Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
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Filename : BUZZ.PAS

Output of file : BUZZ.PAS contained in archive : BUZZY.ZIP
program buzz (input, output); {wsa, 880715; A BUZZ PHRASE GENERATOR}

{compiled under turbo pascal 4.0, but will work under 3.01a with modification}
{in any case, send Philippe $75 and try 4.0, you'll like it.. BUZZ }
{in abeyance, send $10 to: }
{ }
{ WOBURN MA 01801-3718 }
{ }
{ If you're appreciating BUZZ, we'ld like $10 of appreciation, too. }
{ }

uses crt; {turbo 4 convention}

type str20 = string[20];
str60 = string[60];
str3 = string[3];
var a,b,c : array[0..255] of str20; {adjective, noun, noun is the abc's}
acronym : str3;
toggler : boolean;

procedure init;
toggler := ((random(2) and 1) = 0); {to blink or not the first acronym}
a[0] := 'Nuclear';
a[1] := 'Permutated';
a[2] := 'Total';
a[3] := 'Corrective';
a[4] := 'Quality'; {adjectives}
a[5] := 'Integrated';
a[6] := 'Statistical';
a[7] := 'Corporate';
a[8] := 'Enslaved';
a[9] := 'Participative';
a[10]:= 'Individual';
a[11]:= 'Global';
a[12]:= 'Human';
a[13]:= 'Dynamic';
a[14]:= 'Finite';
a[15]:= 'Scientific';
a[16]:= 'Universal';
a[17]:= 'Free';
a[18]:= 'Decisive';
a[19]:= 'Limited';
a[20]:= 'Central';
a[21]:= 'Local';
a[22]:= 'Passive';
a[23]:= 'International';
a[24]:= 'Revised';
a[25]:= 'Modified';
a[26]:= 'Open';
a[27]:= 'Closed';
a[28]:= 'Public';
a[29]:= 'Significant';
a[30]:= 'Trivial';
a[31]:= 'Static';
a[32]:= 'Unified';
a[33]:= 'General';
a[34]:= 'Hairy';
a[35]:= 'Active';
a[36]:= 'United';
a[37]:= 'Peripheral';
a[38]:= 'SIlent';
a[39]:= 'Grand';
a[40]:= 'Christian';
a[41]:= 'Secondary';
a[42]:= 'Private';
a[43]:= 'Lesser';
a[44]:= 'Practical';
a[45]:= 'Mythological';
a[46]:= 'National';
a[47]:= 'Eclectic';
a[48]:= 'Automatic';
a[49]:= 'Diminishing';
a[50]:= 'Powerful';
a[51]:= 'Primary';
a[52]:= 'Tertiary';
a[53]:= 'Tactile';
a[54]:= 'Sensory';
a[55]:= 'Equal';
a[56]:= 'Emerging';
a[57]:= 'Quality';
a[58]:= 'Sexual';
a[59]:= 'Essential';
a[60]:= 'Sensory';
a[61]:= 'Private';
a[62]:= 'Special';
a[63]:= 'Expanded';
a[64]:= 'Multiple';
a[65]:= 'Diminished';
a[66]:= 'Continuous';
a[67]:= 'Conditional';
a[68]:= 'Mainstream';
a[69]:= 'Conventional';
a[70]:= 'Fundamental';
a[71]:= 'Unilateral';
a[72]:= 'Omnipotent';
a[73]:= 'Ubiiquitous';
a[74]:= 'Congressional';
a[75]:= 'Institutional';
a[76]:= 'Manual';
a[77]:= 'Complex';
a[78]:= 'Irreducible';
a[79]:= 'Equitable';
a[80]:= 'Reduced';
a[81]:= 'Unilateral';
a[82]:= 'Civil';
a[83]:= 'Asynchronous';
a[84]:= 'Structured';
a[85]:= 'Formatted';
a[86]:= 'Unnatural';
a[87]:= 'Fragmented';
a[88]:= 'Preternatural';
a[89]:= 'Illusive';
a[90]:= 'Automated';
a[91]:= 'Equilateral';
a[92]:= 'Ephemeral';
a[93]:= 'Blatant';
a[94]:= 'Provisional';
a[95]:= 'Asymptotic';
a[96]:= 'Benign';
a[97]:= 'Malignant';
a[98]:= 'Meaningful';
a[99]:= 'Hybrid';
a[100]:= 'Forensic';
a[101]:= 'Natural';
a[102]:= 'Mutual';
a[103]:= 'Unredeemable';
a[104]:= 'Unredeemed';
a[105]:= 'Munificent';
a[106]:= 'Exclusionary';
a[107]:= 'Bold';
a[108]:= 'Straightforward';
a[109]:= 'Blameless';
a[110]:= 'Faulty';
a[111]:= 'Decrepit';
a[112]:= 'Deceitful';
a[113]:= 'Magnamimous';
a[114]:= 'Fruitful';
a[115]:= 'Weird';
a[116]:= 'Leftmost';
a[117]:= 'Rightmost';
a[118]:= 'Abysmal';
a[119]:= 'Tolerant';
a[120]:= 'Intolerant';
a[121]:= 'Impractical';

