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Boggle Deluxe - word game.
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Boggle Deluxe – word game.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BOOGDX.EXE 60560 29817 deflated
CUBESET.BOO 112944 5989 deflated
DIGITS.BOO 4158 171 deflated
LEXICON.BOO 14634 3786 deflated
ORDERFRM.TXT 969 470 deflated

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Contents of the ORDERFRM.TXT file

Boogle Deluxe Order Form

Seaboard Software
302 North Jefferson Street
Arlington, VA 22203-1200 U.S.A.

Name ____________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________

City ___________________________ State ______ ZIP _______

Country ____________________________________________________

Phone (optional) ____________________

Please pay by check (U.S. bank or branch) or money order.
International orders must be in United States Dollars. Make $30
check payable to "Seaboard Software".

The following information is optional, but is requested to allow
Seaboard Software to better serve the Shareware community. Please
circle your responses.

Computer Type: 286 386 486 Other

Max. Graphics: EGA VGA Super VGA Other

Max. Modem Speed: N/A 1200bps 2400bps 9600bps 14400bps

Extra Features: CD-ROM Drive Sound Card Mouse Joystick

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