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Blockade is a real-time territory control action game for 1 to 2 humans against up to 5 computer players. Similiar to Tron.
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Blockade is a real-time territory control action game for 1 to 2 humans against up to 5 computer players. Similiar to Tron.
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Blockade is a real-time territory control action game for 1 to 2 human
players. Up to five additional computer players may participate.
Blockade runs on IBM PC, XT, PC/AT, and compatables and requires
a color graphics adapter.

The game is played in a 40 by 25 cell playing field. The object
of the game for each round is to avoid running into another player's
path, a player's own path, or off the field. When one of these three
things happens, the player is eliminated from the round. A player wins
the round when all opponents have been eliminated. Points are awarded
each round for first, second, third, etc. The first player to reach
100 points is the winner.

A human player's path is controlled by the keyboard. The first
human uses the four arrow keys to point his player in the desired
direction. The second player may use the function keys or the
W, A, D, and X keys:

First Player Second Player

North North North
[F1] W
West East West [F3] [F4] East OR West A D East
[F5] X
South South South

The players may not slow down or stop.

Pressing a direction key is only necessary when a change of direction

The game parameters are defined as follows:

Human players: The number of humans playing the game. (0-2).

Total number of players: The total number of players playing. (2-6).
If the total number of players exceeds the number of human players,
the computer will handle the extra players.

Speed: Speed of the game. 1 is slowest, 9 is fastest.

Pursuit: Specifies whether the computer players will always pursue
a human player or whether they will pursue the current leader
(the player alive with the most points).

Disappearing trail: Specifies whether or not the path of an eliminated
player will disappear. Trails disappear one cell at a time, following
the same path as the eliminated player.

Noise: Specifies whether sound effects will be used.

To change a parameter, press the appropriate key from the menu.

As a human, your advantage over the computer players lies in the fact
that you can evaluate the entire playing field at a glance and take
appropriate action. The computer players look only at your location
and their immediate surroundings when evaluating their options. This
strategy can be very effective, especially at higher speeds when the
human has less time to think. The computer players, of course, never
make dexterity errors.

When the computer players are pursuing the leader (and you aren't it),
this is a good time to pick up some ground while their attentions are

Good luck.

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