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An Arcadian Wizards (arcade-type) game.
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An Arcadian Wizards (arcade-type) game.
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I don't want to give too many hints yet for playing this game, but I
will let you know that there are many different screens, some difficult,
some not. Different strategies probably could be successfully used
on each screen. The first screen to come up is always the same and is one
of the harder ones. The slower playing modes should be used for practice,
learning what the program is doing, and developing strategies. Advance to
the Master mode when ready to try for HISCORE. The built-in hiscore is
not easy to beat, but only then is the HISCORE file written that must be
submitted for prize verification. Attention was taken as to machine speed
and hopefully the game should be playable on any DOS compatible computer.
I hope you have as much fun playing the game as I had developing it, and
I hope you try to enter my contest.

Harvey Lerman

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