horses (remember crossing water limits the move
to just the far shore.) (The hummocky areas next to the rivers are
in fact plains, and the hummocks are used to show they are
different from adjoining forest.)

FOREST - Rate of movement in the forest areas is 1/2 times
normal, but only when you STARTED on forest. That means crossing
forest from a start on road or plains still gives the move ability
of road/plains.

WATER - The rivers and lake on the board are barriers to
captains and Cannon (except for bridges and rafts). No piece
can land on water but calvary and infantry may be able to cross it.
Water slows down travel and weakens the fighting power of calvary.

WALLS - Walls are barriers to all pieces, but can be broken
down by Cannon fighting them with a six die. No piece can fight
across a wall, including Cannon, no matter the normal range.

RAFTS - The two rafts provide quick transport across the
lake or down the rivers. All you have to do is move to them and you
will be on your merry way. Note that the raft will stay on the
other side until you get off and you or your opponent again moves
back on to them. Moving from a raft is 1/2 times normal (same as
forest.) Note that if you start down the river below the lake you
will "go over the falls." You will lose your piece (if your last
Captain you will lose the game!) The raft will start again at the
top of one of the rivers.

MINES - If you have enabled the random mines from the Main
Menu there will be between 8 and 15 randomly placed mines on the
board. If a mine is within your movement range you will hear a
small beep and see a warning message. If you land on one or cross
over one say goodbye to that piece (including your Captain!) It
is possible to deduce where the mines are and try to lure an enemy
over one. Mine may also show up on the water.

------- GENERAL RULES ---------

When you fight, the computer will role the opponents defense die,
announce the winner and display the score. A little practice with
the scoring will give you a feel for fighting ability.

No piece can move past an enemy piece if the path (determined by
the computer, of course) would land on the location of the enemy
piece. You will see a "blocked by enemy" message.

Also, captains and calvary cannot fight a piece if the path to that
piece is blocked by an enemy piece. This is not true for Cannon
because cannonballs fly through the air, remember? Infantry can
fight only one square away, anyway.

You are given the option to back out of a move or fight by hitting
the "Q" key for quit. You may also put a die back and choose
another by choosing "BACKUP" when a die is waiting for a move or
fight choice.

Occasionally, a Calvary or Cannon piece will be defeated, but
instead of being completely destroyed, it is changed into an
Infantry piece. This is because the difference in the attacker's
and defender's score is less than 1.6666. In other words, you have
only knocked the man off his horse or disabled the cannon, not the

You may also be priviledged occasionally to roll four-of-a-kind,
in which case you will receive a FREE TURN!

You will find that the only pieces that can jump to the island are
Calvary, and that they require a six die to make it. You may be able
to get any piece to the island by using a raft.

SAVING THE GAME - If the players wish to end the game before a
captain is defeated they may quit via the key when CAMPAIGN
is waiting for input. You will be asked to confirm your choice and
then be allowed to save the game in its present configuration (all
dice, pieces, rafts, but NOT destroyed or new walls and NOT blown up
bridges.) The default filename for the saved game is LASTGAME.BRD.
(You may skip saving the game by hitting the key which will
take you back to the Main Menu.) Please note that resuming the game
later will start with the same player who's turn it was when the
game was saved. In this case will be saved in the "SAVED-GAME"
status, which means when you again load the game you will be
presented with the option of either returning to the EXACT place in
the game (even in the middle of a turn), or to "turn off" the
saved-game status and use the regular Options Menu.


Choosing Create Board from the Main Menu will display the playing
board and place the Captains in a default position. The other
pieces are arranged on the side of the board, ready for you to
place them. To add a piece to the board, move the cursor to it,
click the left mouse button (or hit if playing with
keyboard.) Then move the cursor to the desired location and hit
the right button (or ) to place it. You may repeat this
until the board is to your liking.

You can add walls to the board by do the same process with the wall
piece which is off the board to the right.

You may remove a piece from the board by clicking it with the RIGHT
mouse button.

You can also move the rafts to new locations by first choosing them
with the left button and then dropping them with the right button.

When satisfied, hit and enter a filename for the board.

The .BRD extension will be added automatically so do not add an
extension (or use the period or illegal filename characters
(\,/:*?) in the name.)

You may then modify the remaining options for the board at the
Options Menu when you load the board.

You can also abort the process by hitting at the filename


Remember that if you save a board during play, using the board
again will always start with the player who's turn it was when the
game was saved in the "Saved-Game" status which you can use to
restart the game at the exact position and dice as when you left
it. If you want to permanently change a "saved-game" board to a
regular starting board just disable the saved-game status and re-
save the board at the Options Menu.


Well that's about it. Don't forget that the key is the quit
key during regular game play. And don't forget that you must be
right next to a captain to fight it.



CAMPAIGN is Copyright, 1989-1992 by Dwain Goforth. All Rights

This version is "SampleWare" and may be distributed by electronic
(BBS) or physical (mail order) means as long as ALL original files
are left unmodified. It may NOT be sold to third parties, other than
for the cost of duplicating the disk ($5 or less.)

The full version (unlimited number of game board files) may be
ordered by sending $20 (foreign order, $25 in U.S. funds) to:

Dwain Goforth
Milestone Software
1260 Sunset Avenue
Arcata, California
USA 95521
(707) 822-1291


This game was written by a pacifist. Any references to real armies,
fighting, killing or politics is purely coincidental to the goal of
producing a fun game.

CAMPAIGN was designed to be played by two human beings. It is easy
enough for kids and challenging enough for adults. Remember to
respect your opponent. And have fun.

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