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Displays a Bible verse of the day.
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Displays a Bible verse of the day.
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Contents of the BIBLEV.DOC file

***BIBLEV.DOC - Documentation for BIBLEV.COM***


BIBLEV.COM is a program that will print a Bible verse of the day on
your IBM PC or other MS-DOS Compatible computer.


The package consists of BIBLEV.COM, the main program file, and several
support files. These others files are BIBLEV.DAY, the verse file;
BIBLEV.CFG, the configuration file; SETBV.COM, used to configure
BIBLEV.COM; and BIBLEV.DOC, this documention file.


The program can be run from the command prompt by typing "BIBLEV",
or can easily be added to a batch file. However, as the program
requires access to the associated data files, these files must
be in the current directory when you run BIBLEV.

In a batch file, such as the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, you will need to
change directories to the directory containing the program, before
running the program.

For example:
CD \

This will change to a directory called "dirname", run BIBLEV, and
pause for you to strike a key. After striking a key, you will
change back to the root directory. Of course, if BIBLEV is in the
root directory, there will be no need to change to subdirectories.


BIBLEV.COM has two different modes of operation. The first mode is
the "Day of Month" mode. When in the mode, BIBLEV will use the DOS
date on your PC to determine the day of the month, and then print
that verse from the BIBLEV.DAY verse file. The verse will be the
same each time run that day.The limitation of this method is that
it will use only the first 31 verses in the file (maximum), and then
start over agin at the first verse.

The second mode of operation is the "Random" mode. In random mode
BIBLEV.COM will randomly select one og the tagged verses in the
verse file, with no maximum limit on the number of verses. Since
it is entirely random, and not based on date, the verse will be
different each time run, even on the same day.

To configure BIBLEV.COM, run the utility program included, SETBV.COM.
You will be asked for the mode of operation, and the program will
then count the number of tagged verses in the verse file, and write
this information to the BIBLEV.CFG file.

ALWAYS run SETBV after adding or deleting verses from the verse file!


All verses are contained in the file BIBLEV.DAY (for BIBLE Verse of
the Day). This file is simply an ASCII text file, and can be
edited with any ASCII text editor (almost any text editor or word
processor for the PC can edit ASCII files). Just make sure that
you save the file again in ASCII format - if in some other strange
format, BIBLEV.COM will NOT work properly!

Each verse in the file MUST be marked, or tagged, with an asterisk
(*) if you want it to be used by BIBLEV.COM. The file is very
freeform, and has no strict format. Verses can be as long as you
desire, but I would recommend not too long - otherwise it will
scroll off the screen!

After adding new verses, or deleting old verses, ALWAYS run
SETBV.COM to reconfigure BIBLEV for the new number of verses!


BIBLEV.COM and its associated programs are written in C, and
compiled with Borland's Turbo C Compiler.

BIBLEV.COM and all associated programs and data files are
provided 'as is' with no expressed warranty of any kind.
The author, Jim Morris, is in no way liable for any damages,
real or imagined, received thereof.

Comments and suggestions for BIBLEV can be sent to Jim Morris
on the Data World BBS in Atlanta, GA.

Lastly, ENJOY! I Hope many people find this program of some
use, and that it helps you grow in the Word even while using
your computer!

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