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CONSTRUCTION BOB IN THE BOUNCING FACTORY. Help Construction Bob as he bounces and bounces to make items for the Bouncing Factory. Features excellent VGA graphics, 50 exciting levels of non-stop bouncing action, and great

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Help Construction Bob as he bounces and
bounces to make items for the Bouncing
Factory! Features excellent VGA graphics,
50 exciting levels of non-stop bouncing
action, and great sounds! It features a PG
mode (not for the faint of heart!) and a G
mode (for kids and faint of heart!)
Requires VGA, and a high-speed PC
by: /\ Oracle Software /\

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CONSTRUCTION BOB IN THE BOUNCING FACTORY. Help Construction Bob as he bounces and bounces to make items for the Bouncing Factory. Features excellent VGA graphics, 50 exciting levels of non-stop bouncing action, and great
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Contents of the BOB.DOC file

In The Bouncing Factory

Table of contents


THE PACKAGE...................................................2

STARTING THE GAME.............................................2

THE MAIN MENU.................................................2

CONTROL TYPE................................................3

CHANGE RATING...............................................3

ABOUT BOB...................................................3

ADDITIONNAL OPTIONS.........................................3

PLAYING THE GAME..............................................4

IMPORTANT NOTES...............................................4

KEYBOARD SUMMARY..............................................4

BOB'S GUIDE TO ITEMS AND MEANIES..............................5


Special thanks:

Stephen Fawcett of the BBS Le Systeme for his help in distributing the program.
Dave White of CYBERSCAPE and Alain Paradis of the Axe Master BBS for the
special Oracle Software section on their respective BBS
Eric Boutin for his constant programming assistance.
and the following betatesters: Alain Paradis
Eric Boutin
Charles Davis
Steven Cote
Duane Morin
Dave White
Jeremy Frerichs
Robert Stoner


The year is 2014, earth has many problems, pollution, poverty, and
unemployment. To face all those problems a young, new industry was
established: THE BOUNCING FACTORY. In this pollution-free factory, we build
trees against pollution, fresh new planets for colonisation, and beautifull
scenery artworks to replace the windows with. We also build houses,
rocketships and many other things. Hey, we even build dolls of the all-star
favorite Oracle Software characters from the Tournament of Zulula! Of course
that dosen't solve most of the ecological problems... It dosen't solve much
poverty either, but hell, it gives 3 new jobs! So buckle your construction

helmet and get ready for your job, as Construction Bob's helper!

Construction Bob in the Bouncing factory is an action-packed arcade game
that features great VGA graphics, and cool sound effects. The furious action
will lead you through 50 levels (10 to unregistered users) of bouncing action
as you help Bob jump around with your trampoline.

The Package:

This game sould include the following files:

Starting the game

To start the game, go to the directory where Bob is and type BOB. After
the shareware notice (if you are an unregistered user) and the title screen you
will be lead to the main menu where you have the following choices:

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** : The program assumes that you load the game from
either a 80 X 25, 80 X 43 or 80 X 50 text-only screen (the default on most
computers) If you load Construction Bob in a 132 X 25, 132 X 44 or other
non-standard modes, you will miss a screen containing important informations
at the end of the program (when you quit). So be sure you are in the
supported modes when you load Construction Bob. Refer to your DOS manual
for more informations.

PLAY BOB: Selecting this option will, believe it or not, lead you to the game!
CONTROL TYPE: Will allow you to change the keys with wich you control Bob, or
select joystick.
CHANGE RATING: This will give you the opportunity to set the game rating to G
for general or PG, for parental guidance suggested.
ABOUT BOB: Will tell you more about Construction Bob
ADDITIONNAL OPTIONS: Available only to registered users, this choice will lead
you to a menu where you can change both the starting level and the number of
Bobs you want.
QUIT: I'll let you guess this one!

In this menu you can choose how you will control the trampoline guys.
You can choose from the following: LEFT & RIGHT SHIFT, CTRL & ALT, ALT & CTRL,
or JOYSTICK A. Select the control type with the arrow keys and press ESC to
return to the main menu. Pressing ENTER while on the JOYSTICK A choice will
bring you to the joystick calibration screen. Do it the first time you select
JOYSTICK A to calibrate it, and if it is not well calibrated do it again.

