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Game to shoot bubbles and alien ships.
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Game to shoot bubbles and alien ships.
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Bret Paluch
V 1.0

This is FREEWARE/BEERWARE, no registration required.

Shoot bubbles and alien ships without getting yourself killed!
Use the magic bubbles to your advantage.

Your Ship:
Your ship is equiped with a laser cannon, forward and reverse thrusters,
pivoting thrusters, warp drive and movement dampener. Use the Define
Keys option off the main menu to determine the keys you want to use. Do not
use the P key, this is pause. Warp drive will warp you to another area on
the screen, this is a random area. Warp is a good way to stop any
uncontrolled movement.

The alien warps in from another dimension. His only purpose is to
destroy you. His ship is his weapon, he only needs to touch you
with his ship to destroy you, he has no other weapons. He is in
a phasic state, so the bubbles don't affect him. Only your laser cannon
can destroy him. He can only stay in this dimension for a short time
before he needs to return to his own. You can identify the aliens
dimensional warp by the blue flash of the dimensional rip.
The alien is a good pilot, so if a few laser shots go thru him, you
know that he must have dodged them. Watch out for his Claymore Stratagy.
He may not destroy you but sit on your ship and wait for you to move.
There is only one way to escape this, you must figure it out.

Magic Bubble:
The magic bubble looks like a small multicolored pulsating bubble.
This will appear randomly. You cannot shoot it, you must pop it with one
of the edges of your ship. When popped, a variety of things can happen
to you which are listed below. The magic bubble only lasts for a finite

- 5 Extra Lives: You receive 5 extra lives.
- 1000 Points : You receive 1000 extra points
- Phasic Shift : You phase into a subdimensional state that enables you
not to be hit by bubbles, but still vulnerable to alien.
You become a grey color after a blue aura engulfs you.
- Bubble Stop : A burst of positive hyperbolic energy causes all the
bubbles to stop. A white burst of energy in each bubble
will appear.
- Bubble Warp : A burst of positive hyperbolic energy causes all bubbles
to increase their rate of speed exponantially. A red
burst of energy will appear in each bubble.
- Shields on : A blue aura will surround you and protect you from any
bubbles, you just bounce off them. When the shield is
about to fail, it will turn a brownish color. Watch out
for those sticky bubbles, nothing a warp won't fix!
- No Alien Sign: A No-Alien sign will appear and you will not encounter any
aliens when the sign is visible. The sign will appear in
the lower right. It doesn't affect aliens that have
warped into the dimension already.

When you shoot all the bubbles on one level, you will be warped to the
next level. The aliens speed and the number of bubbles increase.
You receive an extra life for every level you clear.

Movement Dampener:
This enables you to have control over the forward movement of you ship.
When the dampener is toggled on, this dampens your forward movement.
Kinda like having your brakes on all the time. Default is off!

Sound on/off:
Use the main menu option to toggle the sound active/inactive. Use
the S key to turn off the sound during play.

Use the P key in the middle of play to pause the game, any key to resume.

Laser Cannon Malfuction Contest:
After some play your laser canon may malfunction. There is a specific
sequence of keys/moves/events that must happen to get your laser cannon
to malfuction. You will know this when lasers stop in mid flight and
you run out of ammo. Be the first to figure this out, send me a detailed
letter on how you did this and if it is correct and it can be recreated,
I will send you $20!!! You may want the BETA password to help you attempt
this, see below how to get.

Games Secrets:
There are secrets in the Game. See how many you can find. I can't
tell you anymore!!!

BETA Password:
This is my programmers access password. This will enable you the
same access I gave my BETA Testers to my game. This gives you
secret keys codes to give you special functions. See below how to
get the BETA password.

Define Keys:
You may not be able to use the arrow keys for movement. Don't use
the S or the P keys, they are used for pause and sound.

Windows or Shell
You may find that the game might run choppy or sound strange when run
in a shell or especially in windows. I suggest exiting windows and then
running the game.

Can't find those secrets? If you would like the BETA password to
give you programmers access to my game and a list of secrets in the
game, send a $2.00 donation to:

Bret Paluch
P.O. Box 3162
De Pere, WI 54115

If you have any programming changes/requests for the game, send your
requests with your $2.00 donation. They will considered in the next version.

Thank you and have a fun time!

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