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To All Sysops,

Thanks for distributing Construction Bob in the Bouncing Factory! You
will be hearing a lot from us in a near future, we already have 3 other games
that will be released in soon, and a huge role-playing game in coming
this late summer!

Also -- we're looking for a few great BBS's to become part of the Oracle
Software distribution network. How would you like to have the popular Oracle
Software area on your board? This is a great way to attract users to your

If you are interested, please contact us. Attract new users,
and be sure to have all the Oracle Products files intact! With the incoming
new games (The Tournament of Zulula, Earth Invasion, Memory and The Walls of
Bratock) Oracle Software will firmly make it's place in the ever-growing
shareware market!

call CYBERSCAPE BBS for more informations
"Offering All The Best Shareware"
Main Access (508)368-8456

Thank you!

Christian Boutin
Oracle Software enr.