Construction Bob is recommended for mature players only because of it's
disgusting puking blood-spilling scenes. But since most of the storyline
can be enjoyed by all the family, this menu is used to remove those disgusting
scenes from the game to allow younger players to enjoy the game. Choose PG
to have those scenes, and G to remove those scenes.

Important informations about the game, Instructions etc.
Press the left and right arrow to browse through the information, ESC
to go back to the main menu.

Yes, it is very frustrating to make it to a high level, turn game over, and be
forced to start all over again. In the additionnal options, you can modify the
starting level (1 to 45), as well as the number of Bobs you start with (1 to
99). Use the up/down arrow keys to select what you want to change, and the
left/right arrow keys to change the values (joystick A can also be used).

Playing the game

When the game begins, you will first be shown a description of the
level you will be playing on. The title is a hint as to what you will be
making. The picture shows you what you will be making. The "Items to make"
gives you the number of completed items (1 bottom item, 1 middle item and 1 top
item) you must have in order to finish this level. The "Number of meanies"
gives you the number of item parts that don't fit right in the item (see
Construction Bob's personnal guide to meanies for more info). The "Speed"
shows you the speed rating for this level, from slow to lightspeed.

Once in the factory, keep an eye on the status bar on the right side of
your screen. It shows the number of items completed yet, the total number of
item to make [items made]/[items to make], your score and your remaining Bobs.
If Bob falls down, or hits a meanie, he injures himself severly and lose one
"life". When he reaches 0 lives, he retires. Every time you finish a level,
Bob gains one "life". Lives remaining are shown beside "Bobs:".

Once in the factory, you control the trampoline guys with the joystick or
the keys your have chosen (see the CONTROL TYPE section for more info.). Bob
is up there, ready to jump. Once he has jumped, move the trampoline under Bob
to prevent him from hitting the ground. The more to the left of the trampoline
Bob lands, the more to the left he will be propelled and same thing for the
right side. As Bob bounces and bounces, he gains vertical velocity, he will
eventually starts to catch the items. Remember that you can't catch an item
unless you have caught as many items in the lower row than you would have in
this row by taking the item (Ex: you can't have 6 tops, 4 middles and 1 bottom,
you must have at least 4 bottoms to have 4 middles and 6 middles to have 6 tops
and thereof, 6 bottoms). Once you have made the required number of items,
you go to the next level.

Important notes

This game was made on a 486 33mhz, on slower machines, the fades (Fade
In/Out) of the screen might be a little slow, use F4 to toggle the fades on/off
(if the fades are off, the screen will pop up and vanish instantly instead of
fading). On some game cards, the sound used in the game interferes with the
addresses of the joystick. If the trampoline seems to act incoherently when
the sound is on, turn it off. (See keyboard summary below to know how to
toggle the fades and sound). When you save the settings (see below), you save
the rating (G/PG), control type, speed, fade status (on/off), and sound (on/
off). If will also save the joystick calibration so next time you get in the
game you can use the joystick right away without re-calibrating it.

Keyboard Summary

These keys are active in the main menu and the game (except ESC which is only
available in the game.

F1 Help F3 Toggle Sound On/Off F4 Toggle Fades On/Off
F9 Save settings F10 Exit to DOS
ESC Back to main menu (from the game)

Bob's guide to items meanies
(Remember the setting is in 2014!)

Parachutes: Parachutes are built to prevent people that jump from high heights
from injuring themselves. They must be reliable, so if some strings seems to
be missing or not well tied, avoid them.

Hamburgers: The Bouncing Factory is associated with Recycled Food restaurants
where the food is coming directly from the factory. When you build hamburgers,
avoid them when there is green stuff on them, this means the meat is really not
fresh so avoid them.

Bombs: The Bouncing Factory is the major supplier of weapons to many military
organization around the universe. But the Bouncing Factory has always refused
to build nuclear bombs. Some military organization have switched the normal
warheads with nuclear ones that radiates a magenta light. Avoid those nuclear

Shugtar Chooz the slime puppets: A mystic god from the farest lands in Akistar
(the world in which the Tournament of Zulula and the Walls of Bratock is set)
The puppets of Shugtar Chooz are very popular among children of all ages. Be
warned that this slime is incapable of any emotion and therefore, if you see
the slime smile, don't touch it!

