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Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.

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Flt Sim 4.0 C-47 aircraft from AAF
Both float and land versions. Parts for AAF use are included.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 4 airplane file.
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C47FLOAT.SIM 363 331 deflated
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REF-DC-3.SIM 363 318 deflated
REFC47FL.SIM 363 334 deflated

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Contents of the C-47.DOC file

Douglas C-47 Skytrain & C-47C Floatplane

The Douglas DC-3 was used extensively as a Military transport in WW2
and for a considerable time after. The U.S. Navy called it the R4D and
in the USAAF it was either the C-47 Skytrain or C-53 Skytrooper, depending
on whether it was configured for cargo or personnel (including paratroops).
During WW2 it was also used as a glider tug. The armed forces of many
other countries also used this aircraft. In the British Commonwealth it
was know as the "Dakota". It even saw specialized combat in Vietnam,
where it was nicknamed "Puff the Magic Dragon".

Many thousands of these transports were built during WW2, but only one of
them was able to land on the water. The floatplane version was intended
for supplying small Pacific islands that had no runways. It was actually
an amphibian, with two retractable wheels in each float. The performance
of the aircraft was considered satisfactory - it was about 30 mph slower
than the standard version, and payload was reduced by about 2 ton - but
servicing problems, as well as loading difficulties, caused the project to
be discontinued. BTW the flying range was probably at least as good as the
normal version because each float contained a 300 gallon fuel tank.

The AAF version, based on Art Rutty's excellent DC-3, recently uploaded in
FSFORUM, is is not fitted with the retractable wheels. Technical reasons,
one of them being the parts quota having been used up, prevented this
feature from being reproduced.

The landplane version included here has the same source .SIM as Art's new
version of the DC-3, to be uploaded shortly. It no longer has any of the
canard characteristics of the Beechcraft Starship. The only thing really
different about the floatplane is that the aircraft is very reluctant to
leave the water unless one notch of flap is applied.

To fly this aircraft, copy the files named C-47LAND. and C-47LAND.SIM, as
well as the equivalent FLOAT versions into your FS4 directory. If you are
using AAF and wish to examine or modify the aircraft the necessary .AFX
files and the source .SIM files (REF-DC-3.SIM and REFC47FL.SIM) are

These files are being uploaded with the permission of the original author,
Art Ruddy, 72550,2533

John Kelley, FSFORUM, CIS 73670,3107. Nov 18th., 1992.

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