a[122]:= 'Convoluted';
a[123]:= 'Sacred';
a[124]:= 'Principal';
a[125]:= 'Major';
a[126]:= 'Minor';
a[127]:= 'Descriptive';
a[128]:= 'Miasmic';
a[129]:= 'Phantasmal';
a[130]:= 'Fraudulent';
a[131]:= 'Gamy';
a[132]:= 'Deferred';
a[133]:= 'Debased';
a[134]:= 'Primal';
a[135]:= 'Statuesque';
a[136]:= 'Federated';
a[137]:= 'Adjacent';
a[138]:= 'Enslaved';
a[139]:= 'Unconscious';
a[140]:= 'Pretentious';
a[141]:= 'Cardinal';
a[142]:= 'Dimorphic';
a[143]:= 'Mitigating';
a[144]:= 'Dyspeptic';

b[0] := 'involvement';
b[1] := 'development';
b[2] := 'improvement';
b[3] := 'social';
b[4] := 'management';
b[5] := 'education'; {noun}
b[6] := 'culture';
b[7] := 'policy';
b[8] := 'transition';
b[9] := 'action';
b[10]:= 'exploration';
b[11]:= 'interdependency';
b[12]:= 'betterment';
b[13]:= 'modification';
b[14]:= 'solution';
b[15]:= 'enhancement';
b[16]:= 'recognition';
b[17]:= 'correction';
b[18]:= 'coordination';
b[19]:= 'unification';
b[20]:= 'improvement';
b[21]:= 'legislation';
b[22]:= 'application';
b[23]:= 'problem';
b[24]:= 'collection';
b[25]:= 'reaction';
b[26]:= 'rejection';
b[27]:= 'acceptance';
b[28]:= 'realization';
b[29]:= 'probe';
b[30]:= 'stationary';
b[31]:= 'freedom';
b[32]:= 'rejection';
b[33]:= 'constraint';
b[34]:= 'expansion';
b[35]:= 'definition';
b[36]:= 'psychology';
b[37]:= 'insertion';
b[38]:= 'striation';
b[39]:= 'synergy';
b[40]:= 'degradation';
b[41]:= 'structure';
b[42]:= 'foundation';
b[43]:= 'inspection';
b[44]:= 'demonstration';
b[45]:= 'generation';
b[46]:= 'precision';
b[47]:= 'emission';
b[48]:= 'connection';
b[49]:= 'test';
b[50]:= 'power';
b[51]:= 'correlation';
b[52]:= 'detection';
b[53]:= 'alignment';
b[54]:= 'optimization';
b[55]:= 'rights';
b[56]:= 'difference';
b[57]:= 'immersion';
b[58]:= 'display';
b[59]:= 'initiative';
b[60]:= 'deprivation';
b[61]:= 'isolation';
b[62]:= 'intelligence';
b[63]:= 'deception';
b[64]:= 'power';
b[65]:= 'documentation';
b[66]:= 'mystery';
b[67]:= 'repetition';
b[68]:= 'alternative';
b[69]:= 'termination';
b[70]:= 'propensity';
b[71]:= 'component';
b[72]:= 'hold';
b[73]:= 'dexterity';
b[74]:= 'reduction';
b[75]:= 'executive';
b[76]:= 'emulation';
b[77]:= 'emotion';
b[78]:= 'exacerbation';
b[79]:= 'emergency';
b[80]:= 'instruction';
b[81]:= 'confrontation';
b[82]:= 'reflection';
b[83]:= 'containment';
b[84]:= 'performance';
b[85]:= 'status';
b[86]:= 'index';
b[87]:= 'communication';
b[88]:= 'information';
b[89]:= 'supervisor';
b[90]:= 'torsion';
b[91]:= 'controller';
b[92]:= 'verification';
b[93]:= 'salvation';
b[94]:= 'discretion';
b[95]:= 'immunity';
b[96]:= 'conformance';
b[97]:= 'parameterization';
b[98]:= 'deprivation';
b[99]:= 'enrichment';
b[100]:= 'formation';
b[101]:= 'bereavement';
b[102]:= 'psychochemistry';
b[103]:= 'polarization';
b[104]:= 'moderation';
b[105]:= 'drift';
b[106]:= 'devotion';
b[107]:= 'concurrence';
b[108]:= 'capitulation';
b[109]:= 'copulation';
b[110]:= 'pursuit';
b[111]:= 'succession';
b[112]:= 'translation';
b[113]:= 'constraint';
b[114]:= 'economy';
b[115]:= 'marriage';
b[116]:= 'pleasure';
b[117]:= 'parsimony';
b[118]:= 'constitution';
b[119]:= 'sanction';
b[120]:= 'possession';
b[121]:= 'necessity';
b[122]:= 'convergence';
b[123]:= 'divergence';
b[124]:= 'nausea';
b[125]:= 'corruption';
b[126]:= 'indication';
b[127]:= 'frustration';
b[128]:= 'deflation';
b[129]:= 'creation';
b[130]:= 'tactic';
b[131]:= 'recurrence';
b[132]:= 'gratification';
b[133]:= 'occlusion';
b[134]:= 'mediocrity';
b[135]:= 'equality';
b[136]:= 'emancipation';
b[137]:= 'emolument';
b[138]:= 'stagnation';
b[139]:= 'overtone';
b[140]:= 'hegemony';
b[141]:= 'dictatation';
b[142]:= 'pestilence';
b[143]:= 'negotiation';
b[144]:= 'truce';

