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Blackjack training program. Teaches you how to play better.
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Blackjack training program. Teaches you how to play better.
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Contents of the BJTRAIN.DOC file

About BlackJack
BlackJack is a unique casino game. It is the only one in which a
knowledgeable player will have the odds in his favor. Why then do
casino's still offer BlackJack? Because even though the game can
be beat, most people still rely on their own hunches, luck,
superstitions and ESP instead of playing with proven odds. In other
words, the casino's may lose a few million a year to knowledgeable
players, but they make up for that with hundreds of millions in
winnings that come from the other players.

The game has it's own mystic, because it can be beat. When Dr. Jim
Thorp published his winning system in 1962, most experts predicted
an end to BlackJack. After all, how could a casino survive with a
game that placed the odds in the favor of the player? What
happened next could not have been predicted. Everyone started
playing BlackJack. The more publicity that BlackJack received as
a beatable game, the more popular it became. And so today,
millions of people play BlackJack because it can be beat, but
instead of learning how to play with the odds in their favor, they
prefer to take along a rabbit's foot.

How to put the odds into your favor
If you play BlackJack like the dealer (Taking Hits on 16 or less
and Standing on 17 or more), the odds will be with the house, about
4.5% in their favor.

To increase your odds, you should learn when it is in your favor to
take a hit or to stand. Memorize our chart, and you will increase
your odds by over 2.5%.

To further increase your odds, you will need to know when it is in
your advantage to Split or Double Down. This will add about 2% to
your game. Now you are playing at even odds with the house. This
version of The BlackJack Trainer will not allow you to Split or
Double-Down, that is only available in the registered version.

If the casino will allow you to "Take Insurance" or "Surrender"
then you will have a slight edge against the house. But what will
dramatically increase your odds is counting the cards as they are

Counting Cards
In the movie "Rain Man", Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise made a small
fortune by playing BlackJack in Las Vegas. By using Hoffman's
super-math skills, they were able to keep track of the 10's left in
a multiple deck of cards. And when there were more 10's and Face
cards then lower value cards, the odds were in their favor, and
they placed larger bets, thus scoring big wins. That is basically
the theory behind counting cards. When there is a larger
proportion than average of high value cards (nines, tens, and face
cards), the odds are in your favor, here's why:

When there are more 10's and face cards in the deck, the
player will receive more BlackJack's. So will the Dealer,
but he will pay you one and a half times your bet when
you receive it.

If the deck has more high-value cards, the dealer will
bust more often, because he is forced to hit until he has
17 or higher, while you can stay pat with a low hand.

Your odds are increased dramatically when there are high
value cards if you split or double down.

And of course the odds are against you when there are less high-value
value cards, here's why:

With a lack of 10's you will get fewer Naturals (BlackJacks).

The dealer will break less often with a higher than average
number of low-value cards in the deck.

Splitting and Doubling-Down will be less effective.

But your odds will still be good, because you can always bet just
the minimum amount when the odds are against you, or just walk away
from the table and play again later.

The movie Rain Man was flawed in one aspect. It implied that you
must have an almost computer-like mathematical mind in order to
count cards. In reality, there is a very simple procedure that can
be followed to easily count cards, and to know exactly when and how
much the odds are in your favor. If you can count to ten, then you
can count cards. The mistake that Tom and Dustin made, was playing
at the $1000 table and winning large amounts of money at one time
(and announcing it to everyone). If they would have stuck with the
smaller tables and played quietly, they would not have been banned.
Casinos are going to notice when $100,000 is lost from one table in
an hour.

Where the best odds lay
Gambling towns like Las Vegas are great for tourist. You could
potentially live there for free with all the "freebies" offered by
the casinos. There are all-you-can-eat buffets for as little as
$1, but the catch is that you must first walk past (and stand in
line) by all those slot machines. And to get to the restaurant, you
must walk through the casino. And of course the gamblers are
constantly offered free meals and hotel stay by the casino.

Along with the registered version of ~The BlackJack Trainer~, you
will also receive information on how to travel to Las Vegas, Reno,
Atlantic City, Freeport Bahamas, etc., free of charge. How??

We will send you a list of junkets that you can use. You will
generally have to buy $300 or more of gambling chips in advance and
the casino will then pick up the tab for your air-fare, hotel stay,
meals, and shows. Once you arrive at the casino, you can play a
little BlackJack and then cash in your chips.

After you have flown on a couple of junket trips, the casino will
then invite you back free of charge, air-fare included, without you
first having to buy chips.

How to use ~The BlackJack Trainer~
To use ~The BlackJack Trainer~, simply type BJTRAIN at the DOS
prompt. Hit any key to go past the opening screen, and you will
then be at the menu. You can press P to Play or choose any of the
following options:

WARNING - this option will let you toggle on or off the warning
messages while playing. We suggest that you leave it turned on. It
will warn you when you have made a move that goes against the study

HELP - this option will let you toggle on or off the Help function.
The help function allows the player to see which moves are in his
favor. If it is in the players best interest to take a Hit then
the H will flash in the Hit Box. The S will flash in the Stand Box
if that is the more advantageous move. Of course you may still lose
the hand by following the help, but it is the best move in the long
run. We suggest that you leave this function turned off in order
to learn when to make certain moves instead of letting the computer
play for you.

MORE... - this option tells you a little bit about BlackJack and
tells you how you may order the registered version. The registered
version contains much more, and will train you to play with the
odds in your favor.

QUIT - this will exit you to DOS.

How To Play
When you play, the dealer will deal himself one card face-up and
one face-down. He will then deal you two face-up cards. You must
then make a choice to HIT or to STAND. This decision should be
made by your total (both hard and soft) and the dealers up-card.

Hard?? Soft?? What is a Hard Total?? A hard total is the total of
your cards with the Aces counting as ones. A soft total is the
total your cards with one of the Aces counting as 11.

To make your decisions, look at the charts supplied (either by
pressing F1 or F2) or by viewing the CHARTS.TXT file. If you have
a soft total, then go by the Soft Chart first. If you have no soft
total then make your HIT/STAND decision by the Hard Chart.

By making the correct HIT and STAND decisions, you will playing
with the odds at 2% against you. By making the correct SPLITTING
and DOUBLING decisions (contained in the registered version) you
will be playing with even odds against the house. By counting
cards (also contained in the registered version), you will be
playing with the odds in your favor.

You may watch the computer play itself at BlackJack by typing
BJTRAIN A at the DOS prompt. This will let you see how much money
that you will generally win or lose after several hundred hands
when you make the correct hit and stand decisions.

The Registered Version
If you would like to learn how to win at BlackJack then you should
order the registered version of ~The BlackJack Trainer~. You will
also receive a list of casinos and junkets that offer free
vacations (including air-fare, hotel stay, meals, and shows) free
of charge to gamblers, regardless of your income and/or credit
rating. To order ~The BlackJack Trainer~, mail in the order form


Atlantic Software Publishing
105 Merchants Sq., Suite 345-BA
Cumming, GA 30130


Please send me version 3.2E (or later) of ~The BlackJack Trainer~.
I have enclosed a check or money order for $29 which also includes
shipping cost. All orders are shipped within 3 working days.

Please send to:



City__________________________________ State______ ZIP__________

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