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Bill Clintons nose morphs like pinnochio. You need windows to run this, requires VBRUN13.dll which is included.
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Bill Clintons nose morphs like pinnochio. You need windows to run this, requires VBRUN13.dll which is included.
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Contents of the BILLNOSE.DOC file

Bill Screen Savers Vol. 2 for Windows ver 2.0 (c)1994

CyberBash the Clinton Presidency with my animated Bill Screen
savers for Windows.

Copy BILLNOSE.SCR to your Windows directory (i.e. C:\windows )
Start the Control Panel from within the Program manager and
select 'Desktop'. In the section controlling the screen saver
you can select 'Bill's Nose' with the 'Drop Down Box'.

You must have VBRUN300.DLL in your WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory.
If you do not have it, you can download it from just about any
online service or BBS.

Please feel free to copy this program and share it with others!

If you are a registered user, or you have purchased a disk with
all the Volume 2 savers on it, THANK YOU!
If NOT.....
You can receive 4 more FREE screen savers!
*Bill's Nose grows and shrinks (shareware).
*Bill making an ugly hand gesture.
*Bill and Hillary as dummy and ventriloquist.
*Bill transforms inot a clown and back.
*plus one from Volume one (shareware).

A contribution of $10 U.S. will register your copy of this program and
you will receive 4 more ANIMATED Clinton screen savers, including
one from volume one, absolutely FREE!

Jim Runkel
8030 Christiana Way
Indianapolis, IN 46256
Attn: Bill Screen Savers Vol. 2

The Shareware Concept

Shareware distribution gives users a chance to try software before buying
it. If you try a Shareware program and continue using it, you are
expected to register. Individual programs differ on details - some
request registration while others require it, some specify a maximum trial
period. With registration, you get anything from the simple right to
continue using the software to an updated program and the next program

Copyright laws apply to both Shareware and commercial software, and the
copyright holder retains all rights, with a few specific exceptions as
stated below. Shareware authors are accomplished programmers, just like
commercial authors, and the programs are of comparable quality. (In both
cases, there are good programmers and bad ones!) The main difference is
in the method of distribution. The author specifically grants the right
to copy and distribute the software, either to all and sundry or to a
specific group. For example, some authors require written permission
before a commercial disk vendor may copy their Shareware.

Shareware is a distribution method, not a type of software. You should
find software that suits your needs and pocketbook, whether it's
commercial or Shareware. The Shareware system makes fitting your needs
easier, because you can try before you buy. And because the overhead is
low, prices are low also. Shareware has the ultimate money-back guarantee
- if you don't use the product, you don't pay for it.


Users of the Bill screen savers must accept this disclaimer of
warranty: "Bill screen savers are supplied as is. The author
disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without
limitation, the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any
purpose. The author assumes no liability for damages, direct or
consequential, which may result from the use of the Bill screen

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