c[0] := 'training';
c[1] := 'assurance';
c[2] := 'system';
c[3] := 'capability';
c[4] := 'program';
c[5] := 'team';
c[6] := 'process'; {noun}
c[7] := 'removal';
c[8] := 'control';
c[9] := 'projection';
c[10]:= 'scenario';
c[11]:= 'method';
c[12]:= 'goal';
c[13]:= 'achievement';
c[14]:= 'direction';
c[15]:= 'design';
c[16]:= 'evolution';
c[17]:= 'capability';
c[18]:= 'acquisition';
c[19]:= 'center';
c[20]:= 'milestone';
c[21]:= 'event';
c[22]:= 'target';
c[23]:= 'model';
c[24]:= 'project';
c[25]:= 'continuum';
c[26]:= 'budget';
c[27]:= 'committee';
c[28]:= 'group';
c[29]:= 'foundation';
c[30]:= 'discipline';
c[31]:= 'basis';
c[32]:= 'theory';
c[33]:= 'law';
c[34]:= 'trend';
c[35]:= 'focus';
c[36]:= 'exhibition';
c[37]:= 'demonstration';
c[38]:= 'cadre';
c[39]:= 'unit';
c[40]:= 'front';
c[41]:= 'facility';
c[42]:= 'point';
c[43]:= 'organ';
c[44]:= 'warning';
c[45]:= 'person';
c[46]:= 'mania';
c[47]:= 'phobia';
c[48]:= 'connectivity';
c[49]:= 'market';
c[50]:= 'parameter';
c[51]:= 'module';
c[52]:= 'option';
c[53]:= 'list';
c[54]:= 'error';
c[55]:= 'amendment';
c[56]:= 'engine';
c[57]:= 'study';
c[58]:= 'group';
c[59]:= 'tendancy';
c[60]:= 'behavior';
c[61]:= 'mode';
c[62]:= 'function';
c[63]:= 'committee';
c[64]:= 'archtype';
c[65]:= 'device';
c[66]:= 'tour';
c[67]:= 'loop';
c[68]:= 'wisdom';
c[69]:= 'combination';
c[70]:= 'route';
c[71]:= 'trace';
c[72]:= 'feature';
c[73]:= 'extract';
c[74]:= 'topic';
c[75]:= 'interface';
c[76]:= 'centerpiece';
c[77]:= 'consensus';
c[78]:= 'fiat';
c[79]:= 'contingency';
c[80]:= 'set';
c[81]:= 'way';
c[82]:= 'service';
c[83]:= 'box';
c[84]:= 'declaration';
c[85]:= 'thesis';
c[86]:= 'request';
c[87]:= 'grant';
c[88]:= 'cover';
c[89]:= 'illusion';
c[90]:= 'interpretter';
c[91]:= 'machine';
c[92]:= 'protocol';
c[93]:= 'nuance';
c[94]:= 'equipment';
c[95]:= 'image';
c[96]:= 'commission';
c[97]:= 'accommodation';
c[98]:= 'encryption';
c[99]:= 'decryption';
c[100]:= 'stock';
c[101]:= 'glitch';
c[102]:= 'energy';
c[103]:= 'asymtope';
c[104]:= 'wave';
c[105]:= 'ideogram';
c[106]:= 'icon';
c[107]:= 'right';
c[108]:= 'precept';
c[109]:= 'monogram';
c[110]:= 'monolith';
c[111]:= 'mark';
c[112]:= 'stamp';
c[113]:= 'wall';
c[114]:= 'belt';
c[115]:= 'code';
c[116]:= 'ethic';
c[117]:= 'watch';
c[118]:= 'delusion';
c[119]:= 'foreplay';
c[120]:= 'order';
c[121]:= 'norm';
c[122]:= 'anomaly';
c[123]:= 'animal';
c[124]:= 'protagonist';
c[125]:= 'phantom';
c[126]:= 'column';
c[127]:= 'line';
c[128]:= 'game';
c[129]:= 'contest';
c[130]:= 'debate';
c[131]:= 'look';
c[132]:= 'aura';
c[133]:= 'frivolity';
c[134]:= 'disparity';
c[135]:= 'parity';
c[136]:= 'deliverance';
c[137]:= 'desecration';
c[138]:= 'memorial';
c[139]:= 'gamut';
c[140]:= 'invocation';
c[141]:= 'evocation';
c[141]:= 'schism';
c[142]:= 'dichotomy';
c[143]:= 'vocation';
c[144]:= 'delivery';


