Category : A Collection of Games for DOS and Windows
Archive   : BRAINSCP.ZIP

Output of file : SAVEGAME.DAT contained in archive : BRAINSCP.ZIP
Lateral Ventricle7777Third Ventricle7%77Cerebral Aqueduct7Fourth Ventricle177Foramen of Magendie77777Subarachnoid Space777777Head of the Caudate Nucleus77777Tail of the Caudate Nucleus######Putamen 77 77Globus Pallidus 7077Substantia Nigra 77
7Internal Capsule+ 77 Cerebral Peduncle
777 Nigrostriatal Bundle77778
Thalamus7)7Pons77 Medulla77 Raphe Nuclei7777Lateral Lemniscus777Ventral Noradrenergic Bundle77778Inferior Colliculus777Medial Geniculate Nucleus777Trapezoid Body999999PeriAqueductal Grey Matter
7 Auditory Cortex-77/.Suprachiasmatic Nucleus77777Pituitary Gland999999Pyramids999999Cingulate Gyrus+*7,7 Optic Tract7 77 Optic Chiasm7777Lateral Geniculate Nucleus7 7!Superior Colliculus777Optic Radiation77777"
Visual Cortex999999Amygdala777979Septum'7877%Mammillary Body'77)$7 Hippocampus777'87Fornix7%&7$7(Ventromedial Nucleus of the Hypothalamus7)777Lateral Hypothalamic Area77(7%
Sensory Strip777+/ Motor Strip7 -,* Frontal Lobe7777+ Broca`s Area77+7.Wernicke`s Area-7777Association Cortex234623Nucleus Accumbens77 777
Cerebellum77777Association Cortex345634Association Cortex456245Association Cortex562356Association Cortex623462Association Cortex234523&/dnothingdopaminenorepinephrine
acetylcholine serotoninGABAa dopaminergic vesicle contained dopaminea noradrenergic vesiclea cholinergic vesicle of acetylcholine on ita serotonergic vesiclea vesicle for GABAa Purkinje cella pyramidal cellan anti-immune system pill,a delicate crystal vial with a faded labela large oligodendrocyteIa bottle labeled "Growth Hormone: Promotes growth and strength" a rusty keya scrap of paper broken glass Ã

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Archive   : BRAINSCP.ZIP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: