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Designed & programmed by Steve Estvanik Portions of the bidding AI engine by Bill Pirkle Artwork by Wes Gray Produced by Dave Snyder Graphics libraries from Genus Microprogramming Worx music support library from Mystic Software BRIDGE MAIN MENU: ABOUT: Program credits OPTIONS: Select conventions Toggle verbose mode Select card back KIBITZ: Show hands of other players PLAY: Play the game QUIT Keyboard shortcuts & commands: F1: this message R -- Review status of bid/play S -- toggle sound on/off MVP Bridge is shareware. You are free to evaluate it for a 30 day period. If you continue to use it, you must register directly with MVP Software. Registration for MVP Bridge is $20. Or if you prefer you may purchase MVP Bridge Deluxe directly from MVP Software. MVP Bridge Deluxe is a must for the serious Bridge player. In addition to the features in MVP Bridge, MVP Bridge Deluxe has Rubber Bridge; Chicago Scoring; the ability to play saved hands; the ability to play special hands you enter; the ability to save, enter, or edit hands; and five additional conventions -- NEGDBL, JACOBY, NTFORCE, GAMBLING, and TEXAS. All of this for just $29.95 plus shipping! To purchase MVP Bridge Deluxe print the ORDER.FRM file, and fax it along with your credit card information to: (616) 245-3204 (24-hour fax number only) or mail it along with your check or credit card information to: MVP Software 1035 Dallas SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49507-1407 Or call: 800-968-9684 24-hour order hotline from US or Canada For information or technical support call (616) 245-8376. TAKEOUT A takeout double shows at least an opening bid, with support (at least 3 cards) for each of the unbid suits. It may also be made with a hand TOO strong for an overcall (18+ points). STAYMAN A 2 club response to 1 NT is artificial and asks partner to bid a 4 card major, otherwise reply 2 D. Subsequent bids can invite or bid game directly. BLACKWOOD 4 NT asks partner to show Aces: 5C response indicates 0 or 4, 5D shows 1 ace, etc. 5 NT asks for Kings. Any other bid is a shutoff. GERBER 4 C asks partner to show Aces: 4D response indicates 0 or 4, 5H shows 1 ace, etc. WEAK2 Shows 5-12 hcp and reasonably good 6 card suit. A 2C bid is reserved for any strong hand, so 3C can be made with only 6 cards. A 2NT response asks partner to describe her hand. 3 of original suit shows minimum weak 2 3NT shows suit headed by AKQ or AKJ 3 of new suit shows a feature (A, K or Q), and 8-12 hcp Note: Weak 2's automatically cancel Strong 2's STRONG2 This is the standard form of bidding a strong hand. It's a natural bid, showing strength and a good suit. Note: Strong 2's automatically cancel Weak 2's