function get_digits : integer;
begin {pretty simple here}
get_digits := random(145);

procedure show (argin, directive : integer); {crtout a buzz term}
type str1 = string[1];
var singlet : str1; {battle device for Nicolas Wirth's ilk}
save_color_state : byte; {for blinking acronymn save/restore }
if directive=0
then begin {adjective, i.e., 0}
write (a[argin]);
singlet := copy (a[argin], 1, 1);
acronym[1] := upcase (singlet[1]); {enslave the first letter}
else begin
if directive = 1
then begin {noun1, i.e., 1}
write (' ', b[argin], ' '); {enslave the second letter}
singlet := copy (b[argin], 1, 1);
acronym := acronym[1] + upcase (singlet[1]);
else begin {noun2, i.e., not 0 or 1}
write (c[argin]); {enslave the third letter}
singlet := copy (c[argin], 1, 1);
acronym := acronym[1] + acronym[2] + upcase (singlet[1]);
gotoxy (55, wherey);
if toggler
then begin {hamlet/mir/hof, to blink or not}
save_color_state := textattr; {save screen environment}
textcolor (save_color_state + blink);
writeln (acronym);
textcolor (save_color_state); {restore screen environment}
else begin
writeln (acronym); {vanilla instance}
end; {toggler}
acronym := ' '; {obvious patch}
toggler := not toggler; {assure difference next time}
end; {noun2}
end; {adjective directive}
end; {end of SHOWishness, it's all right}

procedure run_pgm; {MAIN, if it were seacow}
const number_of_buzzes : integer = 3; {display iteration lines}
var idex, jdex, kdex : integer; {Fortranische variables }
for idex := 1 to number_of_buzzes do begin
for jdex := 0 to 2 do begin
kdex := get_digits; {fetch a lookup index }
delay (39); {assure a clock tick for rangen }
show (kdex, jdex); {display one category of the buzz}
end; {gazouta the jdex. number terms }
end; {gazouta the idex, number lines }
end; {gazouta the transport module }

run_pgm; {for any cheapy future transportability }

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Archive   : BUZZY.ZIP
Filename : BUZZ.PAS

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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