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Simple biorhythms program, includes Turbo Pascal source code.
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Simple biorhythms program, includes Turbo Pascal source code.
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Contents of the READ.ME file


Thanks for downloading this program. I hope that it is of some use to you.
I'm not going to ask for a donation, all that I ask is that you upload this
program to another bbs. And when you do, please keep this message with the


MathCalc - Ever wish that there was a simple way to perform those difficult
calculations? Ever wonder how to solve difficult integrations
without even sweating? Then MathCalc is for you. MathCalc not only
solves equations for you but tells you how, and even why.

SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW - If you write to me, and tell me how you could use
MathCalc, I'll send you some of the procedures to try out. Be sure
to include a prepaid diskette mailer with a diskette in it, or
$5.00 to cover postage and a diskette.

J. Eric Slone
2523 Wilson Boulevard, Apartment 3
Arlington, VA 22201

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