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Learn Neurology, very educational, good game.
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Learn Neurology, very educational, good game.
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AUTOEXEC.BAT 17 17 stored
BRAINSC2.000 12288 6237 deflated
BRAINSC2.COM 60112 32082 deflated
BRAINSC2.PAS 60113 14145 deflated
DOCUMENT.TXT 21885 6650 deflated
FRAME.PAS 1599 564 deflated
MAPFILE.PAS 15346 1620 deflated
QUESTION.PAS 12280 3115 deflated
README.TXT 1622 640 deflated
RMDESC.PAS 15363 4857 deflated
SAVEGAME.DAT 5347 1256 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Brainscape! by W. J. Wilson & l. a. ostergren

Copyright 1985, Purdue Research Foundation. All Rights Reserved.
Unmodified copies of this disk may be freely distributed. This notice must
appear on each copy.

From the DOS prompt A>
copy DOCUMENT.TXT prn --- prints documentation for the program to
your printer. Prepare printer before
typing command.
type DOCUMENT.TXT --- displays documentation on the screen.
Use Control S to halt display so that it
can be read more easily.
We suggest that you print the documentation so that it is available for
reference as you play the game. Please prepare the game disk as specified
in the documentation, and put this disk away for safe keeping.
We hope you enjoy Brainscape! You may distribute exact copies of this
disk to others, but please label them with the information in the box at the
top of this screen. Copies are also available from W. J. Wilson,
Psychology, Indiana University - Purdue University at Fort Wayne, 2101
Coliseum Blvd. East, Fort Wayne, IN 46805. Send disk & reusable mailer!

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