Rocketships: Due to the bad state of the world we live in, humans have decided
to colonize other planets using those Oracle software rocketships. Only OSP
rocketships should be build, so if there is strange writing and wings on the
middle part, avoid it.

Oracle Software logos: The Bouncing Factory is associated with the biggest
software company of all time: Oracle Software. And they produce their logos
that they put on billboards and in their games. Watch out for some bozo who
changed the color of the eye from red to blue. Avoid the parts where the eye
of the Oracle is blue.

Tombstones: Final resting places need tombstones. The bouncing factory is
mass-producing them, but watch out, some people could use those tombstones
as free advertisement areas. Avoid the tombstones with "FOR SALE" written
on them.

Eye puppets: With the great hit that The Tournament of Zulula had Oracle
software decided to ask the Bouncing Factory to produce puppets of the
favorite characters of the game. The Eye is one of them. Watch out for
the red eyes, they can make children aggressive.

Cyclop puppets: Another Zulula puppet, the Cyclop is by far the most popular,
watch out because some parts have been reversed, reversed parts are not good.

Knight puppets: The last Zulula puppet, the Knight puppet can also be used in
the Akistar Role-Playing game (available from Oracle mega-corp Inc.) The job
of being a knight is hard, so keep only those that have an helmet, and don't
touch the others.

Balloons: Used in The Walls of Bratock, these balloons are very popular among
role-playing fans. They can carry only one person. As with parachutes, broken
or loose strings could be very hazardous so avoid those parts.

Robots: Built to help defend the cities against crime, these automated robots
are very powerfull unless their batteries are dead, in which case they are
non-functional. Do not build non-functional robots that are out of batteries.
(check the BATT warning light on the robot)

Hammers: Used with nails to help keep things together, hammers must not be
broken so if you see a broken handle, avoid it.

TV sets: Each home in North America has one of those, they mainly use it to
watch the Akistar morning cartoon, the Zulula wrestling hour or Xyfud
Plasfoc's science-fiction series: Earth Invasion, all on O-TV. When you build
them, be assured they are unplugged or you're in for the shock of your life. So be sure the screen in blank before taking it.

Color pencils: The bouncing factory is associated with the C.S.N.A. (Commission
on schools in North America) as their only colored pencil distributor. Be
warned that some pencils are not in the right order and must not be collected.

Artwork: Since the art revolution of 2008, the more copies of artwork there is,
the more it gains value. So the bouncing factory is mass-producing artworks
of the same scene. So avoid splashes of paint that dosen't fit with the

Trees: Since the anihilation of the rain forest, the bouncing factory has
helped various environmental associations by producing trees in it's factory.
These trees will help rebuild the oxygen and would make the use of oxygen
tanks unnecessary. Avoid trees with squirrel hole as they produce less oxygen.

Computers: The bouncing factory has been producing computers from the time of
it's opening. These computer are among the cheapest in north america.
Remember that the bouncing factory only wants full towers, so half-size towers
should be avoided.

Planets: Due to the lack of other habitable planets in this solar system, the
bouncing factory has decided to build other planets just like the earth so that
mankind can go there and establish colonies. Watch out for upside-down
continents, they must not be glued to the rest of the planet or the planet
would be unusable.

Houses: To habitate the new colonies, humans need houses, so the factory is
making houses that they sell at a cheap price. When the factory sells a house
it promises a chimney and an antenna that can get Oracle-TV. So houses
without antennas or chimneys must be avoided.

Registering Construction Bob in the Bouncing Factory

It is my hope that Construction Bob in the Bouncing Factory will be a
great source of enjoyment to all. It has been released as shareware to reach
the most people. I believe shareware is a good way to entertain people for a
lesser price. This program is complete. However, you will have to register
to get to some parts of the program.

If you enjoy Construction Bob in the Bouncing Factory and wish to register,
send a check of 10 US$ (12 CAN$) to the following address:

Oracle Software
472, des pins
Amos, Quebec
Canada J9T 1A3


March 1993: Ver. 2.0 The program is now distributed under Oracle Software
instead of CB software. Some of the graphics have
been re-drawn to reflect this change. The ABOUT BOB
choice has been replaced with a READ THIS choice that
includes much more informations than before! Some
aesthetic changes have been made in the menus, and
some levels have been re-adjusted to make the a
a little bit easier.

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