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Cessna 310 aircraft for Flight Simulator 4.

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FS4/AAF airplane: Cessna 310. "From Out Of
The Clear Blue Of The Western Sky Comes...".
Some of you know know the rest. My
rendition of a Cessna 310 twin. AFX file
included for owners of AAF, but AAF not
required to fly.

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Cessna 310 aircraft for Flight Simulator 4.
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"AAF version of Sky King's Cessna 310, the Songbird"
(1st Edition) by Russell Mueller 1992
An add-on aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 4.0b.
Created with Mallard's Aircraft & Adventure Factory
(AAF not required to fly)

Model 310
Cessna Aircraft Company
Wichita, Kansas
AAF Design by Russell Mueller

C310.DOCThis file
C310____.Copy this file to your \FS4 subdirectory
C310____.SIMCopy this file to your \FS4 subdirectory
C310.AFXPacked files for AAF users
REFC310.SIMReference SIM file for flight model
C310MEIG.MODMode file with 310 on runway at Meigs.

The Cessna 310 is probably most remembered as being
the plane used in the popular '50's (?) TV series, Sky King.
The plane was nicknamed "Songbird", and the name was painted
on the nose of the plane. Some will also remember that
Sky King had a Beech 18 in very early episodes. Most of
those who remember the show probably remember few details,
myself included, except for Sky King's niece, Penny.
Ah, but I digress.
The reference I used for this model was excerpted from
a 1966 model 310K Owner's Manual, so details may vary from the
vintage of the plane used in the TV program. For the 1966
model, some performance specs are as follows:

Maximum Take-off Weight5200 LBS.
Maximum Landing Weight5200 LBS.
Maximum Structural Cruising Speed210 MPH
(Level flight or climb)
Maximum Speed
Flaps Extended 15 degrees180 MPH
Flaps Extended 15-35 degrees140 MPH
Gear Extended140 MPH
Never Exceed Speed257 MPH
Normal Speed Range85 - 210 MPH
Engine Maximum Power260 BHP at 2625 RPM
Fuel Flow0 to 23 GPH
Twin Engine Climb at 5200 LBS
(Maximum Performance)
Sea Level (59 F)125 MPH (IAS), 1542 FT/MIN
10,000 FT (23 F)122 MPH (IAS), 818 FT/MIN
Single Engine Climb at 5200 LBS
Sea Level (59 F)119 MPH (IAS), 330 FT/MIN
10,000 FT (23 F)113 MPH (IAS), -80 FT/MIN

Start the engine using the FS4 command 'M5', and then
increase the throttle to maximum. At about 95 knots,
pull back on the stick. You can use partial flaps for an
earlier liftoff. The plane will lift off by itself with
partial or full flaps.
The 310 is a moderately easy flying plane. Take-off
run may seem a little long, but is fairly accurate
compared to the over-performing planes we usually fly in
FS4. The AAF model SIM is based on the Experimental Prop
Plane in FS4/ASD. I did take poetic license and increase
the power to 600 HP to achieve the desired performance.
The stall is variable dependent on attitude and power
setting. I have experienced everything from a mush to a
snap roll over the top. This plane will bite if mishandled.
Watch for that snap roll: it is beautiful.

No special requirements here. You can easily make a
powered landing at partial or zero throttle setting. If
using flaps, then you will need to carry some power all
the way through to the landing flare.
I like to fly with a ThrustMaster FCS or FCS Pro
joystick, and set the sensitivity to maximum
(4-E-B-8-ESC-ESC) for most planes. It is a good technique
to learn to handle planes gently without over-controlling.
It is *NOT* a good means to get more control authority
for any particular plane in FS4.

Max Cruise:
My methodology for checking top speed is to use the
autopilot, set an altitude, usually 10,000 feet, and then
let the plane settle in level flight. The model Cessna 310
attained 175 knots using 600 hp in the SIM model. This compares
to a top speed of 210 MPH (181 knots) listed in the Owner's
Manual, so I feel I got pretty close on this one.

The dimensions of the plane were taken from 3-view
drawings and information in the 1966 Cessna Model 310K
Owner's Manual, provided to me by Doug Peterson.

Like others, I experienced some difficulty in the
bleed-through of parts, and disappearance of certain parts at
some angles. I think this is a minor distraction compared to
the fun of flying these unique planes in FS4.
I took the liberty of adding a crown to the side of the
plane to add a little nostalgia in reminiscing about Sky King.
Because I reached the max parts limit in AAF, I was not able to
add further detail such as paint stripes, props, and no prop
circles. And I was not able to make the front windscreen two
panels as would have been proper. I think it is a beautiful
bird anyway.
This model is not multi-player compatible (MP=151%),
as the AAF part count is max'ed out at 182.

"AAF version of Sky King's Cessna 310, the Songbird"
Copyright 1992
by Russell Mueller
Compuserve ID [76662,1623]

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